A half-century disappeared, like the flash of time that is now
Born into poverty and blamed for the cause of despair
The hand, that rocked my cradle, for years wouldn’t care
So much, as to show one ounce, of compassions soft brow

School was a daycare, no one there gave a shit
Notes sent home, unread and tossed in the trash
A verbal reply was enough to know, I was punished
Fuck You, all I said, under my breath, I don’t care one bit

There were a few, I knew, who lived on the streets
Young and old, sort of the same story
Dad’s, Mother’s, Sister’s and Brother’s on a different journey
But safe, was the feeling, where one can be at peace

Violence on every corner, stepping on someone’s turf
Graffiti artists getting high, spraying back alley shooters
Entrepreneurs picking cans and bottles out of dumpsters
Beach bums who found a place, on sand, watching the surf

Mighty lessons were learned along the way
Three men and a boy, is a signal of danger
It set in motion for this cub to hide and wander
A life of solitude near tranquil mountains I stray

A once a day, no more, no less
Tomorrow is tomorrow
Yesterday’s sorrow is over
Yet the pain, still leaves, a mess

A word appeared out of the blue
Came from the sky up above
A moment of knowing love
How birds trust to follow a line, that’s invisibly true

A thought, an idea, it erupts out of nowhere
An inspiration that triggers a spark
It ignites the desire to fire up a joint
Creating a verse to be read and to ensnare

The idea of poetry, that would capture your eyes
Set them ablaze as letters rise and dive
Feeding the thoughts in my head alive
How your individual colours has become my disguise

Emerge, a sonnets love that would embrace
Emerge, a haiku, that splits a sparrow in two
Emerge, a poem, that says I love you
Emerge, a story, of a lions face



Inside My Mind ~ ii/v

Dressed in flowing fabric
Black or white
The two together, never apart
It swings the mood
Left or right
To become what feels right
Days as one
Wishing to be the other
A boy with a cock
Who wishes he had a cunt
Bright and cool
As the coolest kids
Never a loner
He just has a boner
To put on dress
A gown fit for a princess
Out on a pitch, practicing volleys
In the study, reciting poetry
A wonderful life filling with memories
But he hides the truth of his misery
He loves a boy, he knows very well
His best friend
Whose in love with a girl
Teenage love can crush a heart
Sometimes feelings get lost
Can a boy love a boy
Any less than a girl loves a girl


hey gang. i used the C word, I hate that word. i know someone else who does too. sorry for that, but it just fit right, πŸ™β€οΈ

Soggy BouquetΒ 

Stood in the pouring rain
Waiting for the pain to wash away
With every drop it sizzles the heat
Like an iron grate, over coals, red, aflame

His head begins to roll
Rotating scrolls with words
A message lit up one day
To meet, for a date with destiny

One turned to two, it became three
With each, that passes by, the next
Is not, very far, ahead
The speed it comes up, is unforgiving

As soon as it arrives, it begins to leave
Like the breeze that comes and goes
Carry’s with it, the smells of memories
Made by a life, sowed with seeds of love

Years of youth, worn with smiles
The longing continues as time becomes grey
A journey that created a legacy
Between the souls leaving a history

As sure as there is birth, comes death
At times, it calls ahead
Aches and pains that never go away
Living in misery, absorbing its rays

Making the most of the time to come
Standing by, a humble nurse maid
Holding on, to a love that grew
From that day, they met, on a bench

Death always wins
But its most painful sin
Is not taking a life
It’s leaving one behind


Capture Stars

Often wondered if I’ve ever reached
If I truly gave it all…My all

Have I breathed?
Have I eaten?
Have I drunk?
Have I cared?
Have I loved?
Have I lived?
I’ve smiled.
I’ve laughed.
I’ve cried.
I’ve hated.
I’ve loved.
I’ve lived.

Yes I’ve lived
To open up my palms
To touch life that lives and breathes
And see all the moments I’ve reached
I see stars for each
But I still see space
In-between the blackness
For so much more
To place another mark
In a galaxy only I can conquor
For myself
So I will continue to
Capture Stars


Blues, Highs and Lows

winter blues, carries them apart
words, he said/she said, keeping them apart
fettered cries exhaling breaths, tearing them apart
spring blues, when trees fail to blossom
like words frozen, they fail to blossom
yields not a step forward, smiles fail to blossom
summer blues, the heat just keeps coming
hurtful words aflame, just keeps coming
tears never-ending, just keeps coming
autumn blues, life begins to fade
another harsh winter , life begins to fade
seasons, it’s over as life begins to fade

winter blues, carries us together
words, he said/she said, keeping us together
fettered laughs inhaling breaths, melding us together
spring blues, when trees begin to blossom
like words floating, flowers start to blossom
yields a bounty of smiles, evoking joy to blossom
summer blues, the heat just keeps coming
Passionate words aflame, just keeps coming
kisses never-ending, just keeps coming
autumn blues, cuddle nights with you
thankful blessings, living life with you
starting seasons all over, with you