Free, Under The Sea

I float above the waves that roll, the wind carries me and I lose control.

Flying high, above the sea, playful creatures below somersault and taunt me.

I dip my head and dive, arms stretched out in front, to pierce the icy surface and thrive.

Air pockets surround, am swarmed by grays’, my lungs begin to burn I fear I’ve drowned.

Am carried up towards the top, breaking through I take my fill to chuff a mighty blow and stop.

My newly formed tail pushes through, water torn I find myself streaming along.

I rise into the air again, a porpoise am reborn.

The ocean vast and clear, frolicking with whistles and clicks, now words to my ear.

With every rise I fly, taking in air to breathe, sleek and shinny my skin gleams, I scream, bonsai!

With my fill of air, I sink below to a world unknown, where I now live free, under the sea.


Blackbird ~ with tiny wings

I was given tiny wings without any feathers
I sat, perched in a nest, high on the walls of a cliff
It overlooked my new home where I would roam
It doesn’t matter where
Over the Rockies or over the sea
I deserve to live and be free

Fed and nudged along the way learning about life
In this great big world where I should see
The love of a mother in me
She never took the trip back
She rather liked her freedom more
Left to fend on my own with little scraps given

A lonely blackbird in a nest waiting to take the plunge
The sun was low getting ready to set
A colour of a creamy caramel orange took my breath
I stood looking out, nothing below but air
Opened my sparsely feathered wings and dropped from sight
I fell, as the stars started to fill the night

My wings grabbed hold with all the courage I could muster
To begin my life without a mother
On my own I learned to live
To wake in time, every day
The early bird catches the worm, they say
It’s been hard but I learned to be a fighter

I’ve taken blows, many, fucking, blows
Gotten up
Brushed off
And flew away to another place
Where I would be left alone to sow my wild oats
But that is another story…


To Touch

With a touch that trails along her flesh.

Thumbs that press against her temples.

As fingers lace behind her head.

Draws lips to lips with kisses.

Frequent soft pecks, some that land hard.

Taste of sensuous tongues dance to rhythms tune.

Beating hearts pound, jungle fever swoons.

A dance to trance, that consumes.

Charged by touch that sparks.

Lightning strikes, followed by thunder that roars.

Engulfed by passions throes.

Blood streaming, veins flowing.

Hot and cold unite, a tempest is unleashed.

Winds whirl, tornadoes begin to swirl.

Spinning minds, drive fluttering hearts.

Drips of sex, oozes, freshly squeezed.

The pit is horny, it screams inside.

To touch, touch every inch.

To touch, touch the long.

To touch, touch.

To touch.


Love, from Your Special Day

You wake up in total silence
The air you breathe, soft and filling
Light fading in enveloping darkness
Casting shadows on walls painted white
A genuine smile, curls the lips sly
The sun warms it’s grace, gently on your face
Others passing by, nod, wink and say, hi!
You can eat a burrito for breakfast
Without a single belch, all day
The boss pats your back and says; good job son
A proud Dad walks away, pleased at what you’ve done
You end the day with the one you love
Doing what’s most special when two are one
Enjoying the moment, for today may be the last
Love, from Your Special Day


Faerie Tales Β  Β i/vΒ 

The right to smile comes from birth
When liquid, turns to air
Lungs bursting to laugh aloud
Simply without a care

To be loved by those who created him
The innocence shines, not one sin to see
Funny faces of a child
Black or White