High As A Kite

I once flew a kite that was gifted to me
The first of nothing else, ever did I see
I know not how it came to be that he gave me
A fathers gift or a barters deal, I do see
Not for reason, that it may be, that means nothing to me
I set that kite myself alone, step by step I tried to see
The image, that my gift would fly, high as a kite, in me
I watched that kite dip and dive, I yelled, dad look and see
As if wings sprouted from my back, carrying me
I floated high to the sky, surely he must see
A child wanting for nothing, but does he love me?


This Is Truth…

Words in my head, they rattle around, mostly with frowns
They come and go, go and return, they find ways to appear
So many thoughts, so little time, they begin to steal sleep
Black liquid gold with a dab of cream, spikes caffeine
The heart rate climbs, it speeds, the need for weed
Blood flows red, feel the surge that rivers to the head
The herb inhaled mingles sweet, with a beat that treats
Explosive are the thoughts, the haves and have nots
Whether, boy girl, girl girl, boy boy, or whatever
If God is God, found everywhere, does that make Him the devil?
Fear from below as much from above
Heaven and Hell, controls the middle
Left and Right, between two separate parties
Which one are you?
This is truth…
Whichever you choose
Our soul, goes to


Pass The Dutchie ~ iii

Voices echo through the vacant spaces of my heart
Leaving swirls of misty thoughts, it starts
It was spring at my feet that sprung
Carried north above my eyes where it hung
Willow trees weeping in wide open spaces
Pines and birch sprouting buds in all the right places
Pinecones dripping sap trapping bugs for a feast
Where birds feed on springs harvest treat
A doleful voice poured into my cup
It was angelic but too distant for me to taste
A swoon of a voice as it calls
To my gaze, my eyes did lay
Upon a creature trapped in the forest where it came
The distant pain now fully in my wake
Found a wounded doe lost in its sorrow
Sobbing cries the pain endured, deep in to the marrow
I see but cannot touch flesh, for in dreams they are forbidden
But to sing in a song of whispers written
Pray that comforting words may enlighten
A soul in need cries out when in despair
Too late for some that could not bear
The wait for anyone to care


If Only Wings Could Fly

Innocent child, with thoughts at play
Hand me downs, the look of a clown
Ginger hair, flowing long, to the winds wave
A boy dreams, with the idea, he could fly

Cutout box, to shape, a pair of wings
Feathers plucked, by mothers hand
Roasting chickens on a fire
Glue on tips of quills, to set in layers

A length of twine, looped and tied
A gaze to the sky, eyes do spy
A flock of birds, somersaulting high
A blue that carries on, beyond and on

A step and two, overlapping four
The speed picks up as the wind screams for more
Arms spread wide, across the meadows hide
Dust in the wind, floats up to ride

With every stride, feathers fly
A trail of white, gently floats to ground
If only wings could fly
I would be soaring, through the sky

The sun would be behind
Glowing the white of my feathers might
From below and up, a shadow of a silhouette
Those who see, see a disappointment

If only wings could fly
I would strap them on right now
Run and run until feet leave off
To never return, seen or heard of




Inside My Head And My Mind ~ iv/v

Dark and light collide with such a force
It casts a light on the dark side of the moon
Exposing demons playing with angels

The city that never sleeps in craters deep
Hiding from the eyes that control their lives
One above, the other below

Playing in the middle are souls
Tired of following in tow
Letting go