Beneath La Luna’s Glow

brother, sister, your ear that it may flow
in storied song, these words scribbled on your mind
here, do hear the rapture sung, beneath la Luna’s glow

feel it’s breath of life mingle to-and-fro
like waves that roll gently and kind
brother, sister, your ear, that it may flow

brother dear, shoulders bare heavy, toil and sow
fend and defend, for love and peace, gratitude ye shall find
here, do hear the rapture sung, beneath la Luna’s glow

sister dear, as gentle a soul can be, tender as a sparrow
with grace of heart, thou’st giveth every ounce of faith, thrice in kind
brother, sister, your ear, that it may flow

in the grace of light, gift of sight, for thee to cleanse any sorrow
that harbours in your souls, a path to freedom find
here, do hear the rapture sung, beneath la Luna’s glow

i, as you, same in all, without malice, come and go
with each and every day thankful, to hold thee in bind
brother, sister, your ear, that it may flow

in love, there is a time, when goodbye comes to know
godspeed and will of fortune, yours be found to unwind
here, do hear the rapture sung, beneath la Luna’s glow

pray I do, as tears fall like a weeping willow
to soak the ground and feed the mind
brother, sister, your ear, that it may flow

in my heart, a place you’ll have for each tomorrow
to rest at ease, embraced in peace of mind
here, do hear the rapture sung, beneath la Luna’s glow


Temptation of Man ~ a collaboration

From the blackest sky filled with stars
It moved, it swirled, it, tilted
Stopped in the dead of tracks
Taken like a deer in headlights
Fingers stretched out under the glow
Eyes, that light and captures sight
A voice trails from an echo that twirls from the tail

Clearer, its tone comes to ear as it gets nearer
Ethos of the past cultivating in sounds
A profound sense of familiarity, tumbling down
Shadows twist, shift and drift, in and out
Of my consciousness holding dark desires
Transfixed by the eye of calmness, as it rages on
A tornado of debris moves all around me

Impending decapitation or awaken from a dream
Bow to me, you sorrowful man, look and see
My eyes reveal the pleasures that are free
Your soul, is the single, one price you’ll pay
Wear the crown, draped in the finest silks
Drink wine made of berries and grapes
Feast on a table set with silver and crystal
Dance with a maiden whom you’ll take to bed
Step out of your head and shed the dread
Don’t be remiss in this duty to seal your fate
Have a taste of the divine powers bestowed
Below, where juices freely flow in your wake
It is your right, take heed until thirst is slaked
Sow seeds in trenches, watch destiny unfold
As mysteries are exposed, relish in taboos told
In her docile acquiescence disrobe with control

Stepping forward, a shaking hand is clasped
One to the light of a shadow cast
The other to a faith where hope would last
Senses have been picked apart
Luring a fragile heart
A lamb among the wolves greet
Those who bear the fruit of deceit

When you take my soul, will I be happy?
Only time will tell, this could turn out badly
You’ll have partake and seek your own peace
Rivaled in the fantasy of your day dreams
To know what it means to touch and feel
Another’s comfort against the night screams
It’s real, now go forth into the abysmal that steals

A Collaboration ~ Wetbliss and Ax

Blessed again to unite with a dear friend. Those of you who know, know, Wet Bliss is a poetess with a golden tongue, whose lips are ruby red from biting down. her erotica is soft and hard, takes the extremes into blissful dreams. dont think its all naughty spice. she can draw lines that make you think and drag your ass through the dark streets.
This collaboration has a little of everything. i hope you all enjoy.
please visit Wet Bliss (enter here)

M’Bliss, thank you again, another bit of my heart heals, thanks to you.

Send In The Clowns II


“It’s a Barnum and Bailey world, just as phony as it can be but it wouldn’t be make-believe, if you, believed, in me”

Darkness frames the world around
A spotlight surfaces on a constant frown

Those who watch with childlike minds
Never see the sad, that is mine

Everything I try fails in a miserable way
Try and try, will I ever get it, just one day

They all chuckle as I stumble
When a goof is really a gaff
Make them see want they want to see
The misery of me
I clown about, in silence I shout
Louder than words without a doubt
Yet inside I cry and cry, I don’t want to be a clown
All I want is to turn this frown around
Sweep the light that shines
Drag it to the side in a line
Make it disappear
Absorbing all the tears

They look at me from a distance like a star
Scary they all say, just keep him far

He’s quite entertaining
But fuck!, he is frightening

All I do is walk along the path
Trip, fall and roll for a laugh

Send in the clowns the announcer says
To fill the gap, for the main act, that’s showbiz


Emmett Kelly and Carol Burnett the above “quoted lyrics” taken from this song sung by Miss Carol Burnett accounpanied by Mr Emmett Kelly

video/song Emmett Kelly ~ Where Are You Tonght

Rita, Click Here to Visit HerAn Unshielded Heart
thank you for reminding me of Mr Kelly. i forgot he is my favorite and only clown I love. i know to you he is scary but to me he is human. we make mistakes.
for all your support, kisses and hugs from me to you πŸ™β€οΈ

Jess, Click Here to Visit HerAmericana Injustica
thank you for seeing the human in me.
for all your support, headlock smash to the ground, from me to you πŸ™β€οΈ

A Duet ~ by Dana and Ax

She teases me, seductively serene
Her aqueous kisses caressing
the crystal shores
She whispers in hushed voice
Undulating flirtatiously
with every wave

Nocturnal glow in rise
He peeks above the horizon line
To sit forefront of stars that salute
in sparkled joy
Reflecting off, nightly slack
tide, that rests with his mirrored image

I gift her with diamonds most nights
She is demurely unaware,
although her many admirers are not
As temptation grows too great,
I attempt to pull her into my embrace
But the tempestuous tides make her cry

My tears of mystery, swells from the abyss
Below the surface in a calm beating storm
Where currents run in lanes, lost but not
North to south, east and west
Guided by my lovers light
Running towards his moon dust gaze

Feeling the mist of each briny crest
I dip deep into her liquid velveteen folds
Heaven is found much closer to earth than sky
as I drink in her passionate sighs
My desire is exposed as I cannot contain
my inner glow, bedded with my sea

Sir Moon, my strength, my light, my infinite soulmate
The waning thrusts, that penetrates my coral heart
Explodes in colors, cared for, by his trusting glow
Bowing to his presence, when he rises up full
To cast that embrace that glides across my sea face

Time and shadows seek to separate us
But even in our darkest hours, I remain devoted
to my goddess, her passionate beauty resonates
Our souls entwined in the gravity of everlasting love

Here, where my deepest thoughts escape
He knows, there are no fears
As long as he remains near

Savoring her saline kiss, I fade
Into dreams of her provocative bliss

A Love Between The Moon and The Sea


I’ve fallen for poetry in a hard way. It has become more intense as I let myself go. Over the last 6 months since joining wp, I’ve come to know and enjoy great talent. So many wonderful poets (Ladies and Gentlemen alike) and I’ve had the privilege to collaborate with a few of my favorites…
The Eclectic Poet
and now the talented Dana from Message in a Bottle, the lady who owns the sea. I’m sure you all know of Dana and her powerful poems here is her link Message in a Bottle
If you haven’t been to her blog…giddy up!

This collaboration flowed like the wind that carries the sea spray and kisses the face with a refreshing feel. Thank you Dana, for a wonderful experience and getting to know an amazing person…You!!

The title of this piece is the last line. Hope you enjoy. I’m sure those who know our styles can tell but just in case…Dana penned as the moon, I, as the sea.

Peace and Love

Unsent Letter

I think of you often
How it used to be
Midnight chats mostly of breaths
As your voice blankets warmth against my chest
Being teased and petted
By your infectious laugh
Stories told of yesterday’s moves
Tales of a world only dreams can tell
I ask the questions so you do all the talking
Like a sponge, me from you, absorbing
I miss the check ins just to say hello
A two minute pause for a virtual hug and smile
Followed with emoji hearts and cute little smilie faces
Those with the little red kisses are the bomb
When it appears my heart goes boom!
I think of you often
Now that we don’t talk
It was meant to be
Two ships passing in the dark
Sharing waves for a little while
Until the distance grows with every mile
Parting is such sweet sorrow
Blessed, I have learned
The agony of regret
But am thankful
For the opportunity met