Carp that Fucking Diem

All alone, a solitary game flipping life cards, each the same.
Fuck the meanings, really, does it matter a card for life or death with cynical laughter.
Gazing at the stars wondering how to read astrological signs, telling now.
You’ll meet the love of your dreams; sit waiting tearing at the seams.
Crystal ball polished to a glow, waving fingers to-and-fro.
Only a psychic sees your futures crown, while you lay your hard earned money down.
Pull out that board for two seldom played in candle light with fingers splayed.
Ask it with a groove, the ouija begins to move.
Games we all play for a glimpse in time wasting it sure is a crime.
Here’s a thought, as silly as it may sound, take it as it comes around.
The perfect life we all have in mind is achieved by exploring to find.
Set that course and get them to carpe that fucking diem.