Inside My Mind ~ ii/v

Dressed in flowing fabric
Black or white
The two together, never apart
It swings the mood
Left or right
To become what feels right
Days as one
Wishing to be the other
A boy with a cock
Who wishes he had a cunt
Bright and cool
As the coolest kids
Never a loner
He just has a boner
To put on dress
A gown fit for a princess
Out on a pitch, practicing volleys
In the study, reciting poetry
A wonderful life filling with memories
But he hides the truth of his misery
He loves a boy, he knows very well
His best friend
Whose in love with a girl
Teenage love can crush a heart
Sometimes feelings get lost
Can a boy love a boy
Any less than a girl loves a girl


hey gang. i used the C word, I hate that word. i know someone else who does too. sorry for that, but it just fit right, πŸ™β€οΈ


Work all day to beat the grind
just like brothers do

Getting up
to take a piece of that pie

Working for the suits
keeping their own books too

Hoops with boys
or mingling in bars

When work time is up
play time takes over

Red Rover, Red Rover
Jimmy calls Paul over

Small talk over beers
smiles that sly with stares

The sweat of men
permeating in the air

A twinkle in the eye
lights sparkes of want

Two men best of friends
with an attraction for lust

The wonder of touch
between two muscled stallions

The strength
to tear apart in a manly fashion

Greco style wrestling
sexual healing

The gods in Olympus cheer
while wagering bets

Who will be the victor
in this grand coliseum

Chest to chest
as legs wrap and coil

Powerful embrace
turning the flesh to boil

Tossing and turning
holding and squeezing

Bites that break skin
drips blood just a trickle

Kisses that sear
tongues penetrate deep

Stroking each other knowing
every move is precise

One on the bottom
the other on top

At the moment of ecstasy
hands grip tight


Souls Kept In A Cage i/v

So many souls, that have travelled the world
Free from their cages, held safe in solitaire
A squeaky gate that sounds an alarm when opened
The bars disappear in a sigh of tears
Muster the courage, to fall from a perch
Spreading the wings that God gave souls
The glory of their feathers, beats within the heart
To feel the wind rise from feet to eyes
Glide on a journey to live outside
Feel what’s it’s like to get high
Souls kept in a cage, alone, will die
Taste what life has to offer
Drink it’s nectar blessed at the alter
Promise what you say
Breathe every fucking day
Love in colour, straight or gay