Fear is the silence, of not knowing what’s coming
Around the bend, at a corner with a sign that says, DeadEnd
Long after the sun sets, all that haunts begets
From birth, where it grew fat around its girth
Fear smiles when it wants, to hide in daylights flaunts
Pretending to be, happy and carefree
Not to give away, it’s truest form with a sway
That pleases and teases
Fear also cries at times, it’s own self rhymes
In tears, for when it’s fails to unleash fear upon fears
But it has the strength to endure any cure
To completely prevent, that it ever existed
Fear has a cycle, a path that it follows
It’s a part of life just as death, in between is breath
The ins and outs, the zig zags on a merry-go-round
Dizzy, feeling queazy, come on momma, getting flirty
Fear likes to play games, making a list taking names
Of those it suckered in, getting hooked in loves sin
The, I Love You, all that jazz about being true
When taken for a fool, more than once makes one a tool
Fear, it’s greatest gift, not to pull the trigger swift
The second thought, in recalling what we all got
A life worth living, believing
Fear is nothing, unless made into something