Pass The Dutchie  ~  ii 

Every breath, once would sting
The in, the out, the shaking about
In count, one, two, three, now blows free
Releasing hold of weight, now drowning

Every breath, now sings
The sad going in, comes out in a hymn
In praise of those met, in this life of sin
Who have inspired to live as desired

Every breath, once would cry
Unheard wails that would vibrate walls
Deaf to the ears that lived, in a shared space
Soothed by the eyes, fueled by wifi

Every breath, now sighs
In peace is found, a once hardened heart
Releasing breath of the past
Inhaling, need of life, for a futures creed

Every breath, once would speak
The words of forgiveness, we all seek
To err is human, to forgive is divine love
Is it that hard? to let anger, go the way of


Best day of the year is coming. April 20th. 4:20 happens 3 times
not that i follow that rule, i smoke pretty much when I want. except in church but I dont go to church (me thinks, I is damned)

Songs From The Dark Side Of Xanadu

Across the sacred river before the sea
A forest, dense and dark, sparsely lit, by sun or moon
Fragments filter through, cuts, like laser beams 
Touch upon the ground where creatures scurry and avoid
Hide they try from demon eyes that snatch on prey
Where all that move within the light, become a victim of the night
Snails and slugs beneath the moss find peace
Rodents of every kind twitch and stitch inside hollowed trees
Snakes slither up to coil branches, as they lay, become one
Four legged beasts tremble, buried deep below the ground
Darkness hovers in a rolling fog, black as the devils heart
Devouring every ounce of life, that roams about
In a world where dark rules over light
A speckled glow, orangey-red with a tail of glitter trails
It floats among the sleeping flowers spreading magic dust
To kiss its sorrowed petals awake
Colours of reds, yellows and greens scream as violets of blue begin to bloom
The leaves in trees rustle with a glee as the sun shines thru
Canopies open to heavens gate, as sparkles ignite running with streams and rivers might
Faeries come by the plenty singing songs from the dark side of Xanadu
Paving the way for two unicorns with wings that shines truth
White as freshly fallen snow, soft as cotton spun by cherubs humming along
Their horns straight and true, point they do, to a life of peace and harmony
A millennium ends for this sullen brittle land, in a moment of glory
To life it grows with the breath of salvations heart
Sparrows flying, eagles soaring, blackbirds harking heavy metal blues
Deer in the meadow, wolves howling on the hill
Butterflies and Dragonflies dance on the waves of the wind
Ogni cosa, a phrase used, to say in life…
That everything, has an underlying reason


Hi, am back 😈
recent events had me run and hide a bit. I tried to visit as often as I could to read and catch up. my apologies if Ive missed your art. one sad event that took place was the sudden passing of a good friends partner. Ive never met Joseph other than share a time or two here on wp. funny thing is, he lives in the same province as me. always said, a visit was due. too bad it comes with a sorrows tune.
I will be attending this Saturdays memorial and I know I can stand for so many of you. I will carry your hearts with mine to pay respect to Joseph and his Love.

Joseph, in Italian a simple phrase can mean so much. Ogni Cosa ~ everything has an underlying reason. I hope you find that reason and it makes you happy.

You can visit Josephs blog Here ~ Seeing The Whisper
say hello, to a gorgeous soul.

The Ephemeral Veil

Brother!  a word I’ve recently used.  More in the last 12 months than in my entire life.   Brother or Sister, sharing a special moment that can only be described as sublime.  Writing with Matthew and Nathalie was just that and is, a cherished memory for me.

Thank you Nathalie and Matthew, for the previous, the now and the next…

Please link below to visit Matthews blog to be amazed and thrilled.   

God her subconscious has called I hearken to her plight her denial means nothing my son of false light Lucifer a desire, a wish is all they crave to taste what is forbidden by your grace I offer a …

Source: The Ephemeral Veil

The Ephemeral Veil

Thank you Nathalie for joining Matthew and I.  For a moment, you’ve filled our hearts, with that moment, it will, last forever.

Please link below directly to Nathalie’s blog.   Venture on to more of her artistry and soak yourselves in her passionate flow.


God her subconscious has called I hearken to her plight her denial means nothing my son of false light Satan a desire, a wish is all they crave to taste what is forbidden by your grace I offer a pl…

Source: The Ephemeral Veil

Ashes to Ashes



i am worthy


the lord is my Shepard


i will be free, watch and see…

I kneel in Your light, I do not see
I yearn for Your love, I do not feel
I pray this once, this night to set me free
I ask for Your forgiveness, divine is what they say
I do not need an answer, for believing is the only way
I give my life, in the name of the Father
His to keep
ashes to ashes



Four walls surround
Where nothing hangs but stains
From fists punching and pounding
The blood that dripped, left to dry
Like tears on cheeks from everyday living

No one cares but for their own affairs
While a single bullet sleeps in a cleaned out chamber
Held in hand, a gun
That mother carried if father got out of line
Too afraid to fire, the only virgin in this house, is a pistol

The mind rotates around, thinking
To take life and face the music
Everyone will call it suicide
Was he depressed?
Tired of waiting for someone else to win his fight

Inside and out
Living in self misery
Low self esteem,
He stares
At the ground, more than the sky

You’ve sent us angels with spears and swords
You’ve had prophets use language to inspire
You’ve sent us, terror from heaven
You’ve lost many battles
to the fucking devil

Funny thing I always say
I don’t believe in You
So why do I blame all my shit on You?
You’ve done more for me than anyone else
You left me alone


Hi friends. Thank you for all the love received. likes and comments. the comments i get to reply faithfully and hope i dont miss anyone. if i ever did, my apologies. to those who press like without a comment, thank you so much. i dont get to do that so making up for the lost time, thank you, thank you. hope everyone is well 🙏❤️

I’m taking a break from writing but still reading you. am not disappearing. just not writing, well except with Tiffany for the Starseed series we’ve just started.

see ya

Antony xx

Say Something ~ a tri-collaboration

God stands to look over his flock
His eyes watered, a tear welled
He remembered the beginning
He recalled the love that was put
Into creating a world, that lives and breathes
With life of every kind, one, with a mind
He bowed His head and He shook
He bit his lip, blood dripped
“Say something, I’m giving up on you”
Wasted plea she whispers upon His crown
Starved by the flaccid attention He feeds His sheep
She licks the remains of their tithed release
Her faith diminished under the glow of his halo
Seeking salvation that He denies with feigned grace
Forsaken by poetic scripture He inks for them
She flees to the darkness under wing of another false prophet
“I don’t love you, but I always will”
Is what He sees and hears from above
His flock refusing His saving grace
Relying on themselves, shunning His love
Through the pain, realization comes
They are what He created, and given free will
As their Father, He’ll always love them
and the choice to accept His love, is theirs
“Say something, I’m giving up on you”
The silence was deafening as thunder shakes
“Say something, I’m giving up on you”
Tears fall as her scorned heart breaks
“Say something, I’m giving up on you”
His heart breaks from their continued rejection
“Say something I’m giving up on you”
I surrender in blood and ashes
As the angels weep tears of sorrow
Heaven and Earth stills in reflection


Written By in Collaboration
Dana ~ Love Letters Lost At Sea  ~  visit her blog here
Adhamh ~ Southside of Heaven  ~  visit his blog here
Ax ~ Perso~in~Poesia

Honor and Privilege are two words of many that can and does describe this post for me. To be able to collaborate with two extremely talented poets. Two poets I regard as Friends first and foremost. Links to their blogs are above, please, please visit for more magical rides from the depths of the sea to dream and to the sky’s above and beyond as far as we can see.

Dana, thank you for writing with me again. Humbled and grateful doesn’t cut it but I hope you know how I really feel.

Adhamh, our first collaboration and what better way than to slide along side our Lady friend. Thank you for sharing your talent and artistry.

Above Photo ~ Google Images

A Song
Say Something by A Great Big World