An Ode, To Greed

Civil war, divided by greed
Two sides with a different point of view
When words are silenced, from battered minds
Screams of pain heard, yet nothing done
To save lives, of the innocent ones
An ode, to greed, I say to thee
You win at ever turn when you deceive
The minds of the ignorant ones whose greed
They wish, it be, as sweet as thee
But all they do is march along and bend a knee


Walter White Meets Joe Black

His integrity sound, a man of his word
A scholar among peers, soaking the lessons learned
In Chemistry 101, the things that shape the world

Silently pity’s his life, some call it being humble
But in the pit of his belly, he hears a rumble
For a hunger, but all he does is mumble

The best for his family, with what he could do
Just not enough, with those bankers coming after you
Down on luck, what’s one more dab of shit on his shoe

He comes in the form of a human
It could be you or it could be me
He chooses, so that he could feel what he sees

He has savoured the good life once before
Comes, uninvited at the door
And parades his will, across the floor

Taking in the smells that surround him
Licking a spoonful of peanut butter with a grin
Watching a vision of beauty that arouses a sin

Death will come one day as a messenger
A warning sign, however big it doesn’t matter
In the end, a stain left from a splatter

Temptation got the best of Heisenberg’s rite
Turning clear crystal meth into blue ice
All the while, death was waiting on the night

A man made devil named Walter White
Ends the story with one survivors flight
When he meets Joe Black in the fucking light


Temptation of Man ~ a collaboration

From the blackest sky filled with stars
It moved, it swirled, it, tilted
Stopped in the dead of tracks
Taken like a deer in headlights
Fingers stretched out under the glow
Eyes, that light and captures sight
A voice trails from an echo that twirls from the tail

Clearer, its tone comes to ear as it gets nearer
Ethos of the past cultivating in sounds
A profound sense of familiarity, tumbling down
Shadows twist, shift and drift, in and out
Of my consciousness holding dark desires
Transfixed by the eye of calmness, as it rages on
A tornado of debris moves all around me

Impending decapitation or awaken from a dream
Bow to me, you sorrowful man, look and see
My eyes reveal the pleasures that are free
Your soul, is the single, one price you’ll pay
Wear the crown, draped in the finest silks
Drink wine made of berries and grapes
Feast on a table set with silver and crystal
Dance with a maiden whom you’ll take to bed
Step out of your head and shed the dread
Don’t be remiss in this duty to seal your fate
Have a taste of the divine powers bestowed
Below, where juices freely flow in your wake
It is your right, take heed until thirst is slaked
Sow seeds in trenches, watch destiny unfold
As mysteries are exposed, relish in taboos told
In her docile acquiescence disrobe with control

Stepping forward, a shaking hand is clasped
One to the light of a shadow cast
The other to a faith where hope would last
Senses have been picked apart
Luring a fragile heart
A lamb among the wolves greet
Those who bear the fruit of deceit

When you take my soul, will I be happy?
Only time will tell, this could turn out badly
You’ll have partake and seek your own peace
Rivaled in the fantasy of your day dreams
To know what it means to touch and feel
Another’s comfort against the night screams
It’s real, now go forth into the abysmal that steals

A Collaboration ~ Wetbliss and Ax

Blessed again to unite with a dear friend. Those of you who know, know, Wet Bliss is a poetess with a golden tongue, whose lips are ruby red from biting down. her erotica is soft and hard, takes the extremes into blissful dreams. dont think its all naughty spice. she can draw lines that make you think and drag your ass through the dark streets.
This collaboration has a little of everything. i hope you all enjoy.
please visit Wet Bliss (enter here)

M’Bliss, thank you again, another bit of my heart heals, thanks to you.