Haiku Feelings and Sake Dreams

How many times will a koi, sit still
As often as there are eyes to watch its movement
How nature breathes, in and out
Creating ripples on a pond from the wind blowing kisses
To blooming flowers enticing petals to open
That were wound up tight under the moons light
Shining sun over ocean waves sparkle
Mountain tops dripping the last bits of ice
Rivers overflowing
While salmon run up spawning
Leaves turning colour
As they fall in a cycle

Sipping sake, chilled or hot
Like a ninja, it sneaks up with a shot
Alcohol courage to wonder
Rice is better fermented than in a pot of boiling water
Thoughts exploding in my head
Songs repeating runs, do-wop, a do-wop, a doo
I’m drunk and thinking of you, in
Haiku feelings and Sake dreams
With a smile on my lips that say…

Springtime blossom blooms
Petals spread embracing love
A romantics tale