A Natural Born KillerΒ 

Strip the clothes off his back,
he’s like any animal
A living, breathing, beast,
trying to conquor the earth
So far from extinction,
aside from its own bloody hands
Cutting it down,
building it higher
Going below,
deeper and deeper
Digging its own grave at the whim,
of the grim reaper

A Natural Born Killer

Not enough farms,
to feed the masses
Over populated,
wars are started
Disease spreading far and wide,
no one can hide
Everyone praying to the same god,
with a different name, fraud!
It knows how to love in small batches,
still, many doors locked on latches
The only species that kills for amusement
what an embarrasment


Unholy ChaliceΒ 

There was no word to describe the first breath taken
For it was pure, without sin, the air filling in
The taste of paradise was all they knew
No right or wrong, just living free
Temptation lured a heart of want
How could it be, to be tempted like that
To want more than what paradise has given
A single bite that tears the fabric of life
The swallow of knowledge to inherit the earth
And all that it has to create a path of destruction

Disobedience, the first of many
Skulls started stacking up, murder with malice
A new church sprung from the darkest depths
It had no name, until fire lit it up and everyone yelled, Hell!
The flames burned away the character lines on faces
Those that made unique in creed, colour and races
Here, where bone becomes stone faceless
The sky never seen, stars and moon forgotten
Cradled and huddled, spun in circles
A pedestal holds the Unholy Chalice

A monument of time, a collectors collection
Designing a temple that would hold the spirit
Of the damned and lost who gave up on life
Filling the cup, with blood, drawn by a knife
Slashing, piercing, controlling the pain
Fuelled by the dark from inside the mind
Depression is found hiding
Past, present and future, hurting
There is no heaven, no hell
The end comes with the final bell

Poem by Ax

Images by Aderhine DeviantArt


The pain surged, as gale-force winds blew
The stinging spray from the sea whips
Like the tip, of snapping leather rips

Every slap across the face, echoes
The sound of another child burned
At the hand that rocks the cradle, scorned

Drenched by flowing tears
A storm that never disappears
Until a hurricane wipes clear

A hate that rises from the depths of despair
Deep as the lowest point in the sea
Turning cold, a heart that does not see

The boy, becomes a man
Toe to toe, eye to eye
Face, to face the end of a reign

Words are worthless, no need to explain
A simple stare from the dark side of hell
As the blade pierces the flesh in pain

Eyes once black, strikes to fire
As flames grow higher
Penetrating steel burns brighter

No twitch nor a sinister grin
Taking a life is a sin
There is no joy, no triumphant win

All that’s left is an end to the misery of a past
Except for the blade, still held in hand
It’s ghost gleams off the razor sharp edge

Pray for death, to clear the mind
Wish for it, in hopes to find
An afterlife, filled with love, in kind


My Perfect Harmony

You are the light
The light that helps to see
Fills the dark giving sight
of what’s in front of me

You are the dark
The dark that let’s me truly see
Fills the light for me to feel
what’s in store for me

You are the love
The love that fills me
Takes away the pain,
makes me whole

You are the hate
The hate that kills me
Takes away the will,
digs my hole

You, are me
The light, the dark, the love, the hate
Together in,
my perfect harmony


Walter White Meets Joe Black

His integrity sound, a man of his word
A scholar among peers, soaking the lessons learned
In Chemistry 101, the things that shape the world

Silently pity’s his life, some call it being humble
But in the pit of his belly, he hears a rumble
For a hunger, but all he does is mumble

The best for his family, with what he could do
Just not enough, with those bankers coming after you
Down on luck, what’s one more dab of shit on his shoe

He comes in the form of a human
It could be you or it could be me
He chooses, so that he could feel what he sees

He has savoured the good life once before
Comes, uninvited at the door
And parades his will, across the floor

Taking in the smells that surround him
Licking a spoonful of peanut butter with a grin
Watching a vision of beauty that arouses a sin

Death will come one day as a messenger
A warning sign, however big it doesn’t matter
In the end, a stain left from a splatter

Temptation got the best of Heisenberg’s rite
Turning clear crystal meth into blue ice
All the while, death was waiting on the night

A man made devil named Walter White
Ends the story with one survivors flight
When he meets Joe Black in the fucking light