Caress My Flesh

There you are, dancing alone in a darkened room. Candles flickering with a glow, leaving a silhouette of another, lonely as you…

Whenever I’m alone
I feel like I belong
Solitude is my throne
My crown weighs long

Cry, cry cry, why?
Tears don’t shed anymore
They’ve all, dried dry
Like the last and the time before

I am a mess right, right now
Just can’t get by, this place
Stuck in my head, a vow
Never ever, love can embrace

Forbid, what is forebode
Swoon, in a room
Did as was foretold
Moon shadows strewn

Caress my flesh
Dust off the mist
The edge honed fresh
For a glide, round wrist


Demon Within

The setting sun, comes with a fiery glow
Faster and faster, the horizon darkens slow
How the pain grows as light fades to go

Shades of blue, forms a line across the sky
Turns darkest, at a point, most high
Where evil lurks in wait to fly

The hour comes with howls through the air
Sending shivers from echoes tingling hair
White knuckle fisting, standing gloom and glare

Blowing wind, buzzes the ears
A tornado, shadows, spinning fears
As the demon within appears

Ghostly white, dressed in black
Hooded and cloaked front to back
Leading an army of ghouls that attack

The good and meek do not have a chance
Without sword, shield and lance
In the name of the Father, Son and Spirits fighting stance

Pulling and groping, sinking down
Hands like branches, vines up, from the ground
Pinned and crushing, lungs begin to drown

The anxiety flares, it starts to boil
The ache inside strained to toil
Strength of hope and faith like vinegar and oil

A battle that thrives in the heat of night
Sleepless, left weak, pray to see the light
East beyond the peaks, breaches with delight

Songs sung by birds awakening call
Lifting souls from a beaten fall
To honour a new days rise for all

The demon within, retreats to wait
For the sun to set behind heavens gate
To unleash the shadow of dreary fate


Deaths Wake

As so many have before me
I choose this deck of cards once more
and again am dealt a dead mans hand…that buries my soul forever more

As darkness fell, to life came the eerie site of foggy graves
Lined by a forgotten chapel, a soulless decay of loosened stone and shattered glass
Once stained by angels glory, now they lay as shards between weeds that hug chiseled rock

Headstones marked UNKNOWN and lost to deaths hold
As darkness fell, to life came the ghosts of yesteryear
They roam the fields wailing songs beneath a full moons stare
Tormented spirits wait for more living flesh to happen by
They stand like gargoyles erect with pride, showing off exaggerated smiles
Taunting the images of history past with one of a paranormal blast
Death staggers, gruesome and vile with outstretched arms, zombie charms
Limping stumps of toe-less feet dragging dirt and mud to a scraping beat
Parts of bodies dangle from threads of tattered clothing
Soaked in dry with blood that once thrived
Death lives among the living, as more life dies in deaths wake

The above poem (slightly edited) was written Feb 24 2015 when I briefly played with a group of awesome people.  We shared a joint called Kindred Words of Ours.   Please go and visit the other authors, all beautiful souls.  Worth the look (link below) to find something or someone new to read.    Sending all smiles 🙏❤️

Kindred Words of Ours

You Never Said Goodbye

A burn that stings without tears, yet I make them cry
I make them cry, to ease the pain
The pain, that lives inside it eats emotion
The emotion that controls my every breath in life
In life, where all I can think of is you

I wake with the thought of when
When will I see
See the smile on your face as true is truth
The truth, that you don’t see me
The me that wants you badly
Badly so that I wish to die instead
Instead I watch you smile for someone else

When smoke gets in my eyes
With a stench of breath that makes me sick
Sick with nausea from cheap ass whiskey
Oh whiskey girl I still get drunk on you
You started a flame that’s been burning hot
Hotter than molten lava that spews from the ground
The ground red from the footsteps I take wandering
Wandering around and around where he stops
He stops to think and think he does
How can I go on like this

When smoke gets in my eyes
It masks the light to hide the dark
A dark that is plainly seen because of you
You float on by and by you do
You do see me, don’t you?
I guess you don’t
You never said goodbye


Sinister Serial Tale

Covered in dark of night, sins of man swells
The beast, grunts with famine where it dwells
Fortune hunted, passion found by demon spells
Carries will and want, to no ends
This weeping flow of blood, boils and blends
Softens harden steel, it mends
To cast a blood red dagger
Used to slash and murder
Boiling rage of fervor
This sickly state of mind, breathes stale
Air filling lungs, poisoned by venom ale
A Jekyll and Hyde, a sinister serial tale
A beastly soul no doubt, they obsess
The elixir drunk from vile, ingests
A tormented soul, nonetheless
Victims sought by pale light of moon
Sheathed by fog in streets they swoon
An eerie song without a tune
Screams the victim from first sight
A ghastly vision hidden from light
A final breath expelled, a murderous night
Quenched the hunger in hollow belly
Wipes the blood that stains like jelly
Hyde returns to Jekyll, quietly
Cocks crow the dawn of a new days number
Awakens those from peaceful slumber
Death discovered in screams of thunder


Top Hat

Lord of the Underworld, second only to The One
Master of tasks, below and above
Satan demands souls to fill his lake of fire
But it’s the Top Hat who chooses in tidings dire
Implanting temptations to seduce the mind
To weaken the hearts of all mankind
Free Will, the only rule
Fucking this up, would take a fool
How many fuckers are there knowing
Too many to count, the lake of fire is overflowing
He has an eye and can smell a loser to recruit
The decay of a pitted rotten fruit
Darkness runs through his veins
Blessed by the devils reign
The evil that spawns
Collecting pawns


Little Gold Star

The dreaded moment of receiving a graded paper
A quiz, a test, call it what you will
The answers given from nights studying
Reflection of worth as taught by teachers
Multiple choices, fill in the blanks
Adding and subtracting with extra marks for accurate spelling
A short story of what you did last summer, you only have 1 hour
Rattling brains, sweating nerves a little penis that tingles from added excitement
“You May Begin” a starters shooters pistol startles
Your name and date…right at the top
Ticking off boxes faster than reading, not
Wondering, second guessing
An empty space filled with the missing word
Usually something to do with geography of the world
History questions that fuck up the brain
How could a society hate, as much as it can love
And not figure it out, love is the way of the future
Carry the decimal over two spaces, I think!
Math, math is for geniuses, fuck them.
Hand in the paper when time is up
Head out for lunch to wait out the punch
Mrs C eats hers, while circling and crossing and checking
Marking papers, A to F, always with a red pen
Reserving a Little Gold Star for the ones getting A +pluses
C -minus, “you can do better” is what I usually get
But this time around I studied hard
I’m sure it’s at least a B, B -minus at the very least
Back in my seat, tapping my chucks in a nervous beat
As my graded paper is placed upside down
I can hear moans of Oh No
To CindyLoos giggles and girly glow
Mrs C tapped me on my back as she passed by
I’ve never felt that kindness of touch before
My breath fluttered the paper
Willing it to turn over
I swooped it up gliding it along the desk
As it swooshed in the air floating back down
Written in her style…
“You Can Do Better…and you did”
Excellent – Perfect, A +plus
And next to that
a Little Gold Star
The only one I ever received


(funny how a little gold star can make one smile)