The mirror reveals
A message like that
Sweet words that endear the heart
So blissful a smile turns to want

Steam still rising
The lettered streaks fade away
He spins around hard
She catches him, rising

Her finger curls in a calling
Her silent plea, needing
Taking it slow
Feeling it flow

Without any pressure
Seasoned souls
Reeling in the vibe
Along the thighs

Skims over the bump
On the hip that tickles
Beating hearts will rise
But its the tempo that creates the high

As you can see
I know you get this
When poetry sets free
Sex, when its Steamy


So A Poem Says

Day turns to night as clouds roll in
Thoughts exploding in our heads
Love is a poem or is a poem love?

We fill the sky with a multitude of words like stars
The night would turn to day
And the moons glow, would be full

Mountains are moved with a single breath!
The oceans waves, always, rise high

Mermaids break water and whisper your name
With blessings, angels appear from heaven
Dragons are slain saving the princess

A man falls in love with a woman
Whose beauty is not what he sees
Her beauty is in, what he feels

A gift to share in time and space
Whose heart beats for her and hers for him

So a poem says
Once upon a time…
A man loved a woman, not another love poem


“hey good lookin, what’s cookin”

Pink Bow and a frilly dress
Matching pumps that clickity-clack as she walks
A spring in her step, her heart beats with a joy
In time with a tune that flows in her head
That song one can never get out of, day or night
Her happy smile attracts, these sad eyes from a distance
Making me drunk, standing on a corner, watching her, walk by

I think of Ed singing the words…
“maybe you should learn to love her
Like Like The Way
You Wanna Be Loved”

I was shaped and molded through time
Many sad many glad
Pain that endured and pain that explained
Life is a journey that gives and takes
Why its important to live at the cost of mistakes
A kick in the ass is a good thing
It says, Get The Fuck Up!
Like a dog that falls into water
Twists and shivers, shimmie shake
Let that shit fly off in space

When I see a lady, walking down the street
I’m gonna whistle and holla
Lady Divine, I’d say…
You look mighty fine
Have a nice day


Hi πŸ™
dropping in quick…sending love to all with joy and peace through the many holidays we enjoy…regardless of its many names…lets do it with love for all ❀️(πŸ’›)

see you in the new year…celebrate life πŸ·πŸŽ‰