Herbal Poetry ~ The End ~ CDXCIV / D

Not a word, not a single syllable would ignite a thought,
without the aid of natures gift
From the rocky shores of Ucluelet, staring at whales,
as they swim past this tiny hamlet
The wind kissing a face red, oh how hard a slap,
that awakens the senses from bed
How the moss grows, how it blankets the ground,
how it sparkles when the sun shows
Feeding off the ocean, creatures thrive,
praising Mother Natures devotion

Not a word, not a single syllable would ignite a thought,
without the aid of natures drug
Her beauty overwhelms, all life that it surrounds,
high off a blunt herbal poetry compels
An explosion of words erupt in the head,
every drag held; oh look, black birds overhead
Soaring on by, across the sky,
how wonderful it would be to fly
Eyes closed shut, allowing the buzz to catch a ride,
the imagination runs amuck

Not a word, not a single syllable would ignite a thought,
without the aid of natures love
Eyes meet for the very first time, love at first sight,
what are the possibilities to find
Time stands still in a freeze, struck by cupids dart,
the one that makes weak the knees
Melt in the mouth sweetie, eyes that smile dreamy,
fall in love with a west coast honey
How simple words come, when nature overcomes,
pity how these feelings come like a hit and run


Come As One

A high from sativa gold, nicknamed; because of the ride
Exploding images that entice and thrill the fucking mind
Flowing movements that twist and twirl
The pure of sex, is out of this world
Like chess, moving about to take command
King and Queen lay arms to love, hand to hand
The mind reacts to every move
Reading and following the groove
Nothing about tomorrow
Yesterday is but sweet sorrow
Now, right now, its right
Fucking through the night

Taken hard by a kiss
Hands run along back to hips
Bring in close, squeeze tight
Whispers of a want tonight
Words come misty in thought
Because desire runs amuck
Flying clothes
Making noise
Spilled wine drips
The cat licks
Grabbing breasts
Smacking asses
Feed her flower
Climb his tower
Soaked in ecstasy
Kissed, breathlessly
Moment to moment
Thrust to thrust
Pound for pound


This, That

Heaven is a place, created by men to embrace
They gave the notion, that paradise is ferocious
Pray to God by living His 10 Commandments
Steer clear, we find ourselves in hells enchantment
A lion will defend and kill against any other
No laws to govern, except survival in the wild
Invade his space, he will surely be in your face
He won’t back down, until ones tail is between the legs

Laws are the bars created by men with arms
To hold, restrain, keep at bay, what sad refrain
Rules in books to play along in song
A piper blows a tune, to follow and swoon
Do this, do that, telling us shit
I’d rather be the lion with a hit list
On second thought, I would prefer to get hot
Take a lioness, make the bitch, my sweetest


My Heart is a Drum

pump, pump pump, pump, pump pump
a brush against the snare with a smack on the rim
bass drum pounds to start the beat with macallan on the chin
sitting on a stool that vibes and rounds
lows and highs, cymbals sizzle and rise
rat tat tat, marching in time, keeping the rhyme
flurries flow like a blizzard, striking down hard
wood chimes call, a hollow sorrow
thumps, starting off slow
picking up speed
sticks twirl in air
comes down on the snare
the crowd cheers
a drum solo


dedicated to my favourite musician Neil Peart

His Journal Bled, A Black Red

Page after page, hand drawn images
Shadows cast, lowly visages
Never the two, shall ever meet
Though desire craves to greet
Sharing tids, of bits, of pieces
A puzzle, begins to reason
The constant pounding as a boy
Beating drums to deaths door
A shell covers, his true form
Hiding from, a raging storm
Shades that fall, sight darkens
Blackbird sings, the night harkens
His journal bled, a black red
Thoughts, exploding in his head
Page after page, the final image
A moment frozen, captured a message

These are the words that end, a picture story
Created with a single colour, black only
Greys that lightly caress, the day’s that are blessed
Etched across a face, forever depressed
Lines that break tips, furiously scratching
Fibres, tearing the pages, screaming
A secret held from roving eyes
Reveals a truth, from constant lies
The joy of being lonely is a disease
It pains, it buckles the strongest knees
Repeatedly, to recite a prayer
For the courage to stand square
Eye to eye in fear, to bound us both
And pledge, a loves, never ending oath


Just, Fucking Words

Words like daggers
Some pierce the flesh, some pierce the heart
I pray that every one is felt
For if not, I am surely dead

Like a kiss that’s meant for lips
From the only lips
That was meant for my lips
Your lips

When her voice echoes in my head
Reminding me of what she said
When my eyes fall into hers
How she moves and the twitch of her nose when she laughs

Her tears when she cries
I can trace the path that it takes
So I may, track to comfort
And soothe, the sadness back

Holding hands in her company
The connection of touch
Binds every moment together
For without it, what is love?

To love, not to fuck for fucking sake
But to express with all the senses that overwhelms
With every nuance of every breath
And every beat of a beating heart

To fuck, yes, to fuck
With extreme prejudice
To delve into the abyss of the most wanting kind
Where rockets lets loose with an explosive rush

What are words
Without action?
Fucking Words


A Crack In Space

Embers glow, drawing air through blown glass
Scent of fine herb, billows smoke towards the sky
Lungs fill in, what Presidents fail to inhale
Or so they say, to protect their false integrity
Flawed we are, me, you and them
Lies, are the constant, we can bet on
More or less, depends on the agenda of the day
To sway the mind or heart, to play the game
A crack in space, sparked by a collision
Opposites attract to split the heavens
To gain the advantage over
Love and War, Death and Taxes

High as a Kite; the expression goes
To say the least, I am flying solo
Dancing smoke, spirals a pirouette
Creating an image of a ballerina
Dressed as a swan in black feathers
Teasing the pond, luring in lovers
Destiny calls to us all, if we happen to see it
Missing it, would be a tragedy
A crack in space, sparked by a collision
When true love comes to join the heavens
Have a go and shag it up
You only live once, shut up and fuck

Blazed in a haze, the Blues in tune
Thoughts exploding in my head, swoon
The buzz, stroking strings only the heart feels
Double down on a four beat strum
The music played from the soul, comes
Can only be heard, by a passionate one
To take the time and listen
Before it ends and disappears forever
A crack in space, sparked by a collision
Good versus Evil, to fill the heavens
When given the choice to choose
Taking hell, you lose