Per Tutti

Una stella per contrassegnare il futuro
Una luna per rendere i presente
Una massa per piantare radici
Uno desidera, per unire le forze


One star to mark the future
One moon to swoon the present
One earth to plant roots
One wish to join the forces

il dolce di non fare nienti (the sweet, of doing nothing)


Summers bliss through a meadows whisp
Breezy, snoozy, mellow is, easy peasy
Gelato dripping off the chin, the sun taking a lick of sin
Limone e cioccolato, crystal ice, a fine creamy vice
Butterfly’s flutter in silence, colors smooth as butter with brilliance
Inhaling the herb, picked off plants, mother earth doth grants
Floating like the monarch, enjoying a buzz thru the park
Grey sky’s or sunny, the sweet, of doing nothing, is Honey!
Come gli italiani in Napoli, Il Dolce di non fare nienti