I Tick

It’s not what’s in me that counts
It’s what comes out of me that matters…

The two go hand in hand to stand
The hate inside if hates, will band
Imagine a world, our world as one
Imagine if filled, filled with love
Choose a path, a path to follow
Choose wise for the wise will swallow
Keep safe a life, a life with purpose
Keep back the wicked, wicked lip service


So Black, It’s Blue

As if blind…

A nothing except for those particles
Close your eyes and you’ll see darts of sparkles
But not a line nor a curve to shape alpha or numericals
Starless, blackness, a sky, so black, it’s blue
The sadness that it consumes
Obscures truth to confuse

Gibberish spewed like pulsating electrodes
Overload eminent deciphering words in codes
Via tweets, hashtags that virally explodes
The hate is winning in a world, so black, it’s blue
How life is measured by colour and religious views
Disbelief turns to sorrow, when lies become truth

Does anyone care if it’s homicide
Does anyone care if it’s suicide
Does anyone care that it’s genocide
The end will come dark, so black, it’s blue
Day and night, the hour passes for me and you
Trembling cries that bids life adieu


Screams Freedom

Lips kiss, nape of neck
Tiny hairs’ stand on end
Tingles mingle, thoughts express
The scent from heat, steamy wet
Arms embrace a hold to state
This want is craved, craved, craved

Spin around, face to face
Lips on lips, for a taste
Drink pressed wine, of ecstasy’ fire
Lifting senses, drunk on passions dire
Sensuous touch infuses the air
Making love with care, care, care

Raptures throes that flip and bend
Muscles ache, can you comprehend
When held so tight that vessels swell
Blood, heated, boiling, overwhelmed
An urge to release screams freedom
As we come, come, come


Humanity is Broken

I am white
I am black
I am brown, yellow and red
Why are colours, dictating our heads

I am straight
I am gay
I am man, woman and child
Why would a tag, matter if mild or wild

I am shy
I am meek
I am scared, fearful and sad
Why would inflicting more suffering, be had

You are me
I am you
We are one, two and three
A human of two genders, split from the same tree

We are fathers
We are mothers
We are creators of life and death
Imagine your child, abused or killed in jest

We are god
We are satan
We are followers of good and evil
A choice is made by how much we love God or the Devil


Death of a Poet

Poems flowing in syllables broken by beats
A comma produces a pause, like taking a turn on the streets
Trying to make you feel, as you read these words of a poets piece…

Moonlit sky on a peaceful night
The black of space is blue tonight
Gaze upon a single star
Searching for words from afar
How can a poet describe what he sees
If he doesn’t, feel the moment, it appears

Clouds that barely move, covers the moon
Sweep across its back, a blank consumes
Wordless, a disease of the mind
When creation is hard to find
How can a poet describe what she sees
When her heart, only feels, the tease

Fighting the void by throwing in thoughts
Jumbled, mumbled, conjugates not
A phrase that would meld to tell
The death of a poet, fell
How can a poet describe what it sees
When it can’t, see the forest, for the trees


drawing by missmagicgirl on deviant art

Thin Ice

A walk in the dark through a forest lost
Tracks laid deep in snow to the knee
A burden toiled every step spoils
Virgin dust of liquid frost
White, pure, demure

Sadness cooled by the cold night air
The burn, on flesh bare, turns white the hare

Stumbled out, a clearing found
Lined by trees and mountain peaks
Glide along, on a frozen lake
Heavy load, thin ice breaks
The further out, the deeper goes

Centre point, a pirouette, taking in the last breath
Catch a glimpse, wink at natures bliss

A shock to the core turns off the heat
All the senses heighten except for smell
Sight is the first to go from what follows
Awoken in the arms of an angels glow
After death or saved from drowning


You See, It’s Like This…

Incapable of love
To have and to hold until death does part
Committing to a purpose
Sanity or insanity, which, is listened to more

You see, it’s like this…

Always thought, a child left to rot
Without want from a mother’s heart
Would end up dead by the time he’s ten
That was when the brain opened up
Fighting back, cussin’out
School calls dad, come get your son
Year after year, became more severe
The hate inside can’t stand it here
Time to go, pack a bag and leave
Lonely nights, frost bit hands
Wandered out to nowhere lands
Found the coast where the sun sets last
Pushing brooms, cleaning toilets
Taking scraps from half eaten sandwiches
Making bed on wooden park benches
Vowed to be free as a black bird
Roaming here and there, no care nor need
Without a first love, the heart will never bleed
Watching the world roll by
Leaves me wondering why
I chose to be the who is me
End the line that’s coloured red
A name no more to be read
Vanished, when a final breath is bled