Damn Kiss

damn kiss, that damned kiss
flutters off the lips
sending shivers numbing finger tips
it murmurs through time in a silent stealth
it sucks the breath
reaching out to touch with a miss
the thought of never having this
drifting off in a glare
roaming the skies
sit and stare
wanting it so, so not fair
its up, its down, it dances with the breeze
it comes, it goes, it toys with ease
damn kiss, that damned kiss
such a tease
placed on lips it tingles and plays
a bluesy rhythm with a soulful start
strums the strings that rips the heart apart
skipping stones, that leap and sweep
across waves, rolling in the deep
water ripples fades away
a kiss I do pray
from lips honey sweet, to feed a crave in need
my lips, to your lips plead
damn kiss, that damned kiss
cuts to bleed


Yes, Like That

Yes,Β like that
push in deep
raise her legs high
force her breath to expel

Yes, like that
fill the gap
bump her cervix
deep into that vortex

Yes, like that
melt into eyes
he spreads his thighs
a thrust that opens her mouth

Yes, like that
in for the seal
lips fuck too
where tongues dance in tune

Yes, like that
a puzzle that connects
snapping into place
sucking face

Yes, like that
the surge that propels
lightning from heaven, strikes hell
sparking a fire inside her

Yes, like that
it combusts with a shudder
moans that stutter
a fucking orgasm

Yes, like that


Just One Kiss

summer wind blows
breezy, in from the west, nice and easy
the setting suns orange-red glow, stuns
making clouds swirl, cotton candy pearls
wisps of her ginger hair, dancing in the air
eyes so blue, the sea comes into view
her sweet smile draws, one would fain beguile
left breathing, labored, with a hunger savored
to kiss the magic in those lips frantic
one kiss to spark a fire, deep with desire
to swallow and mingle one kiss to seal and linger
one kiss, just one kiss


A Kiss


a kiss
a sweetness that we all posses
it can turn one into a mess
when the must have outweighs the not, we confess

a kiss
it makes the hurt disappear
a tear wiped clear
a smile appear

a kiss
says goodbye and hello
it’s sublime to know
where there is one, the other will follow

a kiss
can miss, the desire to kiss
to feel the need, the want, the bliss
to give and receive a kiss, like this

a kiss
when given, it touches the soul
it makes the heart whole
turns the rock into roll

a kiss
is a song that tingles the hair
makes it stand in air
weakening the knees, nothing can compare

a kiss
when it smacks, it smacks hard
it takes the breath, dropping the guard
a memory, left scarred

a kiss
is this
a kiss
like this



Drunk In Love


Velvety red
Blooms in summer’s heat
A spell that is cast
Drawing a desire to kiss, her lips, as sweet
Slightly parted, moistened to a sheen
Resembling morning dew
Eyes they follow the drops that do
Trickles like honey
To lick, to taste, her nectar’s drink
Like wine of berries and spice
Her potion does entice
A kiss
And after the kiss