Out Of Time

Blue hues come to mind, thinking of a place far away
Where coral reefs still explode with a colourful show
What a sight it would be, if I were actually there to see
All the species of fishes that swim in the seas

Frosty white peaks that dot the earths cracks
Reach high, touching sky, mountains from time
The Rockies, the Andes, the Alps, north and south
Virgin air so clean and fresh as if taking a first breath

Mighty rivers that zig zag, carving lines like veins
Flowing water, feeding trees, lifting forests up
Moss from the ground perfumes the mind
To feel how natures spirit, embraces divine

Lions, tigers and bears, oh my
What a world, what world would it be
Without animals, friend and beast alike
Remember to give thanks to these creatures among us

Stop to smell a rose, take in life’s gifted prose
Let every nerve in your body spark a light
Live, laugh, love, a cliche I know, but damn…
’cause We’re all running out of time


If I Could Fly

If I could fly, not across the sky
That would be ridiculous
But if I could, it would be with my heart
Every beat would soar, blocking out the sun
Wings flapping, so you could hear it flutter
Screeching, squawking, on a skate board weaving
Rise and fall along hilly avenues
The wind, through my hair blowing with attitude
Scrape the curb, getting air, letting go
Too many times, fallen on my ass
But I can fly, on my board feeling high
Kamakazi spitfire rolling down the road
Ride the line that divides
Down highway number 9

If I could fly, not across the sky
That would be ridiculous
But if I could, it would be with my soul
Every feeling would burn with emotion
For love and compassion
Long board drifting out to sea
Where swales turn to waves
The sky, crystal blue or tempest black
When the perfect wave comes in
It compels me to stand and attack
As I ride the swirl, the ocean screams
Kowabunga, surfing spins, speeding fins
Creeping up the spine, a 10 foot wall
The nudge to cut, into the coming curl

If I could fly, not across the sky
That would be ridiculous
But if I could, it would be with my spirit
Every smile would be returned
Many given with the purest of intentions
Stride in the step, merrily-go-lucky
Parks and city streets, a walk in the dark
Taking in the beauty that surrounds with sounds
Voices talking, children playing
Cats chasing birds, flying
Staring at a couple, staring at each other
Blocking out the world, falling in love
Drawing in the moment, lips meet as one
Wings open to try and fly


The One

Is it true, what they say with words
That he would love you, until the moon fades out
That she would too, long after the shine leaves the sun
Promises in words said, over and over
This longing that we all have
Breaking our hearts
Until that day, it happens
It explodes
You can’t stop thinking about, The One
Who crashed into your world
With such a force
The stars realigned in your honor
We all clutch and grab
To get a piece of that pie
To have a taste of the cherry
Baked inside oozing of syrupy love or
Floating on the top of a dollop of a creamy pillow
Whole as a heart in love
Like its the, very first time
A spoon is used to curl up a hunk
The crust and filling tearing apart
As it passes a bank of whipped heaven
A streak that marks the runway to an open mouth
Stroking the pallet and tongue
To savour and taste, The One
Ingesting the Chefs creation
His ingredients that resembles His own
I love you, are the words needed to hear
They are, what the trinity is all about
The divine, they say is of purest heart
The damned, they say is a faithless sort
The link between the two
Is The One


The Bucket List Series Β ~ Β 1 Β ~ a duet

A barista frothing, swirling sounds of mothers milk
The steam churning a whirlpool of lush cream
A lady in waiting feels a tingle, one a vibrator signals
Fidgeting, she turns her head and sees a dream
Six feet two, in Armani blue, hands in his pockets
Eyes bright, as shooting rockets
Her breath escapes, he inhales
Her lips part, he smiles
Shall we take it to go?
She nods to a door that leads to an alley below

Customers passed, guiding hand above her ass
Never looking back, a inconspicuous sip
Against nervous lips, down the stairs into humid air
Heart racing, anticipation of a torrid affair
Ready to come undone the caffeine’s done
Tossed cups, mouths crush, pushed up
Against the wall as sighs fall
Skirt hikes on top of thighs
His fingers slip under as hers unzips
Riding his digits she pumps in a tight fist

He tastes her on his fingers, mingling with espresso
Tongues her mouth, to mix in her caramel macchiato
As she catches the scent of her own natural beauty
He spreads her legs and dives down below
Pressed against wall and railing, her flower blooms
Looking up at a beautiful blue morning sky
Standing up, raising one leg, he enters slow, at first
Building up speed, his buttocks flexes hard
Thrusting high and deep, she muffles moans meek
Letting out shouts when it hits that fucking g-spot

She begins to spout as he swallows her sounds
Filling withdrawal symptoms, dipping in and out
Energy courses through their bloodstream
A double-shot stimulant of raw carnality
The best way to wake up is with mounting lust,
Foldgers can’t compare to the heady aroma in the air
Shared between full bodies that brew incessantly
Legs wrapped around waist he deeply percolates
Spewing and sputtering until the last drop drained
Slipping off she skims the froth on his cock, for a taste

Stirring sensations, a full and robust French press
A dollop of cream and a whisper of cinnamon
The buzz in their heads erupts a caffeines rush
Eyes staring into eyes of a special one
From a kiss, as gentle as the rain in spring, she whispers…
“I love you, and all the things you do for me. For us.”
She buries her head in his chest, they catch their breath
Arms wrap tightly in a hug then she begins to giggle
He asks what’s so funny, and grinds his hips a little
She says, I’m sorry, the front of your pants are a mess

a collaboration, written by ~ Wetbliss and Ax ~

it is always a pleasure when I get to write with Wetbliss Press Here for Link to Blog
She is a favorite of mine going back to day one on my journey through this magical land called wordpress. Her poetry is exquisite. Her style has the grace of a Lady and the passion of a Seductress. A poetess, poet, a slinger of exotic, erotic words who can spin to the dark and shine a light to soften the heart.
Please, if you have never been to Wetland…..get over there and be blissed.

Thank you M’Bliss. for your friendship and support πŸ™β€οΈ


I hope you enjoy the series…..

Beat by Beat

The vibe in my head is a, spinning wheel she said
Welcome to the jungle, primal innocence is blissful
Grass burning, mind floating
Big wheel keep on turning

Sound all around and amplified, together they collide
Mash up, crash up
Fill a bong, pass along
Play another Pink Floyd song

Sitting on the floor, whiskey to pour
Room full of squatters, lined up shooters
Sipping ale, spinning tales, make it a whale

We are but travelers passing by as real life actors
Giving lessons, perhaps finding answers to questions

What we get is a moment, however brief and transient
Dare it be a pleasure
Bringing joy and laughter

Strangers from afar, imagine if, from another star
Yet how at ease we are to touch the heart in such a way
To become in tune to another’s sway

Regardless of the booze and drugs
Take it as a portal to release the plugs
Everyone you meet, a brother, a sister we should greet
Let it take you, beat by beat