Out Of Time

Blue hues come to mind, thinking of a place far away
Where coral reefs still explode with a colourful show
What a sight it would be, if I were actually there to see
All the species of fishes that swim in the seas

Frosty white peaks that dot the earths cracks
Reach high, touching sky, mountains from time
The Rockies, the Andes, the Alps, north and south
Virgin air so clean and fresh as if taking a first breath

Mighty rivers that zig zag, carving lines like veins
Flowing water, feeding trees, lifting forests up
Moss from the ground perfumes the mind
To feel how natures spirit, embraces divine

Lions, tigers and bears, oh my
What a world, what world would it be
Without animals, friend and beast alike
Remember to give thanks to these creatures among us

Stop to smell a rose, take in life’s gifted prose
Let every nerve in your body spark a light
Live, laugh, love, a cliche I know, but damn…
’cause We’re all running out of time


Whispers, Moans and Chocolate

Embraceable you, wrapped in my arms
Whispers chanting, so stirs and charms
Entranced in this moment, brilliantly draws
Lips sail, as if on a voyage through the stars

Echoes come, wave after wave, we crave
Move in sync with moans, there, for us to save
How touch below, above, around, every curve
Ignites such a passion, it strums our hearts nerve

The sweet as it bakes, from heat on the rise
Each thrust pokes to fill, swells, in dreamy sighs
A rush that spikes, how chocolate covers the tongue
An appetite sated, making, creamy, steamy, love


Oh Death

Oh death, how distant you are from birth
The thought of you does not exist
With the first inhale a life begins anew
Journey into the unknown, of a world
Spinning circles as time begins to count
Numbers adding up from one to ninety-nine
Each a candle burns, year after year
Some reach a century’s worth or more

Oh death, how distant you are from youth
Taking chances through many roads
Leading a way, come what may
Buzzing on a high, bungee jumping dive
Basement parties, acting cool for the honeys
Chasing down thrills and dreams
Wondering what tomorrow will bring
As age begins to call, settle down before the fall

Oh death, how close you are in time
Plans to make it right, some came out wrong
Passion found, passion lost
Promises made, to those who left, in blame
Making it right, at times carried by the winds
Chances had, too many, now forgotten sins
Days fly by, so many yesterday’s missed
Wondering where time flys

Oh death, how close you are to me now
I can taste the driest drink
It would be more refreshing than your gift
That ends with a final breath
The heart thumps the last beat
A silent echo waits to repeat
Oh death!
Oh death!


If I Could Fly

If I could fly, not across the sky
That would be ridiculous
But if I could, it would be with my heart
Every beat would soar, blocking out the sun
Wings flapping, so you could hear it flutter
Screeching, squawking, on a skate board weaving
Rise and fall along hilly avenues
The wind, through my hair blowing with attitude
Scrape the curb, getting air, letting go
Too many times, fallen on my ass
But I can fly, on my board feeling high
Kamakazi spitfire rolling down the road
Ride the line that divides
Down highway number 9

If I could fly, not across the sky
That would be ridiculous
But if I could, it would be with my soul
Every feeling would burn with emotion
For love and compassion
Long board drifting out to sea
Where swales turn to waves
The sky, crystal blue or tempest black
When the perfect wave comes in
It compels me to stand and attack
As I ride the swirl, the ocean screams
Kowabunga, surfing spins, speeding fins
Creeping up the spine, a 10 foot wall
The nudge to cut, into the coming curl

If I could fly, not across the sky
That would be ridiculous
But if I could, it would be with my spirit
Every smile would be returned
Many given with the purest of intentions
Stride in the step, merrily-go-lucky
Parks and city streets, a walk in the dark
Taking in the beauty that surrounds with sounds
Voices talking, children playing
Cats chasing birds, flying
Staring at a couple, staring at each other
Blocking out the world, falling in love
Drawing in the moment, lips meet as one
Wings open to try and fly


Unholy ChaliceΒ 

There was no word to describe the first breath taken
For it was pure, without sin, the air filling in
The taste of paradise was all they knew
No right or wrong, just living free
Temptation lured a heart of want
How could it be, to be tempted like that
To want more than what paradise has given
A single bite that tears the fabric of life
The swallow of knowledge to inherit the earth
And all that it has to create a path of destruction

Disobedience, the first of many
Skulls started stacking up, murder with malice
A new church sprung from the darkest depths
It had no name, until fire lit it up and everyone yelled, Hell!
The flames burned away the character lines on faces
Those that made unique in creed, colour and races
Here, where bone becomes stone faceless
The sky never seen, stars and moon forgotten
Cradled and huddled, spun in circles
A pedestal holds the Unholy Chalice

A monument of time, a collectors collection
Designing a temple that would hold the spirit
Of the damned and lost who gave up on life
Filling the cup, with blood, drawn by a knife
Slashing, piercing, controlling the pain
Fuelled by the dark from inside the mind
Depression is found hiding
Past, present and future, hurting
There is no heaven, no hell
The end comes with the final bell

Poem by Ax

Images by Aderhine DeviantArt

Before I Die

Feel the embossed skin, as fingers glide along
Smooth to the head, to stare into pebble eyes
Let me taste, the meat and flesh of a snake
So I know the devil, when face to face

Stand on the edge, without fear for life
See beyond the fall, where the sky carries on
To speak the truth, whomever it may come upon
Forgive, forget, the past and all regrets

Love under stars, not to count them all
But to wish, for each in a cluster as one
Embracing the breath of a soul
The one, given, the key to my heart

Sensuous sex that lasts all night long
Touching, feeling, hearing moans in song
Deep sultry kisses, that trembles lips
Repeating over and over, the yearning call for more

Pornographic play with one, no two, yeah two
The kind where all three are masturbating each other
Fucking brains out, who needs lube when bodily fluids flow
Ecstatic screams of bliss, the trio, one by one cum and blow

Hold a gun with a single bullet in the chamber
Russian Roulette, dare to pull the trigger
A beating heart, racing to the brain
Blind to the world, but for what, is at hand

Stand by a coffin, made of pine
Above timber, soaked to set afire
A vision of a ghost in the final hour
Before I Die, have I filled on desire


good night friends. have a pleasant weekend πŸ™β€οΈβž°

The One

Is it true, what they say with words
That he would love you, until the moon fades out
That she would too, long after the shine leaves the sun
Promises in words said, over and over
This longing that we all have
Breaking our hearts
Until that day, it happens
It explodes
You can’t stop thinking about, The One
Who crashed into your world
With such a force
The stars realigned in your honor
We all clutch and grab
To get a piece of that pie
To have a taste of the cherry
Baked inside oozing of syrupy love or
Floating on the top of a dollop of a creamy pillow
Whole as a heart in love
Like its the, very first time
A spoon is used to curl up a hunk
The crust and filling tearing apart
As it passes a bank of whipped heaven
A streak that marks the runway to an open mouth
Stroking the pallet and tongue
To savour and taste, The One
Ingesting the Chefs creation
His ingredients that resembles His own
I love you, are the words needed to hear
They are, what the trinity is all about
The divine, they say is of purest heart
The damned, they say is a faithless sort
The link between the two
Is The One