The Body Dies, The Soul Flies

Innocent smiles with thoughts in the air
Just as a child does, without any care
Clutched to the breast of a mother
Protected by the will of a father
As it’s meant to be
A child, loved and free

Runny noses, malnutritions mucus
Streaking down a chin, crusted doofus
Silence is the friend who lives in the head
Talking to themselves from under the bed
Not meant to be
Cruel and mean

Welts and bruises, never heal
Constant beatings made to conceal
A mother hardly there
A father who didn’t care
To weak to be
No one sees

Movies on tv, late night fantasy
Parental Control, is a mystery
Hatred and vile, black and white
Murder and suicide, happens at night
To be or not to be
The idea strikes thee

To play a scene with a silent friend
Kitchen knives used to pretend
Like Beatrix Kiddo and O-Ren Ishii
Swift with a thrust, cold and chilly
How could it be
It was, make believe

A pool, warm as a Christmas bath
Red like the lights on a church path
Leads to the edge where land meets sky
The body dies, the soul flies
It was meant to be
A child, now free


dedicated to all the children who got out. one way or another πŸ™βž°β€οΈ

Beyond The Loneliness of Trees


A world dreamed in action from the moment the sun rises
Where the eyes swell with dried up tears as the weight inside collapses
The thought of stepping out into a world uncontrollably spinning on its axis
So it seems from the heavy hearted breaths that burn to ashes

Funny how it slowly fades away as the sun sets
Beyond the lighted sky as it falls the darker it gets
Loneliness turns to fear that is fed by regrets
Staled on the tongue from smoking dried up cigarettes

Jack or Jim, neat or wet, Jose on the side with a wedge of lemon
Distilling the pain as the brain delivers a sermon
Telling the heart how to feel, not giving a shit about livin’
Playing it safe, all alone, except for the heart is cryin’

It knows how to feel all the wonders it sees
It sighs and it swoons as a gentle breeze
But is afraid, to ride the waves, on the seas
To weak, to journey, beyond the loneliness of trees


Lost LVI

Every night I sit and wait staring at the sky
It’s absence driving insane makes me cry
No amount will ever do
Not until it’s full and new
It calls to me a friend in need
To hear my voice call out with greed
The only light I see
Who will listen to me
Without a sound returned
It’s pearly ear, earned
Curled on the floor
Embracing the pain from tears pour
As a glimmer, glints my vision
A beam of light passes a prism
Colours to bright to see
Their brilliance absorbs me
Relieving the weight of sadness
That floats in my darkness
Lungs fill new with air
To breathe again without despair
Relief, when eyes take in
The moons, glowing grin
As clouds break away
That moment of grace to pray
In thanks for the company
That numbs the agony