Blah blah, Blah blah

I’m a thousand miles from home
Then it hit me hard
You never let me be, the be, I wanna be
A nag, Monday to Friday
A bitch, Saturday and Sunday
The only time the princess in you appears
Is when you sleep, curled, like a cherub prays

I’m a thousand miles from home
Nothing but a gunny-sack
Strapped to my back, thumbing a ride
On a lonely highway, desert cold
Leading to nowhere, but far from you
I’ll follow the sun, taking turns with the moon
Count all the stars, whistling a happy tune

I’m a thousand miles from home
Where do I go?
Was I wrong to walk out the door
Was it really, all about me
She knew I can’t live without the NFL on tv
Not like it was everyday
Just Thursday to Monday

I’m a thousand miles from home
Then it hit me hard
She hasn’t even called, not a text, what the fuck!
Could it be, that she’s happy
Smiling ear to ear, dripping tears of joy
I walked out the door, left everything behind
Failed to try, to make it right


A Sorrow, On The Winds, Rein In

An eagle soared over the ocean
The sun beaming on his alabaster crown
Wings spread wide in a glide with tips splayed
Circling the ground below for a final serenade
A squawk heard and repeated over and over
Spirit clouds descend as a single spirit rises higher
Light of the Son, embrace this kind soul
Into the bosom of your fold
A passage from here to there
Loved by a heart with care
Left behind with tears that rain
A sorrow, on the winds, rein in
Bright is the beacon light shining
That is the gaze from eyes crying
A twirling, spiralling feather white to black tip
Falls and sways, as the breeze delivers it
To land at the foot of your heart
A reminder that bodies may, but love, will never part

Dedicated to my friend and countryman Joseph at The Spirit Keepers

My Thunder

my thunder roars from the pit within
where the pain from days are bottled
as fumes ascend like fermenting wines
left are the fruitless stems that cry on vines.

my thunder soars taking flight with it
freedoms will, with wings spread wide
cutting a path through the air to see
gliding higher the truth appears to me.

my thunder adores time in space alone
in peaceful song that soothes and frees
high above the misery that lays below
once was blind but now can see the sorrow.

my thunder yours, for you to see
the cause and effect how you affect
this fool who believed in love
was never meant to be or speak of.

my thunder pours every time I see
the one who took my heart and tore it apart
with words that were said as truths but lying
the end is still like dying.


You Never Said Goodbye

A burn that stings without tears, yet I make them cry
I make them cry, to ease the pain
The pain, that lives inside it eats emotion
The emotion that controls my every breath in life
In life, where all I can think of is you

I wake with the thought of when
When will I see
See the smile on your face as true is truth
The truth, that you don’t see me
The me that wants you badly
Badly so that I wish to die instead
Instead I watch you smile for someone else

When smoke gets in my eyes
With a stench of breath that makes me sick
Sick with nausea from cheap ass whiskey
Oh whiskey girl I still get drunk on you
You started a flame that’s been burning hot
Hotter than molten lava that spews from the ground
The ground red from the footsteps I take wandering
Wandering around and around where he stops
He stops to think and think he does
How can I go on like this

When smoke gets in my eyes
It masks the light to hide the dark
A dark that is plainly seen because of you
You float on by and by you do
You do see me, don’t you?
I guess you don’t
You never said goodbye


Soggy BouquetΒ 

Stood in the pouring rain
Waiting for the pain to wash away
With every drop it sizzles the heat
Like an iron grate, over coals, red, aflame

His head begins to roll
Rotating scrolls with words
A message lit up one day
To meet, for a date with destiny

One turned to two, it became three
With each, that passes by, the next
Is not, very far, ahead
The speed it comes up, is unforgiving

As soon as it arrives, it begins to leave
Like the breeze that comes and goes
Carry’s with it, the smells of memories
Made by a life, sowed with seeds of love

Years of youth, worn with smiles
The longing continues as time becomes grey
A journey that created a legacy
Between the souls leaving a history

As sure as there is birth, comes death
At times, it calls ahead
Aches and pains that never go away
Living in misery, absorbing its rays

Making the most of the time to come
Standing by, a humble nurse maid
Holding on, to a love that grew
From that day, they met, on a bench

Death always wins
But its most painful sin
Is not taking a life
It’s leaving one behind