Suicide Is Painless

A sip of ‘shine that buys courage, to run a blade amuck, encouraged
Back to back with a shadow lurking, demon guides an evil working…

Suffers when daylight breaks
Knowing, life outside is calling
Dragging feet to a seconds beat
Every step clicks to the sound of a tick
Sipping hooch made from skin and herb
Opens the door, to lead to a magical place
Beyond the beyond, that can only be imagined
Hallucinating peace for a broken-hearted seed
Lost among humans who kill their own race
Sunset love, gives hope that such beauty exists
On a planet that lives to destroy what it gives
Such pain to endure, is it worth waiting for?
That a ship would appear, beam a light that steers
A journey through a hole in the fabric of time
End the tragedies that Shakespeare has’t written
Yield to the demon from darkness comes from
Take ones own life to live anew, far away from this view
Suicide is painless except for the one who loves you


Quid Pro Quo

What good are wings,
if never spread, to feel the stretch that curves the back to arch and leap
What good are wings,
if never kissed by sun and moon, where their glow, in Angels reap
What good are wings,
if never to soar across the skies, looking down on earth from heavens grace
What good are wings,
if you can’t feel the wind, brush your face, an invisible embrace
What good are wings,
if clouds are never reached, to dip and dive leaving a trail in tow
What good are wings,
if you never fly, to rise as high as the tallest peaks of ice and snow
What good are wings,
if you never breathe to live and share with a life to sow
What good are wings,
if never taken as a gift from God, quid pro quo



You saw my pain
Yet failed to sway my way
The tears that trickle down my face
Left stained a sorrows trace
Words can never replace
The hurt from an absent embrace

You saw my pain
Yet failed to sway my way
As my outstretched arms take aim
Further distant you became
As did the sun and moon in shame
Left my will tattered and lame

You saw my pain
Yet failed to sway my way
Up I sit in the middle of the night
Drained from an endless fight
That shades the hope of light
Even words fail as I write

You saw my pain
Yet failed to sway my way
Bag packed with just a few
Time apart to weigh the future of two
Leaving with the morning dew
As you sleep, I’ll whisper, I love you

I saw your pain
Yet failed to sway your way
When silence becomes the norm
Affection is barely lukewarm
Once it came in a swarm
Preparing for the brooding storm

I saw your pain
Yet failed to sway your way
Difference of opinion stalls
The forward march to arms, calls
No ground taken nor scaling walls
Not a crumb given, none falls

I saw your pain
Yet failed to sway your way
The constant frown worn every day
A beautiful smile, once was gay
That loving feeling went astray
Lost along the many yesterday’s

I saw your pain
Yet failed to sway your way
Turn to leave, I wonder
Should I turn back and love her
On my knees like a beggar
She’s probably deep in slumber


One never knows…

You, Don’t Want Me To…

My eyes would burn a path, light the trees from trunk to leaves
Creating a runway by igniting the darkness down the middle
While the fire explodes, one by one rising
A flash mob effect but way fucking better
You, don’t want me to…but if I did, my arms would stretch out
And hold, yes hold. Not stand like a fool
Waiting for you to make the first move
I’d come at you like the wind and fuck your soul
To feel the spirit of what I know is inside of you
Imagine our spirits making love
Before we ever touch
They would meld and swirl
The world would twirl
Trembles, rumbles, bodies crashing
Spinning around, tornado touching
Down to the ground, tearing up
A force of lust, erupts
Eyes that meet never part
Soaking in, heart to heart
Beats that sync in a rhythm
The pounding sounds of flowing senses
From first of sight to the smell of you
An ache to taste every drip
To the feel of what could be real
When moans are heard
Echoing across the universe
You, don’t want me to…but if I did…


No Tears In Space

What light does flicker, shadows dance with grace and glitter.
Thoughts of you consume, as lightning strikes, followed by a boom.
With a ghostly stare, I tremble in despair.
My heart silently weeps, over the sea as it creeps.
Waiting on for a reply, I continue on and try.
Calling out, for you to hear your name and stake my claim.
With hope I stand before all, through this bitter nightfall.
Strike after blasting strike, parading across the sky, warlike.
If you only knew, when distance strikes, I think of you.

No need to listen, for nothing is there.
The sound of lightning and thunder heard is in my head.
Lights that twinkle in the distance, naked and bare.
So far, too far, to even care.
Speak though I might, to no avail.
Alone I am in truth, as my sadness leaves a streaming trail.
Lifting off, drifting off, I begin to wail.
My lungs collapse, pale of face and crying, knowing I am dying.
Mother Mary full of grace,
not one,
naught one,
no tears in space.


“and the meek shall inherit the earth…”

He spoke of love and commitment
He spoke of loyalty and fidelity
Teaching the rules for a successful life
To live in peace and happiness
He proved His word
He made the blind see
Especially those with sight
He made a cripple walk
It inspired others to run
He cured the sick living in caves
Reuniting families the loss of touch
He fed empty bellies with a loaf of bread
And a basket of fish never ending
He brought back the life of a man dead
To show the true power of His might
Love each other all the same
Be a decent human being
If you can, help
It’s a simple way of living
Without doubt and jealousy
He sent Himself as His Own Son
To guide us back to paradise
And we fucked it up again



A half-century disappeared, like the flash of time that is now
Born into poverty and blamed for the cause of despair
The hand, that rocked my cradle, for years wouldn’t care
So much, as to show one ounce, of compassions soft brow

School was a daycare, no one there gave a shit
Notes sent home, unread and tossed in the trash
A verbal reply was enough to know, I was punished
Fuck You, all I said, under my breath, I don’t care one bit

There were a few, I knew, who lived on the streets
Young and old, sort of the same story
Dad’s, Mother’s, Sister’s and Brother’s on a different journey
But safe, was the feeling, where one can be at peace

Violence on every corner, stepping on someone’s turf
Graffiti artists getting high, spraying back alley shooters
Entrepreneurs picking cans and bottles out of dumpsters
Beach bums who found a place, on sand, watching the surf

Mighty lessons were learned along the way
Three men and a boy, is a signal of danger
It set in motion for this cub to hide and wander
A life of solitude near tranquil mountains I stray

A once a day, no more, no less
Tomorrow is tomorrow
Yesterday’s sorrow is over
Yet the pain, still leaves, a mess

A word appeared out of the blue
Came from the sky up above
A moment of knowing love
How birds trust to follow a line, that’s invisibly true

A thought, an idea, it erupts out of nowhere
An inspiration that triggers a spark
It ignites the desire to fire up a joint
Creating a verse to be read and to ensnare

The idea of poetry, that would capture your eyes
Set them ablaze as letters rise and dive
Feeding the thoughts in my head alive
How your individual colours has become my disguise

Emerge, a sonnets love that would embrace
Emerge, a haiku, that splits a sparrow in two
Emerge, a poem, that says I love you
Emerge, a story, of a lions face