True Love

In the light of a pale moon glow
Drifting thoughts, saddening flow
A lonely soul trapped in a boat
Making wishes for dreams to float
Rising high above the midnight sky
Prays to the sea, clouds begin to cry
With each drop touching down
His sorrow matched by a frown
A life in search of, not just any
But for the one, to take away misery
Somewhere over that rainbow
He’ll find her, perhaps tomorrow
Fate does have a way, it’s called destiny
When two would be found, joined in unity
She, filled by his love and devotion
He, taken by her heart of passion
The ocean swells, reflects and sparkles
The moon and stars, brightly marvel
At a first kiss
In eternal bliss
The warm night air would fill the space
Held in loves tender embrace
Shedding rags of silk
Tongues licking honey-milk
Flesh heated by touch
The essence of such
With each rush that craves
Kissed by the rolling waves
Their love echoes like beacons
Signals sent across the oceans
Reaching lonesome souls
That love would make whole
True love does not have a happy ending
True love, has no ending


Inside Of Me

I stand before you, tired and meek, frail and withered weak
Having felt the stinging burn of fire, melt my skin, thick in mire
The pain endured to great to resist, the glide, as a razor rounds wrists
Cutting in, not too deep, tingles as flesh yawns to sleep
The flow is slow, light fades to a glow
Where peace finally felt is real, on my knees, for me, I kneel
The strength I have left, saved so I may express
To you, me, I see, my face in the mirror, showing scars left by horror
My true spirit lives inside of me, my garden, my heavens glory
Not among the blessed martyrs, nor those taken as innocent youngsters
Here I am with passion I alone can muster, announce my freedom to live in my own lustre
The only god I know to be, whose light is inside of me


Through Time And Space, We Exist ~ (4 ~ collaboration)

We always try to count our blessings
Take a stroll on the sunny side of the street
Meet, greet, smiles shuffling to a beat
Stop by a cart, pickup some street-meat
Sauerkraut and onions zipped with ketchup
Lounging in a bun, toasted by the sun
Break it apart, give half to a bum
It isn’t much, it might be all one can sum up
Through time and space, we exist
We do, we surely fucking do

Why waste energy on misery
Why waste
Why waste
Why waste

Children ignored for a phone’s digital charm
Desperate for play, to interact with someone
Perhaps dig in sand, fly a kite over sea
Or play a marathon game of Monopoly
Face-to-face with a smile, they gently ask
It takes nothing to set down our screens
Yet, when we say let’s play…it means everything
Through time and space, we exist
Nurturing these youth of ours
Will change Earth’s energy

Why waste energy on misery
Why waste life on technology
Why waste
Why waste

People hurting in all walks of life
It takes nothing at all to be kind
A smile, a hug, even virtually
Can make such a difference to see
We can’t all reach for money
But we can all find other ways to be
The bright spot in someone’s sorrow
The way to their happy tomorrow
Through time and space, we exist
To connect is something that we all wish

Why waste energy on misery
Why waste life on technology
Why waste our hearts in solitary
Why waste

It’s better to give than to take, or so they say
Those who haven’t really had hard times
Wandering and wondering where to stay
Spoiled rotten they look away to their screens
Tuck their children in bed after being fed
Airing it on social media for it to be read
“Look at me,” and all that I’ve done for society
When the reality is it’s only for notoriety
Through time and space, we exist
Together yet separately, this can’t persist

Why waste energy on misery
Why waste life on technology
Why waste our hearts in solitary
Why waste our very existence

Written by PoetGirlEm ~ VictoryInTrouble ~ Wetbliss ~ AntönyRös

I’m fucking high right now. Both spiritually and physically.
Physically cuz, I just smoked a fatty 😋💨
Spiritually, because of the experience of sharing with another soul.
In this case, three beautiful souls.

(stanza 2) Miss Emily from, PoetGirlEmyou know her. She writes beautifully, she sings whimsically, she plays that thingy that she has to squeezy And, she is the inventor of the IBoard Desk. I kid you not. Check out her site. You’ll see it. And when there, surf through and you know, feel the jam. Shes cool, super cool. I promise you.

(stanza 3) Miss Vic from, VictoryInTroubleyes, her table is set and it’s covered end to end. A mix, a buffet of so many stunning words that you will surely find many that will stir the heart fancy. Go, go now and see….you’ll see the brilliance of her poetry and feel each line creep into your body, shake, rattle and roll

(stanza 4) Miss Wetbliss, from Wetbliss my bucketlist partner. Remember now, I’m high.
Sultry, steamy, sensually stimulating, she sins with her words. Beware, reading this sirens poetry will cause temporary blindness that erupts with colours of sex that only dreams can make up but leaves a wish for it to be real. Go visit! Now!

Ladies, thank you 🙏➰❤️

Love Is In Darkness

How it penetrates, this thing called love
You can feel it, day and night
It can unravel and wind up tight
The sound is a twist, a feather from a dove

Love creates stories told to the heart
By a brain that burns crispy black or sizzles red hot
Counting the blessings, haves and have not
Falling to its merciless work of art

The call is strong, it pulls with such a might
It wraps itself around, almost suffocating
In a bliss, that if it falls would be excruciating
Only then, would true love, come to sight

Tears of joy or a downpour of pain
Love can mend the most hardened soul
Or rip apart, a heart of an angels glow
This thing we crave like a summers rain

Cools the flesh, the heat still yearns
Drives desire
To open fire
Loves fever, rises and burns

Love is in darkness but doesn’t hide
It’s there, if we care enough to seek it
Shine a light to uncover it, what if
This was the one, loves, magical, ride


Come On Baby…

Come on baby…
Let’s blow out the candle and set our hearts on fire

You think you’re less than everyone else
I’m here to say, you are everything and more
All in your own quirky way, like the giggle that snorts
How a song pops in your head and you say; “I love this”
You begin tell of a story, when…a thought, stops
Another topic, a way to get to know, a stranger far away

Come on baby…
Let’s blow out the candle and set our hearts on fire

The sound of your voice, sends shivers on my flesh
They blast, lightning speed, my finger tips bleed
Dripping ink onto a page with a hungers rage
To pour wine and drunk on a feast we dine
Embraced in a moment, taken, by being chosen
Hands inch closer, then held, we both lean over

Come on baby…
Let’s blow out the candle and set our hearts on fire

A kiss, sends a tingle, a flame reignites the candle
To set a glow, on a face of an angels soul
The passion inside where your heart beats loud
Fuels mine to pound harder and faster
Entwined as the vines of a vintage vineyard
The nectar of the gods, spills over and over

Come on baby…
Let’s blow out the candle and set our hearts on fire

What was meant to be will be
The freedom of filling the missing
Soft then hard, sweat adored
Good golly Miss hot and naughty
Let’s leave the candle burning
Come on baby, let’s get dirty


To Stupid To See

We all have an affliction
Tolerance and patience, misdirected
Others first before her own affection
Tired feet, a marathon completed
Steady job or stay at home mom, mistreated
The quiet of the night, a pleasant resurrection
Stilled by the yearning direction
To be touched in exploration
Don’t hide your imperfection
Sagging skin once time had connected
Still craves, desires wanting injection
That feeling of penetration
Deep below the surface, times taken
Cast now in a life forsaken
Electrified sensors, sizzles sin
He, to stupid to see, beauty is found within
Where a hand upon flesh sparks a sensation
Felt, in the throes of loves liberation


Take A Ride With Me

Neon purple lights, strung like patio lanterns
Setting down a glow, illuminating patterns
Silhouette rings like saturns’
Circling round on the ground, scattered

Flaming a bowl, inhaling peace
Take it in, let it rest with ease
Blowing out the stress, release
Catching a buzz, vibrating beats

Silence, fills the air
Yet sounds, are everywhere
The night, brings a longing flair
When a howl at the moon, does stare

To catch the glitter of a shooting star
Wonder, if I hitched along, how far
To the centre of a distant quasar
Would it end the pain from every scar

To believe in a dream of another place
A world beyond the knowledge of earths disgrace
Begin a new, with a smiling face
Where life is loved and embraced