Secret Fairytale

She’s a good girl. This to be true, as said
actions, defining words that strum from heart to head.
The direction it takes, comes from within
could it be up, towards the eyes or down in naughty sin.
To see, what simply is a picture, lit by Franklins light
as much as it belongs to the sun that sits up high.
Fallen, for a vision who dwells afar, her intoxicating fragrance
invades, a lonely soul with grace and elegance.


“Baby. I’m drunk on you” said with passion and flare
that rises to the occasion, partaking in a one night affair.
Pleasure thyself, as a voice echoes clear with instruction
Topping the moment, while the other diddles to eruption.
Bells invention, that brings two people together
airwaves carry, two passing ships who tether.
Embracing each other, to the sounds of swooning sails
the image of spooning a pillow, sharing a secret fairytale.


Image InvasionΒ 

A single thought brought on, the dawn of a new light.
From a whisper that turned to a twister.
Boiling boiling, bubbling bubbles.
Temperature rising, crying sweat from fucking.
Dewy flesh sticky and gummy.
With every rub and slide the ride gets slippery.
Hands that travel the distance in a flash, a heavy metal crash.
Slow it down on the curves, watching the sexy, as she serves.
Fuck me for saying, this image invasion is electrifying.
Just like rhythm and blues, up and down beats with wah-wah-wah’s.
Kisses likes ships that sail across the body and.
A tongue that’s a rudder, controlling the flow of water.
Dive into her valley, where the joy of life is created.
Her flowering bloom, ripe for the pickings.
A lick that parts her folds like Moses did to water.
Free the people to live to love in harmony.
The penetration is deep at this exact moment.
Just when the eyes connect, as if looking into a mirror.
The reflection you see is your own identity.
If you fuck up this thing called love.
All you need to do is look in that mirror.
And blame the one you see.


An Ode to Fuck

I had to share…
To be acquainted with a new soul has become a desire of mine.  Like finding a treasure.  Miss Emily C at poetgirlem is that find.  Her writing tells stunning stories….head over, get acquainted yourself and meet an awesome person.

There should be no likes here, link to Emily and plant it there πŸ™ 

A peek into my mind of 7 years ago…It’s fair to say that while my poetry is much deeper these days, not much has changed… ********************* fuck me with intention fuck me with conviction fuck me with passion fuck me with ambition fuck me on a whim fuck me skin to skin fuck me deep […]

Are You Ready?

He sits across his lady
She stares into his eyes
She wants him badly
Badly enough to cry
He smiles
She sighs
He whispers…

I will devour you
Caress every inch of flesh
Taste the sweet sweat that pours from your skin
Untangle your limbs to open wide
Invade every crevice with lust
Fill every portal with love
Pull your hair
Bruise with kisses
Mark with bites
Weigh you down with every thrust



I see you biting your lip
Rocking in your chair
I can smell you filling the air
Stop your fidgeting
Or I wont come there
Where you will sit listening
To every word I say
And absorb the heat
That my breath sends your way
Words that you hear
Igniting the images in your head
Driving mad
Thoughts evolving
From gentle touching
To full on fucking

Here I sit
Teasing you with words
Brush strokes that coat a canvass of flesh
Tingling with little girl delight
At the thought of making passionate love
All through the night

He sits across his lady
She stares into his eyes
She wants him badly
Badly enough to cry
He smiles
She sighs
He whispers…

Are you ready?


Temptation of Man ~ a collaboration

From the blackest sky filled with stars
It moved, it swirled, it, tilted
Stopped in the dead of tracks
Taken like a deer in headlights
Fingers stretched out under the glow
Eyes, that light and captures sight
A voice trails from an echo that twirls from the tail

Clearer, its tone comes to ear as it gets nearer
Ethos of the past cultivating in sounds
A profound sense of familiarity, tumbling down
Shadows twist, shift and drift, in and out
Of my consciousness holding dark desires
Transfixed by the eye of calmness, as it rages on
A tornado of debris moves all around me

Impending decapitation or awaken from a dream
Bow to me, you sorrowful man, look and see
My eyes reveal the pleasures that are free
Your soul, is the single, one price you’ll pay
Wear the crown, draped in the finest silks
Drink wine made of berries and grapes
Feast on a table set with silver and crystal
Dance with a maiden whom you’ll take to bed
Step out of your head and shed the dread
Don’t be remiss in this duty to seal your fate
Have a taste of the divine powers bestowed
Below, where juices freely flow in your wake
It is your right, take heed until thirst is slaked
Sow seeds in trenches, watch destiny unfold
As mysteries are exposed, relish in taboos told
In her docile acquiescence disrobe with control

Stepping forward, a shaking hand is clasped
One to the light of a shadow cast
The other to a faith where hope would last
Senses have been picked apart
Luring a fragile heart
A lamb among the wolves greet
Those who bear the fruit of deceit

When you take my soul, will I be happy?
Only time will tell, this could turn out badly
You’ll have partake and seek your own peace
Rivaled in the fantasy of your day dreams
To know what it means to touch and feel
Another’s comfort against the night screams
It’s real, now go forth into the abysmal that steals

A Collaboration ~ Wetbliss and Ax

Blessed again to unite with a dear friend. Those of you who know, know, Wet Bliss is a poetess with a golden tongue, whose lips are ruby red from biting down. her erotica is soft and hard, takes the extremes into blissful dreams. dont think its all naughty spice. she can draw lines that make you think and drag your ass through the dark streets.
This collaboration has a little of everything. i hope you all enjoy.
please visit Wet Bliss (enter here)

M’Bliss, thank you again, another bit of my heart heals, thanks to you.