Thoughts of You

Between here and there,
the space is filled,
with an ache to touch,
to feel,
to be.

Embraced by the breath,
that escapes from a yearning,

Letting go,
of haves and have nots,
for the sake of falling,
into a moment of want.

Spiraling sensations,
that tingles,
in the pit of a belly that hungers.

A thirst for a kiss,
never had
but wished it to be.

Soaked to the bone,
as a tempest invades,
the mere ecstasy of desire.

Sending every fiber,
that vibrates and twitches,
every muscle,
uncontrollably insane.

Driving mad,
the chances lost,
that could have been,
with thoughts of you.


The Slave i/ii (a erotic duet)

She stood in the dark shadows out of sight
Feeling a curious awareness watching and wanting
Boldly, she stepped in to the night ray of light
Toward him exposing natural bare curves flaunting

When he saw her standing there he fell
And when she moved, the blood rushed to his head
It didn’t take any time to fall under her spell
She showed his soul, the desire in her eyes, burning red

An internal wild fire raged within his hopeless cage
Desperate to be released to feed the beasts appetite
She unlocked the deviant servant to have her way
Forced his lips against her wet swollen delight

His nostrils flared taking in her flowing scent
It filled his mind, his eyes wide with hunger
Bowing to her need, his tongue lashing out, hell bent
Her pleasing moans echoing, growing louder

One leg slung over shoulder, both hands in his hair
Head tilted back howling at the moon, a wicked attack
She lavished every second and would treat him fair
Once he drank her love down there’d be no going back

Intoxicating, getting drunk with every gulp
He drank and drank her elixir of lust
Sucking hard, licking her ass to cunts frothy pulp
Squeezing her thighs, a vice, gripping to bust

He greedily licked her throbbing, moist and juicy cunt
Thrust against the flat, smoothness of his meaty tongue
She commanded his fingers, one in the back, two in front
Her thighs closed convulsively as a sudden climax wrung

Gushing, fluids squirting, nothing less of carnal sin
His Mistress lay spent; legs spread he thought of taking her
She eyed her pet, no-no she says with a devilish grin
She rose above her kneeling slave, pointing with a blur

An iron cage appeared and she said, My Pet, in you go
You sipped the wine of Venus, come give me a kiss
With his fate eternally sealed, she’d first teach him control
And guided him in by rampant, inflamed, purple-prick

He donned the steel of chastity
She snapped the brass lock in place
To keep securely for herself, what is hers, his virginity
Mistress bid a goodnight and shut the door in his face

to be continued…slave

Erotic Words in Poetic Form
By WetBliss and Ax

an intro really isn’t needed as I’m sure you all know WetBliss,
what a blessing to be invited by such a talent. one of the very first blogs I followed when i joined wp…never would i have thought it possible to write with her let alone anyone. truly grateful and honored. Thank you WB

please go visit WetBliss (linked above) and give her your support. she rocks it hard with every word and line, to create a sensual mystical piece of art.

HE SAYS/SHE SAYS Part 2 ~ An Erotic Duet

She Says:
by Ax

Whoever cums first tumblr_m3j87iAyHi1ql1dvfo1_500
Gets the other off in 5 minutes
Then cooks breakfast…
Waste no time
Slide in like a rhyme
Kissing his lips
Straddling his hips
My breasts, press
Against his chest
My heart beating faster
Than a hummingbirds wings can flutter
Slow the pace down
Exactly, heading down
Licking his balls, stroking his cock
Bobbing my head rocks
Tonguing his sack while throating his head
Gagging turns him on when my face turns red
I want that breakfast so BAD
Here goes nothing with a finger in his ASS
I got a moan, sighed from his lips
Another finger takes a dip
He’s fucking, my mouth
He’s bucking, wild south
I have him now his balls are getting large
I’m showing him who’s in charge
The veins on his cock grow
Blood forcing a blow
Clenching his ass tight
He trembles to fight
A battle losing to a girl
This man, the love of my world…

He Says:
by Rosiebiwords

Fuck, gotta get her off tumblr_ldou5rYQ8m1qf1dmao1_500
knowing her every move
every inch
I got this in the bag
she is a goddess
my fucking queen
kissing her lips
then sucking her nipples
I may have this in hand
propped on top
fits like a glove
I’m loving how she rides
each stroke more intense
than the last
fingers on her clit,
I think I got her going
but she has me
under her spell
off and under
she has my
cock in her mouth
tongue on my sack
oh fuck
is that her finger in
my ass
shit, she has me hot and wanting
her mouth deep
I can’t help but fuck it
long and slow
then fast and hard
her face red
god, I loose it

thank you to the one and only RosieLicious her link at behinning of He Says
check out if youre not familiar. she’ll knock your socks off.

thanks Rosie for letting me be your side-kick 😘
love love love RosieLicious