The mirror reveals
A message like that
Sweet words that endear the heart
So blissful a smile turns to want

Steam still rising
The lettered streaks fade away
He spins around hard
She catches him, rising

Her finger curls in a calling
Her silent plea, needing
Taking it slow
Feeling it flow

Without any pressure
Seasoned souls
Reeling in the vibe
Along the thighs

Skims over the bump
On the hip that tickles
Beating hearts will rise
But its the tempo that creates the high

As you can see
I know you get this
When poetry sets free
Sex, when its Steamy


Say Something ~ a tri-collaboration

God stands to look over his flock
His eyes watered, a tear welled
He remembered the beginning
He recalled the love that was put
Into creating a world, that lives and breathes
With life of every kind, one, with a mind
He bowed His head and He shook
He bit his lip, blood dripped
โ€œSay something, Iโ€™m giving up on youโ€
Wasted plea she whispers upon His crown
Starved by the flaccid attention He feeds His sheep
She licks the remains of their tithed release
Her faith diminished under the glow of his halo
Seeking salvation that He denies with feigned grace
Forsaken by poetic scripture He inks for them
She flees to the darkness under wing of another false prophet
โ€œI donโ€™t love you, but I always willโ€
Is what He sees and hears from above
His flock refusing His saving grace
Relying on themselves, shunning His love
Through the pain, realization comes
They are what He created, and given free will
As their Father, Heโ€™ll always love them
and the choice to accept His love, is theirs
โ€œSay something, Iโ€™m giving up on youโ€
The silence was deafening as thunder shakes
โ€œSay something, Iโ€™m giving up on youโ€
Tears fall as her scorned heart breaks
โ€œSay something, Iโ€™m giving up on youโ€
His heart breaks from their continued rejection
โ€œSay something Iโ€™m giving up on youโ€
I surrender in blood and ashes
As the angels weep tears of sorrow
Heaven and Earth stills in reflection


Written By in Collaboration
Dana ~ Love Letters Lost At Sea  ~  visit her blog here
Adhamh ~ Southside of Heaven  ~  visit his blog here
Ax ~ Perso~in~Poesia

Honor and Privilege are two words of many that can and does describe this post for me. To be able to collaborate with two extremely talented poets. Two poets I regard as Friends first and foremost. Links to their blogs are above, please, please visit for more magical rides from the depths of the sea to dream and to the sky’s above and beyond as far as we can see.

Dana, thank you for writing with me again. Humbled and grateful doesn’t cut it but I hope you know how I really feel.

Adhamh, our first collaboration and what better way than to slide along side our Lady friend. Thank you for sharing your talent and artistry.

Above Photo ~ Google Images

A Song
Say Something by A Great Big World


Devotion ~ A Collaboration ~ Jennifer Calvert and Ax

I call her, Lady Jennifer, aka Superstar Diva, why?
Read her other works for yourself and you’ll see but here are a few reasons…
Poetry with imagery and intensity
Her prose flows with such beauty I smile with excitement as her words sound off like a symphony
Micro Poetry that tingles the senses
Verses that drives thoughts to explode
Oh and more, more, so head over and read, more, more…

Thank you Jennifer for partnering, you make me look good
Your fan
Your friend


Jennifer Calvert Author


He held her hand and began to tell a story
Eyes wide and round filling with glory
He painted the moon full in her honour
And set in motion his devotion upon her
To the skies above he declared his love
He stroked unyielding, swooning his dove
Pouring his words, the world becomes a blur
And set in motion his devotion upon her
He pledged a beating heart that lives inside
With a broad chest, his passionate breath will rise
To speak in truths, may it fill her to stir
And set in motion his devotion upon her
A charm in the night, like a shooting star
His love ignites a celestial light seen from afar
To awaken their love, shower her in stardust myrrh
And set in motion his devotion upon her


A young girl dreams in a moment in time
Where the world makes no reasonโ€ฆ

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Her Scent, Her Taste

Her scent,
Intoxicating potion,
that fills dewy fresh.
Pines and moss,
earthly tannins that drives a hunger.
Freshly sprung flowers,
springs a blossom harvest.
Powdery florals,
that tickles the nose.

Her taste,
Swelling buds,
the tongue tangos.
Savory sweet,
sweat that boils flesh.
Ravaging feast,
of kisses, licks and bites.
Loosen the belt,
and pop that top button.


To Touch

With a touch that trails along her flesh.

Thumbs that press against her temples.

As fingers lace behind her head.

Draws lips to lips with kisses.

Frequent soft pecks, some that land hard.

Taste of sensuous tongues dance to rhythms tune.

Beating hearts pound, jungle fever swoons.

A dance to trance, that consumes.

Charged by touch that sparks.

Lightning strikes, followed by thunder that roars.

Engulfed by passions throes.

Blood streaming, veins flowing.

Hot and cold unite, a tempest is unleashed.

Winds whirl, tornadoes begin to swirl.

Spinning minds, drive fluttering hearts.

Drips of sex, oozes, freshly squeezed.

The pit is horny, it screams inside.

To touch, touch every inch.

To touch, touch the long.

To touch, touch.

To touch.