Devotion ~ A Collaboration ~ Jennifer Calvert and Ax

I call her, Lady Jennifer, aka Superstar Diva, why?
Read her other works for yourself and you’ll see but here are a few reasons…
Poetry with imagery and intensity
Her prose flows with such beauty I smile with excitement as her words sound off like a symphony
Micro Poetry that tingles the senses
Verses that drives thoughts to explode
Oh and more, more, so head over and read, more, more…

Thank you Jennifer for partnering, you make me look good
Your fan
Your friend


Jennifer Calvert Author


He held her hand and began to tell a story
Eyes wide and round filling with glory
He painted the moon full in her honour
And set in motion his devotion upon her
To the skies above he declared his love
He stroked unyielding, swooning his dove
Pouring his words, the world becomes a blur
And set in motion his devotion upon her
He pledged a beating heart that lives inside
With a broad chest, his passionate breath will rise
To speak in truths, may it fill her to stir
And set in motion his devotion upon her
A charm in the night, like a shooting star
His love ignites a celestial light seen from afar
To awaken their love, shower her in stardust myrrh
And set in motion his devotion upon her


A young girl dreams in a moment in time
Where the world makes no reason…

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Her Scent, Her Taste

Her scent,
Intoxicating potion,
that fills dewy fresh.
Pines and moss,
earthly tannins that drives a hunger.
Freshly sprung flowers,
springs a blossom harvest.
Powdery florals,
that tickles the nose.

Her taste,
Swelling buds,
the tongue tangos.
Savory sweet,
sweat that boils flesh.
Ravaging feast,
of kisses, licks and bites.
Loosen the belt,
and pop that top button.


To Touch

With a touch that trails along her flesh.

Thumbs that press against her temples.

As fingers lace behind her head.

Draws lips to lips with kisses.

Frequent soft pecks, some that land hard.

Taste of sensuous tongues dance to rhythms tune.

Beating hearts pound, jungle fever swoons.

A dance to trance, that consumes.

Charged by touch that sparks.

Lightning strikes, followed by thunder that roars.

Engulfed by passions throes.

Blood streaming, veins flowing.

Hot and cold unite, a tempest is unleashed.

Winds whirl, tornadoes begin to swirl.

Spinning minds, drive fluttering hearts.

Drips of sex, oozes, freshly squeezed.

The pit is horny, it screams inside.

To touch, touch every inch.

To touch, touch the long.

To touch, touch.

To touch.


A One In A Million

From tip of toes
Brushed or bare
Ticklish treats
Suckling sweets
Soles that tingle
As the tongue glides
Sending spasms that mingle
Riding up
On a journey
To her now
Soaked pussy

Her scent invades
Waters the eyes
The fragrance of woman
Beating hearts rise
It’s tempo double pounds
Butterfly’s flutter around
Belly to belly
It’s starting to get

Those breasts
Those wonderful breasts
Softness in grace
The strength of life
Charms that dangle
Bounce and jiggle

Curves of the neck
Kisses given in pecks
Nibbles and bites
On lips, that are puckered plump
Gentle kisses would turn
To hard french kissing
Teeth would crash
In a painless rush
When eye to eye
The minds connect
Thats when two stars collide
Space, it lights the fuck up
A one in a million
When you find her
Put a ring on it


hi everyone ☺️
hope you are all well
trying to pop in as much as i can
havent had many chances to visit and read
but when i do i get inspired by all of you
i’ve read amazing pieces. different and cool in their own right
but each exquisite
if i was santa, you all would get a visit
for being very good boys and girls in a playful naughty way
even when the sadness comes out, it’s sootheing in a way
it shares that love from inside, you know what i mean.

i’ll come visit soon again, hard to stay away from you
love and peace
πŸ™β€οΈ (πŸ’›)

Antony xxx

What Is


a brush without paint
a song without a melody
a page without words
a heart without love
a soul without purpose
a child without laughter
a man without woman
a woman without man
a kiss without you
a touch without feeling
…the end of life!


In Blissful Sleep

Her pussy trickled, with anticipation
Just as his nose, bumped her button, without hesitation
His tongue from her ass, creeps up slowly
Separating her folds, he breathes her in, musty
As his meaty tongue, invades her nasty
Chin prickly wet
Glistening glide
Slippery slope
Up and down
All around
Her eyes closed tight
She feels his might
She holds her screams
The deep of her throat, swells
Barely managing a moan, his art, paints her whole
His tongue, the brush that strokes her inner soul
She squirms, her muscled legs rise
Giving her most
Enticing him to post
The filling she needs
To ride him coast to coast
His shaft hard but soft to the touch
The veins flowing, bulging
As his purple head enters her core
She makes the first of many, purring sounds
Her nails along his back sweep
Scarring his skin deep
He grinds his teeth
His head snaps back
The sensation fuels his piston like action

Harder she screams
don’t stop, don’t stop,
don’t you fucking stop.

She screams a cat like growl
Her every nerve electrified
She slurs
Oh My God
As she cums
Soaking and dripping along his thighs
His turn! he spins her around
From behind, he finishes off with a flurry
As she begs him to spray, he does in a hurry
Both collapsing
Still inside her now spooning
He holds her close their breaths in sync
His body blankets hers, in blissful sleep


The Accordion Player

It breathes like him, drawing in, to exhale
The sound of music, tap dancing through the nights air
Fingers creating waves across ivory and ebony
With highs and lows and runs of a ballads tears
Where only ghosts of time dance in the square
He plays alone to an empty cup on a crate
Serenading a lost love taken by fate
The years pass and pass they do
But true love will never die
As long as both have air to breathe
Songs bounce off the walls they echo
The stars above twinkle
To tickle the thought of her smile
As he plays the final song
“When a Man Loves a Woman”