Friday Night Session

I get turned on by you.
Yes you, looking from behind the curtain.
Your hidden eyes through fabric comes in view.
Like a visit to my mind, creating thoughts, explosive.
Watch me undress, drop my shorts, rest my head on a feathered pillow.
Your eyes glide along with my licking lips.
The stubble on my chin, sparkles from a candles flicker.
Your stare holds, to snare a visual embrace.
Flowing with my heaving chest, surfing to rise to a sweetly crest.
A belly that ripples, to a canyon with a monumental pillar.
Standing free, with its own gentle wave
Waiting for the beginning, of a Friday Night Session.
A climbers grip, caressing the challenge
To scale and stroke my package.
I get turned on by you.
Yes you, looking from behind the curtain.
Tempo rising, beating beats, that beat, beat, beat.
Up and down, around the head and back again.
Thighs that thunder, as muscles tighten.
Curling toes, they grasp the air.
The floating image of that curtain.
Blows aside, revealing who lurks wanton.
Watching every move with yearning.
Drawing breaths, calling to join in.
With every step towards the bed.
Inflates my bulging head to purple red.
Butt-cheeks clench to close.
Before releasing the dose.


The Power of Imagination

Near to the point of scalding, water running
Glides over flesh, head to toe, wet and soaping
Thoughts exploding in his head
Recalls her form, laying on the bed
Rise it does just ever so slightly
Trickling water flowing over spritely
Swelling girth, bobbing tip to bulge
Flexing muscles, throbbing cock to large
Her vision invades, spreading her legs
Ass in the air, a pounding she begs
Mimic the hips to grind
Between her thighs do find
Her golden pot, waiting to fuck
She whispers “In my ass” a buzz
It jolts, springs to a salute
At attention, straight as a flute
Crown to rim, circles before going in
Slides down to tease her clit
His breathing quickens
Toes curl gripping tiles squeaking
The image of penetrating
With every thrust stimulating
The urge encapsulating
Deep from within erupting
The power of imagination
A shower of masturbation


A Second Is All It Took (adult theme)

I can smell her in a room, she is no where near
A flash of that movement we passed, appeared
The briefest smile that lit up the room
Her lavender wave set my heart to boom
Filling me up with her tonic and gin
Her fizz tickles the swallow with a grin

A second is all it took
Stuttering words from a book
Blabbing on, feeling sick
In love, fell like a brick

With every swing, a miss and a strike
The sound of the call from the umpires bite
Stuck in the minors, shagging my own balls
Dreaming of a night, by chance befalls
To taste her alluring lips
As two passing ships

A second is all it took
A tug and a jerk
Sprung to attention
Conductors orchestration

Kisses and bites on her neck
That trails to her breasts
Sweeping the belly
Tongue swirling the innie
Heading for the valley
Diving in madly

A second is all it took
The final stroke, broke
The dream to end
With a mess on my hand



Quietly yielding in silence
The softness of her breath entices

Pearly buds, swell to ripen
Licking lips that draws a taste to liken

Reflective image off a silver screen
A cinematic exposure of a erotic scene

Twirling fingers, slide and roll
The flesh around a dripping wet hole

Dipping in, to coat in a sticky film
Spreading the joy, lubricating the rim

Back and forth, the intensity quickens
Slamming hard with multiple digits

The urge in me grows impatient
Arm chair quarterback, cheering on the formation

Waving banners and a foamy No.1 hand that twirls
Chanting, “we are the champions, of the world”

Driving to the line in the final seconds
Diving into the end-zone, a mark of legends

A score on the board flashing, around
A fan in the room yells, touchdown!

She does a shimmy shake
Her body vibrates

Spasm after spasm
One glory of an orgasm


don’t know about you but watching is pretty intense

Dreamstroke ~ a duet ~ nsfw


Closes his eyes to capture a moment
Her fingertips whisper “I need you”
His world outside is forgotten
Every inch shamelessly tending to

Gentle rub to get things going
Lips relinquishing a merciless desire
Blood heated and flowing
Smoldering flesh ignite a blazing fire

Imagine her hands slide over his chest
Groaning kisses hungry to savor
Pinching a nipple that ignites his head
Consuming your heavenly flavor

Leaning back stretching his body
Starting with a lick and erotic swirl
The swell of his cock needs to get naughty
Nothing but red stilettos on – I’m your girl

A reflection he sees in a mirror
Hands caressing your thick moaning shaft
To imagine her standing behind him
Making you swell with my intoxicating craft

The intensity soars with wings spread wide
Lustful eyes stimulated with increased motion
The feeling of bliss, alone on a ride
Filthy words erupt declaring my devotion

Muscles tighten
Worshiping my master
He whispers to heaven
Devouring faster

If only she were real
Inhaling -Swallowing – Engulfing your form
The thought of her is surreal
Violently blowing like a thunder storm


written as a duet by
Naughty Wild Girl  and  Ax

I cannot tell you how much fun this was to collaborate with Naughty Wild Girl. I’ve been wanting to get a groove on with her for eons (well, seems like it) time finally caught up. This erotic tale is naughty fun.
NWG is in Bold.
I write as the lone male in the mirror.
NWG writes as the female part. 
The question is. is it a dream. or is it real.

heres a ditty for ya.
I wrote my 16 lines.
NWG wrote her 16 lines.
Then grooved them together as one.
it was so cool how it came out without barely a tweak to edit.

Red. I am so proud of you. you went outside the box. and you shined.
Thank you for playing with me. my honor. my privedge. 🙏❤️