Fleeting – a Musette

Another new follow of mine but am sure well known.   Always moving thoughts that drift in and out poking at emotions where breath sweeps along with beats of the heart.  

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Fleeting In bed their tattoos met and bled. Ink-kissed lovers, knowing this tryst – night-born, would live; would die with dawn. – Ryan Stone With thanks to FT Ledrew for introducing me to the Musette form.


When I’m High… ii/iii

When I’m high…
i can count the stars that hang in the sky
its nearly petrified, as it sits in place
except for the distant twinkles that lights my face
a beacons message from outerspace

just like that, the stars begin to drop
counting and counting as each one falls
its snowing, I grab my fucking balls
ha-ha, frosty night makes them small

peaceful setting in the quiet of the night
postcard memories, written to memory
chilling in a world of fantasy
kissed by The Snowflake Faerie

take another hit, some call it a hoot
just remember when your doing
toot, toot, tooting
inhale that fucking shit, its soothing