Flowers of His Adoration

He stands surrounded by the flowers of his adoration

The youngest just a budding bulb,
wound up tight and bursting at the seems.

Another, the cracks in the bud,
showing just a tinge of colour waiting to sprout.

One elongated and open with a masculine scent,
it’s rise to manhood has been sprung.

The fourth is in it’s fullest bloom
and it’s petals show the curves of mans desire.

The one that stands next to him,
she’s his partner and her bloom is beyond compare.

He stands surrounded by the flowers of his adoration

He treats them equal,
with his mind, his soul, his heart.

He cares for their existence
and strives to ensure their coexistence.

He loves them more than life itself
but lives to fight, to win, to be as one.

And he guides their way to grow,
all with the will to try.

He loves the one who shares his vision,
after all, they both designed its beauty.


dedicated to all the gentlemen, who are loving mates, husbands, fathers, brothers and beings.


Work all day to beat the grind
just like brothers do

Getting up
to take a piece of that pie

Working for the suits
keeping their own books too

Hoops with boys
or mingling in bars

When work time is up
play time takes over

Red Rover, Red Rover
Jimmy calls Paul over

Small talk over beers
smiles that sly with stares

The sweat of men
permeating in the air

A twinkle in the eye
lights sparkes of want

Two men best of friends
with an attraction for lust

The wonder of touch
between two muscled stallions

The strength
to tear apart in a manly fashion

Greco style wrestling
sexual healing

The gods in Olympus cheer
while wagering bets

Who will be the victor
in this grand coliseum

Chest to chest
as legs wrap and coil

Powerful embrace
turning the flesh to boil

Tossing and turning
holding and squeezing

Bites that break skin
drips blood just a trickle

Kisses that sear
tongues penetrate deep

Stroking each other knowing
every move is precise

One on the bottom
the other on top

At the moment of ecstasy
hands grip tight


A Night Beguiled ~ A Duet with Wet Bliss

Lost inside a mind, twisting round a life to find
Beneath a burning sun, its rays a blistering stun
Looking for a ride, taken to the other side
Buckle on a cuff to lit candles, time to get rough
Strap on the other, burning oil of amber
Strut the room, as shadows dance around, chest goes kaboom
Fingernails scratch into skin, it tingles a sensuous sin
Hot breath, leaving dew, on lips, kissed new
Cock stands erect, with a bobbing affect
His eyes trail down where found
Loosening his jeans, dropped to knees
Kneeling before him, his eyes to cock does view
The perfect length, the bulging head, he takes a breath
Licking from sack to top, gulping in where it stops
Gagging on the first thrust, Master showing his stuff
Riding wild, on a night beguiled
Found his place upon the ground with lips parted
Taking in the solid heat under tumultuous sin
Slapped in the face and teased with a salty taste
Cheeks spread, head pressed, against hairy hole
Nose buried in the crack, tongue flicks puckering ring
Emanating a pungent, brooding indulgence
Muscles taught and strained, heavy weights raised
Tickling sac, working back toward commanding shaft
Saliva thickly drips, balls slicked, as hair is gripped
In a fist of dark desire hardness assaults swollen lips
Knob glides past the roof, bumps that back of his throat
He chokes, but Master doesn’t slow, he drives faster
Helpless whimpers serve to churn, the engine roars
Master drives through the deep opening that swallows
Pulling back, final spurts splash creamy-ribbons, lapped
Thoroughly used, mouths fused, a raw essence infused

A Collaboration By Wet Bliss and Ax
Artwork “exhausted” By Artist David Agenjo

~ ~ ~

Humbled and Honored again to collaborate with the sultry and talented Wet Bliss
πŸ™ Thank You my friend for another journey into the wild