Image InvasionΒ 

A single thought brought on, the dawn of a new light.
From a whisper that turned to a twister.
Boiling boiling, bubbling bubbles.
Temperature rising, crying sweat from fucking.
Dewy flesh sticky and gummy.
With every rub and slide the ride gets slippery.
Hands that travel the distance in a flash, a heavy metal crash.
Slow it down on the curves, watching the sexy, as she serves.
Fuck me for saying, this image invasion is electrifying.
Just like rhythm and blues, up and down beats with wah-wah-wah’s.
Kisses likes ships that sail across the body and.
A tongue that’s a rudder, controlling the flow of water.
Dive into her valley, where the joy of life is created.
Her flowering bloom, ripe for the pickings.
A lick that parts her folds like Moses did to water.
Free the people to live to love in harmony.
The penetration is deep at this exact moment.
Just when the eyes connect, as if looking into a mirror.
The reflection you see is your own identity.
If you fuck up this thing called love.
All you need to do is look in that mirror.
And blame the one you see.


You Are Beautiful

Hush little one, don’t you cry
Forever is so far away
Don’t worry about it coming
Tomorrow is a new day

Afraid to leave the room that holds the secrets of my heart
Afraid I stay inside, when the world turns about
Spinning on its axis, rotating with a life force flow
These words wish to be heard through screens aglow
When darkness comes with a sound of silence
Where echoes are snuffed by its deathly radiance

At night, the dark, shines bright
A twilight zone, the door fades away, to light
A calling of my name, to music played
Drawing me to rise, floating into the outside
Struck by the sun it burns my alabaster skin
As it warms, it coats a body frail and thin

Sounds appear, filling my ear
Never before heard, a world as dear
Smiles exist, from faces looking up
Cheerful on the day, I stopped giving up
Venture on exploring
What once, was ignoring

Words appear, from my mouth
They travel from north to south
From eyes, a dark chocolate brown
To the soles of, Chuck Taylor All Stars
You Are Beautiful, was all I said
A roar, vibrated in my head

You Are Beautiful, I said again
And again, it came out plain
once more, You, Are, Beautiful
In a way, that is most unusual
Eyes reflecting back, they stare
Into the eyes of the same, from a mirrors glare



My eyes, sink deep, they weep yet tears do not flow
My lips, full, cracked and pale yet do not curl
My tongue, lifeless, numb yet screams fill my head
My heart, beating, living yet sinking ever lower
My breath, fills, exhales yet the stench of pain is vile
My belly, flutters, stirs empty yet craves nothing
My reflection, a vision, resembles yet always lost
this, is man in the mirror I see, My Me