Bruised and Battered

She left me to cry, alone
Not to think and wallow about
Her hands gripped around
my throat and squeezing hard
Her eyes burning into mine, collard
Carving Her name on my flesh, scarred
The lashes She gave were like hugs
That embraced my soul on drugs
Surging through my veins spilling blood
Her nails digging deep into my skin
Ripping into my meat with a grin
my Mistress who pleases my sin

She left me to cry, alone
For my hunger I cannot atone
It’s strength is set in stone
my will is fueled to fire
As the flame in me burns higher
Tears fall from a grace of pure desire
Painting Her love with colour
Staining the midnight hour
Submitting to Her power
Releasing all my fears held inside
Bruised and battered through time
At peace am finally found, sublime