Pass The Dutchie ~ iv

We see the moon at different times
It rises on invisible lines
Here to there
You are where
It’s first glow shines

We see the moon at different times
It sings in mystic poetry
Calls to you
Calls to me
Pulling, melancholy

We see the moon at different times
Surrounded by sorrows beauty
Dead of night
Clear as day
Call to prayer, a duty

We see the moon at different times
In praise of a god we do not know
Light the way
Hope and faith
To believe and let it grow

We see the moon at different times
A wish in waiting on a starless night
First star
Star bright
Wish to wish on your first light

We see the moon at different times
Could there be two
Parallel moons
Side by side
Just like me and you

We see the moon at different times
With outstretched arms
Hands take hold
In a dream come true
Two hearts clasped like charms


last one for tonight…buzz wearing off, time to nod….zzzzzz πŸ™βž°β€οΈ

The Moons Promise

let me hold your heavy heart
gently caress the pain away
with my glowing light
lean on me to shed your tears
let it soak into my moon-dust skin
feel the freedom if you will
that all the sadness
will one day

every night you can count on me
from a waxing smile
to a waning goodbye
I will always be here
even when you think I’m not
believe, not in me but yourself
that all the sadness
will one day

so much sadness in this world
tears overflowing lips, swelling craters
with pools that glow
you can see all the tears
dripping into space
each one heading for a star
and when you see a twinkle
believe, someone’s sadness


Inside My Head, My Mind ~ iii/v

It just floats there in space
Round and round in an orbit
I get the theory but man, that’s out of sight

I will always look at the moon
Just as I do the stars
But not quite as hard and long

The draw is magical
It pulls strong when it’s full
That’s when I think of you

With moon dust in your hair
It would glow and shimmer
Kisses being blown with the wind

A comets tail flys by
Saluting your beauty
With heart, in glory

Angels wings would appear
Gliding down from heaven
You my dear, bring me to tears

Pray I do for the next full moon
With it comes
The thought of you


On The Moon ~ with a different point of view

I closed my eyes to visualize
A trip into outer space

Gravity escapes me
As I rise and rise in a silent grace

Distant stars are unreachable
Except in the mind of a wild child

To think of a place oh so far away
In a utopian state

Where bliss is peace
And love is the fuel that feeds the soul

Hunger is seldom a word used
Sharing is the knowledge that creates the future

A compelling look that takes me back
To gaze at the earth with a different point of view

Settle down on the moon
Taking stock of a world before my eyes

Churning oceans of clouds that swirls
Wisps of white cotton candy spun in twirls

Snow capped mountains that dot
Valleys that are painted emerald green, it breaths

Rivers that line and weave
Pooling into lakes, once crystal clear

Trees and flowers that take turns
Blooming and shedding the passing seasons

Birds of a feather that flock
Beasts that roam securing their right to life

And man
The root of evil

I gaze once more at a twinkling light
No shapes, no life, just a spot that shines bright

My heart turns to call on earth
With a hope to save its worth


A Moon’s Story

She sat listening, not making a sound
Listening, to the whispers of the moon
Telling tales of the lives he’s shared

Watching breaths, inhaled and released
Since the beginning of time with cries of sorrow and cheers
The joy, equally shed through tears

The first flame ever flickered at night
Under the care of his glowing light
A wheel that turns round, travelers discover their world by ground

Eyes that stare into space
A desire to fly with grace
She sat listening not making a sound

Every night she would be found
Listening to the songs as the moon sings
She longs

For the moon to one day
Sing of her story, her way
She sat listening and dreaming

Watching the moon glowing
One day her dream will come true
When the moon tells of her, to me and you