One Moment In Time

I would take and cherish but a glance
If that is all you have to give, my chance
To turn it into something grand
As to be bold enough to hold your hand
Strong yet delicate, my heart pulls to dance
Float high into the clouds, a romance
Begins with trust, planted firmly on land
Oh how we would move, make the world stand
Watch love grow with just one look, perchance
One moment in time that would break this trance


Holding My Breath For You

I don’t wanna live if I can’t live
I don’t wanna die, why would I die

She walked into my world from afar
Lit up my eyes, blinded by a star
Her shine filled, soothed a scar
Teetering on the edge, where dark thoughts are

You smiled at me, I fell into a trance
Taken in a moment from a first time glance
Every second with, a never ending dance
Pages written from a Harlequin romance

Days and nights pass long and slow
The ache without you eases when you show
Awakes a light inside, I swear, I crow
And all you have to do is say hello

I love you I do it’s true, true true
I’m turning blue, holding my breath for you


Her and the Sea

Her and the Sea i

Keep your head down
See nothing but the ground

Take a step towards time
Find what you love and fly

Make haste
Don’t waste

There is a world to see
Mine, misses her the sea



Her and the Sea ii

I adore your crashing sounds
It comes and goes, up and down

The scent you bring as your waves appear
Filling a willing, that she would be here

If the Sea is a wonder because of its depth
She is my muse who has condemned me to death

You see Mr Sea, she like thee, draws me in
I would drown in your abyss, happily for one sin


Come On Baby…

Come on baby…
Let’s blow out the candle and set our hearts on fire

You think you’re less than everyone else
I’m here to say, you are everything and more
All in your own quirky way, like the giggle that snorts
How a song pops in your head and you say; “I love this”
You begin tell of a story, when…a thought, stops
Another topic, a way to get to know, a stranger far away

Come on baby…
Let’s blow out the candle and set our hearts on fire

The sound of your voice, sends shivers on my flesh
They blast, lightning speed, my finger tips bleed
Dripping ink onto a page with a hungers rage
To pour wine and drunk on a feast we dine
Embraced in a moment, taken, by being chosen
Hands inch closer, then held, we both lean over

Come on baby…
Let’s blow out the candle and set our hearts on fire

A kiss, sends a tingle, a flame reignites the candle
To set a glow, on a face of an angels soul
The passion inside where your heart beats loud
Fuels mine to pound harder and faster
Entwined as the vines of a vintage vineyard
The nectar of the gods, spills over and over

Come on baby…
Let’s blow out the candle and set our hearts on fire

What was meant to be will be
The freedom of filling the missing
Soft then hard, sweat adored
Good golly Miss hot and naughty
Let’s leave the candle burning
Come on baby, let’s get dirty


Lovingly Yours, Heart and Soul

Dearest Miss,

I find myself repeatedly reminiscing, on a moment in time, my brown eyes found you. They fell in a swoop to the sound of cupids arrow striking my heart. I can tell you that it hurt. As if to show, to feel, the pain one would endure if a love never came true. I can say with such certainty, wages would never be bet against the love, I have for you. Occupied days, filled with menial tasks, when a trade is put to rest, the night fills with your presence. The wonder, would you be on a stroll through a garden path or lost in the pages of a books romantic pass. I find myself again, repeating, letter after letter, in prose or lined in a poems ode. Not enough sonnets written to a sunsets song without the mention of your name, carried long. My heartbeat beats, it pounds, it’s left wanting. The touch, the physical, emotional roller coaster ride that exhilarates the truest point in a state of bliss. That bliss. Would be you, my dearest Miss.

I find myself once more, a bidding I loath. To end this letter, sealed with a kiss, knowing it will never be sent. Stacked in a pine box, trapped in a closed drawer. Forever, never seen nor read. The truth is simple when courage is without test. To say, to feel what the heart bleeds. In silence, kept at lock and key. These words are yours, they’re meant to be set free but the fear in me can’t see. The darkness that clouds the sky above, would be cruel, for me to share with you. I keep you near where my heart feels. Deep inside at the centre of its core. Every thump, doubles in time, when your image appears in my head.

I pray, not to any god, or the one with many names. But pray I do, that I may know, happiness follows you.

Lovingly Yours, Heart and Soul


Beneath La Luna’s Glow

written on every page
each a word carefully chosen
stringed together in harmony
commas are used to caress the soul
breaks in lines that flow in verse
embrace the heart in a rolling prose
a period placed with a soft kiss
then does the heart fail
script a lovers tale
ends in happily-ever-after
it goes, as the story is told…

Beneath la luna’s glow, a sadness grows
Try with might, a will and fight to sow
A life that may, hold future memories to know
A Love that goes, beyond the stars to heavens glow
With words that echo.

Travels through time counted in seconds
When it returns it’s my voice that reckons
The emptiness of space leaving impressions
Tear drops that resemble, the stars gentle presence
The distance, is a loves severance.

Beneath la luna’s glow, true love will never know
The beat of a heart, that pounds in tow
Yearning, for the one that would make it flow
Happily-ever-after? No.
A muse, is the only one below.

To crave a touch, in deliverance
Two distant stars, collide with ignorance
Set in motion, a spark in total brilliance
Bolts of light explode, for an instance
Time and space, held in stillness.

Beneath la luna’s glow, it comes to go
Night to day, day to night, it leaves a hallow
The emptiness consumed by a sorrow
Through dreams, suckled at the marrow
Still, in thought, a hope for tomorrow.


The Sun, The Love, The Dark, The Life

winters burn, leave this place
suns turn, to touch my face
caressed with a grace, creating anew
the life in flesh, it breathes into
fragile as it is, kiss my cheeks rosy red
I beg
sunlight of life, feed the way to blossoms bloom

valleys cut with streams and rivers
through meadows too, where nature floats
the mountain snows melt, cascading from above
it’s journey below, to quench the earth

the sun does shine but never bright enough
as you, the love that holds my life
darkness in the midst of night
when I see you, my eyes lay wide
open to take in
beauty and desire
that is my sin

the sun, my sun that warms
the love, my love in me swarms
the dark, my darkness is done
the life, my life is mine


The celebration of life for Josephs partner P was a beautiful gathering of family and friends. i got to visit with Joseph for a short time. i sat in his chair and breathed in his air, haha. a moment I will remember.
joseph held up ok. you can see the pain but I felt the love they had.

Im sitting at the ferrydocks in Nanaimo waiting to go home. wrote this with my dumbass phone. please forgive any errors. spelling. grammar. oh wait. its usually like that. never mind. its all good crap lol

love to all