Friday Night Lefty

Lights go out for the quick of a second
A spot, beamed by a flash from heaven
Notes, deeper than any sea could fathom
Sends a vibe through the air like venom
Piercing the flesh, drunk with passion
Pounding rhythm, beats on session
Neck in hand, a wielding weapon
Fingers plucking, heart strings flection
Popping the ears, a buzzing vibration
Bringing in time, a drummers percussion
Keeping count for a jazzy anthem
Friday Night Lefty, playing bass for the masses


A Carpenters Violin

From the first step, waddling along
The sound of music played to a cutting saw
Chisels tapping to a beat, like drums repeat
Shaving slivers that curl like the wind
Creating curves that resembles a figure
Rounded bottom to a waist with hips
Breasted top where the neck rests
Strung from the eyes to see beyond time
Through the heart, to where it knots
A bow, that glides over
Creates friction, so it cries
Swooning the echoes in the air to rise
It dips back down to a mellow tone
Only to rise again but this time alone
Every note made, created in love
Fingers bled from cats gut
Practice, practice, never getting it right
The dog howls, sadly, the mice scurry, madly
A reflection in art
Made by hands that understands
The shape brings the grace
The mind brings the know how
The touch brings the sound
To a carpenters violin


Image InvasionΒ 

A single thought brought on, the dawn of a new light.
From a whisper that turned to a twister.
Boiling boiling, bubbling bubbles.
Temperature rising, crying sweat from fucking.
Dewy flesh sticky and gummy.
With every rub and slide the ride gets slippery.
Hands that travel the distance in a flash, a heavy metal crash.
Slow it down on the curves, watching the sexy, as she serves.
Fuck me for saying, this image invasion is electrifying.
Just like rhythm and blues, up and down beats with wah-wah-wah’s.
Kisses likes ships that sail across the body and.
A tongue that’s a rudder, controlling the flow of water.
Dive into her valley, where the joy of life is created.
Her flowering bloom, ripe for the pickings.
A lick that parts her folds like Moses did to water.
Free the people to live to love in harmony.
The penetration is deep at this exact moment.
Just when the eyes connect, as if looking into a mirror.
The reflection you see is your own identity.
If you fuck up this thing called love.
All you need to do is look in that mirror.
And blame the one you see.


Samba ~ a duet

Her approach, fills his eyes wide
A glowing beauty, dolled up to dance
His heart beats, to the sound of music
He feels the shimmie shake
As she steps, she takes, his breath

Extending his hand, she holds with a promise

This girl, is going to twirl, your head around
Twist and shake, bring you to the ground
Red lips inviting,
Those killer curves move
Smooth steps, in the stride of her heels

Boy, you best bring your moves tonight

Shoes are shined, pants pressed, even wearing a vest
Holding her hand, he leads her in a whirl
So all can see, this ravashing beauty
Legs like a gazelle, sleek and smooth
Watch the glide into his arms, as he embraces her

Square they stand, on the down beat they start

Raising her hips, to meet his chest
He tightens his grip
Around her waist, pulling her near
Then rotating her back
In loose steps, their bodies incite

Fan the flames, the heat intensifies

The orchestra fuels the vibe to drive
A seductive samba, that glitters
To the spin of a spinning mirror ball
As it caresses every move they make
Followed by the judges eyes in wake

The sultry sway, romancing the way

Their skin, licked with the salsa beats
Pounding hearts, to the bang of the drum
Her lipstick mouth and his slicked back hair
Their bodies mesh, slip and spin
Slide, in tangled limbs

She leans in with a whisper against his ear

As they hold the final step in a freeze
The music stops as applause erupts
The smile on his face, brighter than snow
But his heart has been chilled by words said
The sparkle in his eyes enhanced by tears

He wished that the music never ended

In silence,
Shadows dance, in seamless twine,
Two perfect strangers, transcended as one,
A brief affair, lost in the night,
Dancing in the moment, a moment in time.

a duet ~ written by JenniferCalvert and AntonyRos


I have had the pleasure of writing with Jennifer over at INK AND QUILL many times and with each new, it gets better and better. im sure you all know her, so please make your way over and say hello. She has one kickass blog. Want a ride? hitch yourself to Ink and Quill.

Jennifer, thank you again for the honour of this dance πŸ™β€οΈ


It hugs back, when it’s tightened
Till death do us part, like marriage
It’s woven so taut, it can pull the moon
Attached to hearts, it can strum a tune
Music from a harp or pain from love
It holds things down and secure
It can shackle an animal, beast or man
A super invention, without an end in time
A rope can save a life
Tossed to a drowning man
Climb up a dark hole
Or down from a burning fire
Attached to a paratroopers back
A life line that cradles safely to land
Oh, but a rope can play
Wound around by a Shibari Master
Or tight to bedposts, covered in satin
The possibilities are endless for Rope
There is, one use for this strand of fiber
Twisted and twirled and muscled
Looped with a self made latch, that tightens when pulled
Dangles freely from a sturdy limb, about ten feet high
Until the noose is found, around a dead mans neck
In wait, until the final breath