His Touch ~ nsfw

petals that swirl
the edges curl
beaded moisture
velvety smooth
fragrantly rise
between her thighs
her thoughts escape
sublimely shape
wafting in air
solitaire care
dreaming a dream
sensual theme
filling her head
tied to a bed
in His control
her heart and soul
body and mind
His hands will find
in attention
right ascension
the hour of need
when desire freed
tended slowly
by His Touch only


Lips, Those Lips, Her Lips


the curves that catch his eyes
succulent, moist and pouty
a flick of the tongue
to coat a shine on vibrant lips so sultry

they part, to shape, entice
with bite, a yearning does invite
a teasing game she plays
a calling without respite

fixed, on gaze, her prey
when breath, expelled so deep
ruby red, pursed and crowned
coiled, set to pounce and leap

lips, those lips, her lips
they smudge and smear
leaving traces of red
marking her territory, front to rear

in and out, lapping at the bit
strokes to coax a rise
deep, deeper, deepest still
these forces that tear the eyes

every gram in him, drained and siphoned clean
overloaded charge would blind
she sucked, with lips wrapped around
not a single drop left behind


Happy Weekend!!


The smell of leather that coats the weave of spun silk
Crisscross a netting that climbs to her thighs, honey soft
Toes painted black for a sultry appeal
She works her legs drawing his eyes to feel
The teasing that ignites a fire
It burns to suck her toes with desire
Fishnets coming rolling down
A sensuous strip tease swelling his purple crown
She glides a bare foot from his crotch to his chin
He inhales the scent of her lustful skin
As his kisses trail from her heel to her toes
Parting each with his meaty tongue, sucking as he goes
She rubs her clit moistened with her spit
Her mouth shapes an O as she parts her slit
She moans with pure delight
As she inserts two fingers with might
While he kneads her feet the sensation grows
To fill her empty mouth in a pornographic pose
The head of his cock resting on her lips
As her tongue licks and flicks
His hardened shaft bobbing up and down
He plants his feet firmly on the ground
Her head cupped in his hands he slowly shags
Reaching the back of her throat she gags
The tempo quickens with a piston like thrust
Giving in to their carnal lust
They maneuver themselves into position No. 69
His cock in her mouth and him going down to dine
Her clam being shucked by his tongue
A symphony plays to their moans sung
The music of love carries a wanton need
To be royally fucked, this Muse by her steed
She readies herself legs high and parted
He enters her wet, throbbing, hungry hearted
In sync they move to a silent beat
That is drummed by their hearts in heat
The climax approaches as fireworks shoot into air
Exploding with colors of fire they freeze with a stare
Just then together they cum


Shares His Bliss

she trails from his lips
her kisses head downward
running her thumbs along the thighs
as her nails dig in on the backs
she opens her mouth and spits out water
snaking her tongue along his shaft
it grew to its full potential
she licks around the head
with a kiss on the tip
as if to say hello
and welcome to your party
steams of liquid
creating a rainforest mist
heat rising under calm waters flowing
sending waves that spins a minds tornado
suction, function
engulfing, gagging
the rhythm strokes
she chokes
deep to the base
back of the throat
she moans a steady note
cupping balls
his words drawl
oh my gawd
a steady speed
under cruise control
he tries to hold back but fails
grasping the sack
his testicles thwack
as it pulses with energy
a charge that attacks
she feels him growing
about to burst
as he thrusts
shower head sprays
cascading down his back
like a waterfall that pours
rushing gushing
frothy and creamy
a gurgling song
held long
she pops the head
gives a lick
she stands to kiss
lips to lips
and shares his bliss


His Shirt

The sound of water, spraying
Echoes that are surrounded by marble and glass
With steam rising
The sex still lingering
A room left disheveled
The flesh, deviled
Raw to the core
Recreating porn
The Internet would crash
In a flash
The pounding that rocked
The headboard hard
His look, when he thrust, soft
The look, when she mouthed, oh!
Silently at first until her voice caught up
With a wooing moan
As he howled
The flash in his mind, Exploded
Then, Silence
To the count 5
The door opens releasing steam
As he penetrates the cool air
The room lit by the Suns stare
They both marvel at the sight
Of an Angel wearing
His shirt