Dreamstroke ~ a duet ~ nsfw


Closes his eyes to capture a moment
Her fingertips whisper “I need you”
His world outside is forgotten
Every inch shamelessly tending to

Gentle rub to get things going
Lips relinquishing a merciless desire
Blood heated and flowing
Smoldering flesh ignite a blazing fire

Imagine her hands slide over his chest
Groaning kisses hungry to savor
Pinching a nipple that ignites his head
Consuming your heavenly flavor

Leaning back stretching his body
Starting with a lick and erotic swirl
The swell of his cock needs to get naughty
Nothing but red stilettos on – I’m your girl

A reflection he sees in a mirror
Hands caressing your thick moaning shaft
To imagine her standing behind him
Making you swell with my intoxicating craft

The intensity soars with wings spread wide
Lustful eyes stimulated with increased motion
The feeling of bliss, alone on a ride
Filthy words erupt declaring my devotion

Muscles tighten
Worshiping my master
He whispers to heaven
Devouring faster

If only she were real
Inhaling -Swallowing – Engulfing your form
The thought of her is surreal
Violently blowing like a thunder storm


written as a duet by
Naughty Wild Girl  and  Ax

I cannot tell you how much fun this was to collaborate with Naughty Wild Girl. I’ve been wanting to get a groove on with her for eons (well, seems like it) time finally caught up. This erotic tale is naughty fun.
NWG is in Bold.
I write as the lone male in the mirror.
NWG writes as the female part. 
The question is. is it a dream. or is it real.

heres a ditty for ya.
I wrote my 16 lines.
NWG wrote her 16 lines.
Then grooved them together as one.
it was so cool how it came out without barely a tweak to edit.

Red. I am so proud of you. you went outside the box. and you shined.
Thank you for playing with me. my honor. my privedge. 🙏❤️