an ode to thee…Eeyore

“It’s not much of a tail, but I’m sort of attached to it” …eeyore

an ode to thee…

Gloom, in search of love
So simple, yet hard to think of
Alone and wandering free
Sees only what he wants to see
Clumsy but not a dummy
Accepting truth with humility

When I see grey I think of eeyore
Grey is my favourite colour

100 Aker Wood, home sweet home
Grazing along, a sad heart roams
Oh how sweet a temperament
Dreary but benevolent
It could be worse, you never know
It could be better, like Poo has shown

Christopher Robins, where have you been
Forgot about them all, fell in love with his queen
Boy becomes a man, obsessed by a career
Reflection pulls near what was once so dear
Return to a place, for a moment, is all
To let go, grow young, not afraid to fall


An Ode, To Greed

Civil war, divided by greed
Two sides with a different point of view
When words are silenced, from battered minds
Screams of pain heard, yet nothing done
To save lives, of the innocent ones
An ode, to greed, I say to thee
You win at ever turn when you deceive
The minds of the ignorant ones whose greed
They wish, it be, as sweet as thee
But all they do is march along and bend a knee



You fucked up creatures
Dead, undead
No where near the power of Dracula
The first vampire
The original blood sucker
The Count, of all evil creatures
The Prince of Darkness
You stand erect but hanging sloppy
Bruised and tattered, slashed and gashed
Eyes about to leave their sockets
Blood pouring out of all ten cavities
One after the other invading communities
Your strength is in numbers, it’s countless
The touch of the undead on the living, is madness
You are the reflection of human nature
Rising from the dead, wreaking havoc
Who came from all walks of life
Evil Spirits
They don’t give a shit of what you were
That was then, this is now
Time to multiply