The Onyx Burglar

Enticed in darkness that glimmers in diamonds
With sapphires and polished gold nuggets
A tease for the eye of a black crow
Perched on the ledge of a window
Temptation looms as excitement swoons
One by one snatching up gems
Decorating his palace, now kingdom of all the realms

Branches woven, a nest packed with moss, leaves and dry grass
From above and below it sparkles like stars in a midnight sky
Luring a ladybird to his royal chamber, up, up high
Tossed at her feet, bobbles and trinkets that shine
Puffing out his chest, his raven plumb swells with a flutter
Heard sighed, her graceful coo, it made him swagger
Flexing his wings, shuddered the air with his masculine flair

A series of caws, repeating the verses of his raspy tune
His song that accompanies his tantric dance moves
On display, a crowned jester, dressed in black
With the courage of a knight, in armour as dark
Does win, the love of a ebony hens heart
To rest, rightfully next-to
The onyx burglar, who crows with might