The Body Dies, The Soul Flies

Innocent smiles with thoughts in the air
Just as a child does, without any care
Clutched to the breast of a mother
Protected by the will of a father
As it’s meant to be
A child, loved and free

Runny noses, malnutritions mucus
Streaking down a chin, crusted doofus
Silence is the friend who lives in the head
Talking to themselves from under the bed
Not meant to be
Cruel and mean

Welts and bruises, never heal
Constant beatings made to conceal
A mother hardly there
A father who didn’t care
To weak to be
No one sees

Movies on tv, late night fantasy
Parental Control, is a mystery
Hatred and vile, black and white
Murder and suicide, happens at night
To be or not to be
The idea strikes thee

To play a scene with a silent friend
Kitchen knives used to pretend
Like Beatrix Kiddo and O-Ren Ishii
Swift with a thrust, cold and chilly
How could it be
It was, make believe

A pool, warm as a Christmas bath
Red like the lights on a church path
Leads to the edge where land meets sky
The body dies, the soul flies
It was meant to be
A child, now free


dedicated to all the children who got out. one way or another πŸ™βž°β€οΈ

Grey ~ iv/v

Her light fades away, through the years dragged in time
Painful breaths escape in rhyme
A constant beat, a never ending suite
Played in a sorrows tune
In the darkest of nights
Where there is no moon

Her light fades away, from a time it was grey
Now it fades to black
As the eyes turn inward back
Another triumph from deaths attack
Another trophy for the walls of hell
Another soldier rings satans bell

The love was always there, it was her stubborn icy heart
That invited darkness to start
Taking her light, tearing it apart
No one loved her she said
Believed it so, it stuck in her head
Day by day, Her light fades away



Blessed I would be,
to take but a single breath of my Juliet,
my sweet Juliet.

Her angel eyes shed,
the purest of tears,
their taste blends in both bitters
and the sweetest nectar.

A sword I would carry unsheathed,
at the ready,
to fight for the honor of my maidens hand,
and yes, to the death,
for what is love,
if not to die for a love given.

My Juliet, my sweet Juliet,
a flower that blooms through every season,
when colours change,
beauty is Juliet,
always my Juliet.

In autumns harvest,
fields cut short to the ground,
bare it lays dreaming through winters freeze,
but not my Juliet.

Her blossom holds true,
to stand above,
a blanket of white,
in faith we hold,
for an early spring,
for we know it will arrive,
the hope is the warmth of wishes made.

Not the sun,
not the moon
and not the stars,
that count all the times,
I Love You was said.

For it would,
encompass all the galaxies combined,
to muster a portion of the shine,
that is drawn from my eyes,
when they meet my Juliet,
my sweet Juliet.

Alas, the tragedy…

Where two are forever parted,
by walls built,
to keep apart.

Come my Juliet,
my sweet Juliet,
come to me, come,
for I shall wait where there exists nothing but love.

My lips crave,
the taste of you,
as death passes over,
into a swallow,
that it may set free,
this hardening heart,
that cannot live,
without you.

Come my Juliet,
my sweet Juliet,
come to me.


inspired by Romeo and Juliet ~ William Shakespeare

Soared, Into The Wild

Where walls, dimly lit through hallways lay in sleep
The lockers lined all shut tight for the night
Drifting alone in a friendless place like home
Echoes of breaths, float in the air, a stagnant roam

It breaks at a sound of a crying dove
Caged and forgotten, lacking a love
The tears of a pain so grand it flows
Drowning the lungs, suffering, it froze

The word, Why, is constantly whispered
Between gulps of finding his composure
Mere inches away, separated by a door
Pressing to hear more

His beautiful tears shed the last of his spirit
Silence came in an instant
Breath holding

A shattered door now lay broken next to his body
Give life another chance
Wings spread, onyx black and it shined for him

The feathers waved as if a gush of wind came
It caressed the heart of this dying boy
As he lay motionless at the feet of Death himself
His angel raised a sword and followed through

Cut Death to the quick and yelled
This Boy Is Not For You
Into his arms he held this child
And soared into the wild


Sketch by Young Demon at deviantart

Rise Child Rise

A crack left open, barely enough for air to pass,
with words that fall bitter from ill witted halfwits.

Penetrating and soaking it falls and lands upon a fragile soul,
beaten, cast aside and ignored.

Pain so intense, that tears fall up to greet the rain,
when down it pours an overflowing drain that floods and stains.

A heart weakened from bitterness and scorn pumping bile through its veins,
with every breath inhaled another ounce of life is lost when exhaled.

In desperate prayer, in fetal curl,
silently crying out, tears that reign.

A light appears, a beacon signal whispers, reciting prayers of salve,
rise child rise for you are loved.

Feast upon the light that shines, cast out the demon seed that lives inside,
rise child rise for you are loved.

Eyes lay sunken, over hollowed cheeks, lips pale, cracked with sores,
a skeleton draped in flesh, slain by neglect.

A lifeless vessel left to rot and stained by tears that rain,
rise child rise for you are loved.

No more pain, no more tears that reign,
rise child rise for you are loved.