“and the meek shall inherit the earth…”

He spoke of love and commitment
He spoke of loyalty and fidelity
Teaching the rules for a successful life
To live in peace and happiness
He proved His word
He made the blind see
Especially those with sight
He made a cripple walk
It inspired others to run
He cured the sick living in caves
Reuniting families the loss of touch
He fed empty bellies with a loaf of bread
And a basket of fish never ending
He brought back the life of a man dead
To show the true power of His might
Love each other all the same
Be a decent human being
If you can, help
It’s a simple way of living
Without doubt and jealousy
He sent Himself as His Own Son
To guide us back to paradise
And we fucked it up again


Up, On Her Knees

Down on her knees
She begins to tease
Eyes like the moon gleams
Her hot breath steams
A gentle touch
Her fingers clutch
A sensuous stroke reacts
His anus, contracts
Like the statue of David
Hard as a rock, naked
The wheel in his head spins
Filming the vision and grins
She runs a lap, with tongue
Trailing up the shaft, slow and long
Kissing the head, saying hello
Giving a sweet, little blow
Puckers the head
With lips painted red
Pops once then twice
Her head tilting up, nice
Holding his cock, she stalls
Causing a twitch in his balls
Desire is peaking fast
Willing her, she begins at last
Her mouth follows the hand
Gliding down in command
Stroking rhythm on
Sucking him off
Her head bobs like a seasoned pro
Swirling around her goal for him to blow
He’s got stamina, she gives him that
Still licking and sucking
Still popping and stroking
She picks up the pace
Grasping in an embrace
She deep throats his cock
Sensing the rise of his stock
Brewing hot
Muscles knot
Pulls out
With an open mouth
Cream flows south
Filling her up
On her knees



photo taken from tumblr