An Ode to Fuck

I had to share…
To be acquainted with a new soul has become a desire of mine.  Like finding a treasure.  Miss Emily C at poetgirlem is that find.  Her writing tells stunning stories….head over, get acquainted yourself and meet an awesome person.

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A peek into my mind of 7 years ago…It’s fair to say that while my poetry is much deeper these days, not much has changed… ********************* fuck me with intention fuck me with conviction fuck me with passion fuck me with ambition fuck me on a whim fuck me skin to skin fuck me deep […]

Are You Ready?

He sits across his lady
She stares into his eyes
She wants him badly
Badly enough to cry
He smiles
She sighs
He whispers…

I will devour you
Caress every inch of flesh
Taste the sweet sweat that pours from your skin
Untangle your limbs to open wide
Invade every crevice with lust
Fill every portal with love
Pull your hair
Bruise with kisses
Mark with bites
Weigh you down with every thrust



I see you biting your lip
Rocking in your chair
I can smell you filling the air
Stop your fidgeting
Or I wont come there
Where you will sit listening
To every word I say
And absorb the heat
That my breath sends your way
Words that you hear
Igniting the images in your head
Driving mad
Thoughts evolving
From gentle touching
To full on fucking

Here I sit
Teasing you with words
Brush strokes that coat a canvass of flesh
Tingling with little girl delight
At the thought of making passionate love
All through the night

He sits across his lady
She stares into his eyes
She wants him badly
Badly enough to cry
He smiles
She sighs
He whispers…

Are you ready?


When Two Unite

When she stands, she stands above all others
The blackness that surrounds her is her strength
She will pull on thigh high boots
She will wear a collar tagged with my name
She will pose in a manner that glows from her soul
Her head will be bowed in a tantric way
Chanting silently in her head, a prayer
Her flesh exposed, it shows her purity
Enticing my eyes, they draw lines
That weave a path of adventure
The dips and lows along the curves
The moist wet valley that echoes gladly
Lips on lips that suck and kiss
Teeth, leaving marks from lustful nips
The moment of entry when two unite
Is the moment, the world is right


It Would Be You

Tiny dancer with graceful moves
Silhouette of a pirouette grooves
Twirls the floor floating
Her beauty flowing
Smooth sensuous glide
Muscled limbs that slide
A pause to tease
A look to please
Dance of the seven veils
Enticing in soft gales
Her scent spins the room
Drawing potted flowers in bloom
Her coffee bean skin gleams
Her dark hazel eyes create dreams
Inch by inch a step forward
A private dance offered
If dreams could come true
It would be you