I’ve fallen on hard times
The morning comes with no surprise
When the ache of first light begins to rise
From a dream, of a chase, through the night

I’ve fallen on hard times
How every breath taken hurts and lies
Thoughts, exploding in my head, my mind
Spinning moments, wishing truth, would find

I’ve fallen on hard times
Failing to exist, in the real world ride
Just getting by, filling gaps between sighs
Wishing I could be with you, now, how sublime

I’ve fallen on hard times
When all I do is think of you, in kind
From tip of toes to the most lovely eyes
An angels grace, I picture you coming from the sky

I’ve fallen on hard times
Imagination rules every move and climb
In wonder, would I ever touch, to feel your lines
Or inhale the scent of you, as sweet divine

I’ve fallen on hard times
I’ve fallen for you, my muse, my crime
I’ve fallen, in love for the first time
Fallen, in line


A Bedtime Story

A maiden fair
with onyx hair,
her alabaster flesh
lays bare.

Reaching for the words whispered.
Reciting a sonnet of a love treasured.

Falling into deep,
with each step
a quatrain takes.
Invading the senses,
it tingles
and shakes.

Stirring the moment
like a summers heat wave.
Sweltering loins soaked,
by the yearning, wanting, crave

His voice echoes,
spiraling into the abyss,
of her mind.
Travelling the length of her back,
to arch her spine.

The end of a bedtime story
comes with a surprise.
He takes her hand,
looks up towards the sky
and flys

A tail that glitters from their feet that dangle.
Floating to a place where anything is possible.

A maiden fair
with onyx hair,
her alabaster flesh
lays bare.


When I Look Into Your Eyes

When I look into your eyes,
I melt from the ice that cools my veins.

Blood rushing overheats,
sweat pours, drips from my flesh.

Heat boils from the pit of my core,
like a volcano roars before it soars.

Eruption flows, lava oozes slow,
as it blows a mighty force.

Shake the ground,
standing on.

Skip a beat,
of my heart.

Let it bang,
a drummers song.

Sweep a snare,
a vibrating stare.

When I look into your eyes,
I hunger for a midnight ride.

Saliva pools, dreaming of a taste,
her lips to kiss, like a drug, lust laced.

The buzz in my head spins the room,
intoxicating slide, speeding down from the moon.

A rush playing music overtakes all,
the stars applaud like lighters in a concert hall.


Dark is Light

Dark is light
The more you see in the dead of night
What hides, emerges
Triggering urges

Dark is light
Sense of smell grows in might
Filling, the lungs full
Stout and brawn, like a bull

Dark is light
Sounds, that echo with fright
Bones chilling
Minds opening

Dark is light
To touch the air soaring in height
Before the moon and stars a heart once undone
All senses now become one

Dark is light
A taste of our lifes’ rite
It strokes the tongue mild
Driving it wild

Dark is light
Compels to shine bright
And absorb a gift given, all us
The gift of life to feel what’s around us


Inside Of Me

I stand before you, tired and meek, frail and withered weak
Having felt the stinging burn of fire, melt my skin, thick in mire
The pain endured to great to resist, the glide, as a razor rounds wrists
Cutting in, not too deep, tingles as flesh yawns to sleep
The flow is slow, light fades to a glow
Where peace finally felt is real, on my knees, for me, I kneel
The strength I have left, saved so I may express
To you, me, I see, my face in the mirror, showing scars left by horror
My true spirit lives inside of me, my garden, my heavens glory
Not among the blessed martyrs, nor those taken as innocent youngsters
Here I am with passion I alone can muster, announce my freedom to live in my own lustre
The only god I know to be, whose light is inside of me



Sexy toes…lay about lazy
Sprawled on blanket…nice and cozy
Flex and extend…driving crazy

Cat and mouse…a game to play
Polished in black…favorite way
Inviting gaze…S’il vous plait

Caressing thighs…tender and wise
Trailing the knee…with kisses they be
Heading for the toes…eyes do see

Lips on arches…they graze and skim
Mouth and tongue…between they rim
Sucking and licking…so wet, they swim

Bites and tugs…feel the sensation
Her flower petals…drip in desperation
Fire to the core…fingers find penetration

Heady scent…of carnal knowledge
Like incense burning…lustful homage
From heel to toe…pleased to forage

Quickened breaths…barely a sound
Whispers from lips…hearts pound
Toes in mouth…cock in mound


Seasons Past

I have come to see, many, a seasons past
When mistletoe is hung throughout the town
Yet not a kiss nor an embrace to take this rite of grace
Traditions fade as time evades the simple truth at face

I have come to know, many, a seasons past
Where the quiet of the night brings hope
That a miracle for Christmas morn comes new
In a world where love and peace may ring true

I have come to surmise, many, a seasons past
How most want things that speed with a shine
Lace and stockings draped in satin and silks
Wined and dined by flaming candlesticks

I have come to respect, many, a seasons past
When choices made by ones mortal rite
To live a life outside the box a little
Or fall down a hole like Alice Liddell

I have come to hold, many, a seasons past
Where solitude rebirths a vibrant heart
Alone in the woods, mountaintops speak
In silence, of their majestic peaks