Radio Plays A Forgotten Song

She’s still a girl, dressed up in women’s clothes…all she ever wanted was a castle, safe, nestled in the woods.

Sun-kissed flowers bow over bowls and vases…perfumed air swirls sweet as peaches, from the heat of summer.

Radio plays a forgotten song, shimmy-shimmy-shake…floating on a cloud, dancing in the sky to Lady Marmalade.

Thigh high stockings with see through panties…magnificent breasts, she’s twirling on heels made for fucking.

Day dreams turn into reality when he walks in…her smile’his eyes, light up to burn this castle, all to sin.


She Played Like The Real Ruby Tuesday

To come and go like the wind blows
Carefree and fancy she would see
The world spinning round in a twirl
Sending waves crashing over lands
Causing hurricanes to wipeout shores
Every new day that came, she changed
Colours of seasons became the reasons
Her soul traveled about, yet without
Not one love, to call her own
Not a single key, to another’s heart
Not a sound, walking through the door
Not a touch felt, while in slumbers belt
She played like the real Ruby Tuesday
This free-bird would die if she couldn’t fly


Courage Failed

A rouse about the day, it was, as is possessed in pain
Sundays are mundane, swirling down sorrows drain
Hatred spews like lava spits then flows
Consuming life in deathly woes
Devils message lit with fire
Words entice a rampage dire
Ignites the past where wrong was right
To benefit the ones who reap from lies
Toil and sow through sleepless nights and bitter days
Sadness strikes to feed a belly when hunger aches
Drawn to beg and steal in crime
With nothing left but an act sublime
Standing tall with a will to thrive
A beating heart that beats alive
Pounding deep inside, vomits dry
Trigger held with a rigid cry
Courage failed when the hammer felled
Smoke left floating, a yearning quelled
One last breath spilled out with blood
The end, the end has finally come


Ready To Burn

When I saw her standing there I fell
And when she moved, the blood rushed to my head
It didn’t take any time for me to know, what she tried to show my soul
The desire in those eyes that lit the air afire
With every gulp inhaled, it burned
It burned with a want inside that ached to be released
With cries, my lungs expelled, shot out like dragons breath
Flames as hot as the sun and red, red the colour of hell
Her stride, hypnotized
Her curves, swerved
She stroked the strings attached to my heart
It pulled to the left and followed every step
Leading to the dark where light is consumed
My eyes, these eyes were lost, now found in the lair of doom, presumed
She hummed a tune, with a pied pipers tool
It floated in my head and swirled around like smoke
Over a boiling cauldron of spells that calls out my name and says…
Welcome to Death
My eyes, these eyes that shed no tears, started to cry
A lifetime of guesses, over, would it be, heaven or hell
No flip of a coin, no lottery to play
The end is here, now, today
Compelled to turn around and face the life left behind
My eyes, these eyes closed for the very last time
With a final breath, words slowly slurred…
Thank you, for all the hard lessons learned
Now am ready to take on the devil and all he can burn


Holding My Breath For You

I don’t wanna live if I can’t live
I don’t wanna die, why would I die

She walked into my world from afar
Lit up my eyes, blinded by a star
Her shine filled, soothed a scar
Teetering on the edge, where dark thoughts are

You smiled at me, I fell into a trance
Taken in a moment from a first time glance
Every second with, a never ending dance
Pages written from a Harlequin romance

Days and nights pass long and slow
The ache without you eases when you show
Awakes a light inside, I swear, I crow
And all you have to do is say hello

I love you I do it’s true, true true
I’m turning blue, holding my breath for you