An Ode, To Greed

Civil war, divided by greed
Two sides with a different point of view
When words are silenced, from battered minds
Screams of pain heard, yet nothing done
To save lives, of the innocent ones
An ode, to greed, I say to thee
You win at ever turn when you deceive
The minds of the ignorant ones whose greed
They wish, it be, as sweet as thee
But all they do is march along and bend a knee


A Tragedy

* noun:   drama in which the protagonist is overcome by some superior force or circumstance; excites terror or pity
* noun:   an event resulting in great loss and misfortune

A Tragedy

When a seed is ignited, receiving a gift of life
It sprouts from a drop of rain or semens rush
A cycle from birth, to live and die with pride
The purpose, to sustain the reason we’re all alive
Plants and trees of every kind, some tall some underground
Herds that roam on hoofs or those that live alone
Feathered wings that soar, dip and dive
Fins and tails that swim, dart and glide
Comes to wonder, how is this all to be
When man was given a brain to think and see
Can reach within, to a heart with a soul
Yet forgets, we are all part of the whole
Life is a right, created by this planet Earth
From the first seed that began mans birth
Hairless and colourless we are all the same
Man and Woman, born without shame
A destiny, when fate takes a life
A tragedy, when taken in strife



Opportunities come from unexpected places
Beware, they all come with two sided faces…

Sweetly surprised, swept off feet to rise
That floating feeling swells the eyes
Tingling, talking, anticipating kissing
Sweat between breasts, barely breathing
Finally meeting
Two lips quivering
Swiped with gloss, what lipstick does
Smeared from passions, wanting lust
Teething tethers, harness clasping
Saliva drips off chin, quickly lapping
Kisses hard, leaving traces
Slaps his ass, she makes funny faces
Bound in leather, cock on hold
Nipples clamped and burning cold
Wooden paddle named Jolly Roger
Lands with might, makes him holler
Calls her name with a thank you smile
Another one flys a blistering mile
Leaving welts that blush a rosy red
Draining blood from his bulging head
“Not yet”, she says, “not time to come”
“There’s more come, I’ll say when done”



When will it be enough to fill the want.
Could it be measured using a bucket.
Watching it reach the rim,
adding some more but as soon
as I lift, the pail spills.

When will it be enough to call it day.
Would it be timed from the suns rise.
Ending to where it fades as it sets,
turning to night, and
counting the stars as wealth.

When will it be enough to say goodbye.
The final farewell to a sad, sad song.
Told what to do, when and how,
playing the game without a win,
honestly or in sin.

When will it be enough to quit and die.
Reading the needle as it points to empty.
Pushing further, a little farther,
flicking eyes like an addict does,
speeding over the limit.

When will it be enough to finally smile.
Breathe with ease, go to sleep and dream.
Awake with the need to live without a frown,
from Monday to Sunday,
on any given day.


quando il cuore si spezza, ascolta il silenzio…

Can You Feel It

Hot steamy breath coats the neck
Tingles from fingers comes next
Shoulders down arms, skips to the waist
Pressing, spooning, standing up straight
A half pirouette to face, face to face
Eyes lock tight, lust ignites, oh, holy grace!
Lips meet, the very first greet tastes sweet
He wondered and was right, she is a treat
Rags that cover flesh, screaming to be set free
Uniting two lovers, loving, in natures harmony
Movements that dance, a sexual prance
Lay down entwined, this moment by chance
Exploring each other, searching for the grail
It would send shivers, so orgasms wail


A Prophet Of Sorts

It’s a part of the scene in this social media
To represent our own social encyclopedia
Remember those books, stacked in a line
Collecting dust instead of feeding the mind
Evolved through time, we now float in a cloud
Wifi connected, a world, visual and sound
The arts from A to Z
Swooned by Adele and Jay-Z
TED talks and documentaries
Glued to fucking, reality TV!
The news once was about the truth
Now it’s all an opinion, long in the tooth
Driving insane, mentally drained
Politicians, rattling chains
Binding the masses with lies and shame
Who would be the one, to save the game
A prophet of sorts to raise up a movement
Like Emma Gonzalez, for all the dead students


If You Could…

If you could…
Hear a sound, long forgotten, never not
Would it be from natures whispers, or
A voice of a love that you miss so much

If you could…
Inhale a scent that would tickle your nose
Would it draw an image to strike a pose
Mimic anothers, you’ve longed to hold

If you could…
Recall a feast and taste its goodness
Shared in peace with man or beast
When thanks are given, to those in heaven

If you could…
Open your eyes and visualize
Who would it be, you yearn to see
Someone near, far or beyond the stars

If you could…
Hold to touch, to feel a beat
Ride the rhythm for a moment
Breathe together, to the maximum limit

Wish a wish
What would you wish
If you could wish
For a wish