A Crime

Sorrow is a state of mind, it floats about trying to find
A purpose for existence, how we crave that path of least resistance

Sorrow is a state of mind, it gloats about unkind 
Slowly killing the soul, like being sucked into a black hole

Sorrow is a state of mind, it’s afraid to accept destiny blind
Every breath lost and taken, a grain of sand in time forsaken

Sorrow is a state of mind but it finds a way to climb
Losing out on life, would surely be a crime.


A Pencil Full of Lead

the first thought is all about the want

nerves of steel to a shake from fear

adrenaline surge, where bile ferments

a chamber ignites a combustion of events

how seasons change every move of a muses mood

sex-appeal drives mad, looks to the man on the moon

need and hatred scatters as leaves with a hope of love

bathes in the suns rays, a romance to feed off of

sunsets are drawn as a consolation prize

however the day ends it soothes the eyes

the poet pulls his weapon and twirls it round fingers

armed with parchment floating on hashish that lingers

sonnets and hymns, songs and lyrics

stories and poems, amusing limericks

wielding a story with a pencil full of lead

shapes and letters exploding in his head


Scarlet Devil

The tale of a hooded young lass

Parading through a wooded forest

Woodsman, work a days toils

The air breathes a stench that boils

Careful, stepping over fallen branches

Eyes peering through they attach like leeches

Scurry in a hurry to a lonely cabin

Where once a grandma inhabited

Red visited for stories, cupcake and tea

Now, she only visits on a full moons plea

You see, when the wolf scared grandma away

He played this little girl astray

Closer, closer, his senses calling

His words, fill her head wanting

She recites the phrases that made her famous

Pointing out “oh dear” how big and colossus

She spies the rise of a lupine’s eyes

Dark and round, they make her sigh

She whispers, he hears

Yes, with his raised ears

Fangs gleam like polished Ivory

Closer, closer, to eternal ecstasy


Sheets slide along muscled thighs

Exposing his hard cock in rise

Down she goes

There she blows

A lick and flick

A bob and a dab

Stroke that honey

Spit on it shiny

Deep down the throat

Suck and pop like a cork

Ga, gag, gagging, makes her horny

Turns like a screw, sixty-nine, baby!

Going to town, her moan echoes

The woodsman in, follows

Enters with caution

Stares, watchin

Room for a third?

Little Miss Red heard

What took you so long, jack!

Drop the hatchet and bring me that ax


Mother Nature

Wind at my feet, tingles summer sweet
The moon hidden within a cool June
Clouds painted grey, misti-breath sprays
Rain drops bounce off leaves in trees they dance
Sounds of a symphony, playing natures harmony
Creating the words in my head that would be read
Sublime visions, exploding in colourful images
Waiting for the sun to rise and brighten the eyes
Deep emerald green, a blanket laid serene
Dotted with flowers, bursting their own colours
Species of every kind, filling the heart and mind
True beauty exists, when Mother Nature permits
The beholder to witness, her loving forgiveness
She may toil and thunder, turn us over and under
Split open the ground, shake the oceans around
Tossed debris, along highways built for you and me
Insulting her existence, tarnishing her brilliance
The anger unleashed, the earth besieged
Until a calm, comes from her gracious palm
Stroking a face, with a warming grace
A love for her children, in spirits kindred




A nothing except for those particles
Close your eyes and you’ll see darts of sparkles
But not a line nor a curve to shape alpha or numerical

Starless, blackness, a sky so dark, it sings the blues
How the sadness consumes
Obscures truth to confuse

Gibberish spewed like pulsating electrodes
Overload eminent deciphering words in codes
Via tweets, hashtags that virally explode

The hate is winning in a world, so black it’s blue
Life is measured by colour and religious views
Disbelief turns to sorrow, when lies become truth

Does anyone care if it’s homicide
Does anyone care if it’s suicide
Does anyone care that it’s genocide

The end will come dark, so black it’s blue
Day and night, hours pass for me and you
Trembling cries that bids life adieu