Shades of Ebony and Ivory

I am white
I am black
I am brown, yellow and red
Why use race to dictate the head

I am straight
I am gay
I am man, woman and child
Why not feel as the heart desires

I am shy
I am meek
I am scared, fearful and sad
Why would inflicting more suffering be had

You are me
I am you
We are one, then two turns three
Beings of two genders split from the same tree

We are fathers
We are mothers
We are creators in birth and death
Imagine a life, any, abused or killed in jest

We are decent
We are mean
We are followers of good and evil
Choices are made by how much we love God or the Devil

We are flesh
We are bone
We are shades of ebony and Ivory
Can’t we all live happy and in harmony?


End of Silence

Hearing whispers that keep repeating
Over and over louder, as it gets beating

Squeezing tight to make it stop with a wish
In silent screams that it may vanish

How can a wish come true when silence rules
It serves to lead the mind of fools

Every note played in a song of life
Cut out with a razor-sharp knife

Left with a sound of silence
Taken by an act of self-violence

The final strum, the end of a fading hum
Waiting for death to come

Stabbing lights that strike like diamonds
Cutting deep it ends the silence

All that remains on a page, a name and a title, neither saint nor sage
Forgotten in time of a hearts bleeding rage


Nectar of a Poem 

Nectar of a Poem

Have come to know, to taste, the sweet sweet nectar of a poem
From the thoughts inspired by emotion, igniting a fiery passion
A poet does brush with words, a picture penned
A canvass filled with life, breathed and owned
Submitting to images cut by a sword wielding verses
Lines as sharp as a razor and smooth like meandering rivers

Heart pounding horror, blood soaked terror, demons at night who rein havoc
Sonnets of ladies wearing bonnets, in gardens, placing flowers in baskets
The dark side of the moon, cries of pain, a lonely loon on a lake strains
The happy and cheerful, making us feel wonderful, a misty, that’s coloured magical
The hot and spicy, kiss and tell, mind blowing orgasms, screams of heaven and hell
Pussy Galore, Bonds’ sly smile, a pistol packed and ready to fire

Haikus and prose, free writes that excite, a form is a form not all can conform
Short or long, every word and line, no matter what, it’s fine
A poem is a feeling that comes from the soul, it’s breath beats a pounding toll
Pages written and ripped from the spine, tossed aside, more crap for the eyes
Rewrites and edits, credits and notes, sharing thought provoking quotes
Have come to love, to taste, the sweet, sweet nectar of a poem


Photo: Road trip through British Columbia along the Sunshine Coast near Sechelt BC

Poetic Symphony

At dawn hear the birds sing when morning comes
The dew on grass shimmers by the sun
Ever so gentle leaves flutter with the wind
Lost in the beauty that fills from within

How songs tell stories with a soulful melody
Brushes stroke paint into images velvety
Dancers sway provocative, wet and sultry
A poet gifts a muse with a poetic symphony

Could love come knocking, wishful thinking
Knocking socks off, a whirlwind spinning
Dazed and confused the heart takes over
Smothering logic its hard to stay sober

I’m drawn to the stars how they sprout at night
Accompanied by the moon makes it feel right
In the comfort of its glow is like being home
Chasing dreams, a star seeds call to roam


Love So Mad

I want to push your buttons
Run my finger along your spine
Skim the nubs like a roller coaster ride
Up down
Feelings start to climb
Rising fast with a blast it peaks to the top
Tipping over a 90 degree drop


This make believe rattling in my head
Makes it hard to get out of bed
Penning lines that sometimes rhymes
Just to get a rise
Widen your eyes
Make you smile
Grab you by the soul


Tilting left then right
The adrenalin surges, penetrates with might
This world drives insane, believing in heaven or hell
Who cares, make a mess, shake the ground, ring that bell
Oh if we could be, really be, what a mess we’d truly make
Turn this make believe into reality and ease the ache
To love so mad that the earth quakes



how the buzz from a hit of weed propels the mind to open wide…

I have felt pain, who has not
I’ve cried hard to the point of passing out
Struggling to breathe in air
When lungs are weighted down by a heavy heart

I have felt love, who has not
I’ve awed watching lovers holding hands
Inner tears fill the throat
The swallows hard, trying not to choke

I have felt sadness, who has not
I’ve sunk down low enough to call it quits
Thoughts, exploding in my head
It’s the hard that drives the desire to carry on