A Seduction Of Words

If all it took were words to seduce your heart
I would remain silent but show you my heart
My smile would widen when you came near
My eyes would long to hold you dear
Pounding beats that thump the chest
Ape love swells the breast
Embracing arms to sweep you up
Never to land without my hand
Taste your kiss as often can
Breathe us in
You Jane, me Tarzan
A seduction of words
When left on a page
Can never amount
To physical touch


To Win Your Heart

Horror or Brilliant

Severed life from birth begins
Ends when the final breath expels
A wish for those who care to hear
The passing flow…time reigns in fear
An oath to silence made
A voice bequeathed
Beyond the gates that open up
Will be the destiny of thy cup
Swirling clouds create the hue
Light or Dark, it’s up to me and you
Choose the path to follow
Forge our own in swallow
Heaven and Hell, in common shares
In death, total silence fares
Life on earth is a waiting game
To learn the identity of his name
King of Kings or Prince of Fire
What we do today, will inspire
To fade away in memories played
Flashed in an instant, will it be horror or brilliant



She is his aphrodisiac, his narcotic overdose, that sweeps him back.
His fingers press where kisses laid, lips burn as they trail along her spinal cord.
Consumed beneath his weighted frame, the heat expelled sets them aflame
With cock set between, grinding, sliding, soaked with her sheen.
Penetrating deep with every thrust, on each, every one, she cussed.
With arms embracing her feathered pillow, moans turn to screams, like psycho.
Her words fill the air, pleading for her cock to swear…
“Don’t stop, don’t stop, don’t ever stop, don’t you fucking stop, not until I drop…”
Overwhelming sensation takes flight, spasm after spasm, escalates in height.
Waves of emotions flowing like torrent oceans.
Around his shaft her muscles tighten, just then, she comes and comes bitten.
He slows the pace, to give her grace.
Prepare you now little dove, it’s now his turn to come undone.
His cock goes in, full hilt; the earth shifts its tilt.
Fucking, harder and on, getting harder, harder without any order.
A fistful of her hair, while riding his beautiful mare.
Not much time needed for him, he’s starting to boil, reaching the rim.
Her voice erupts with a scream, demanding for his cream.
That’s all it took, the room shook.
Every ounce poured out with a thunderous shout.
Expired they lay side by side, their breaths together sighed.
Caressing her curves divine, he whispered “you’re mine”
“my aphrodisiac, my narcotic overdose that sweeps me back”


From Inside Me

I stand before you tired and meek, frail and withered weak
Having felt the stinging burn of fire, melt my skin thick in mire
The pain endured to great to resist, the glide, as a razor rounds wrists
Cutting in, not too deep, tingles as flesh yawns to sleep
The flow is slow, light fades to a glow
Where peace finally felt is real, on my knees, for me, I kneel
The strength I have left saved, so I may earnest and brave
To you, me, I see, my face in the mirror, showing the scars left by horror
My true spirit lives inside of me, my garden, my heavens glory
Not among the blessed martyrs, nor those taken as innocent youngsters
Here I am with passion I alone can muster, announce my freedom to live in my own lustre
The only god I know to be, is the love I share with you, from inside of me


My Friend, My Secret

If I could find a way to say; of course, I can find a way to say…

I can reach from inside and smile
You see, you bring out the good in me
My heart beats at ease, every breath breathes
A calm that soothes, all pain disappears

Apart, I recall the past when last we were together
Think of when, the next will be, so often it hurts tender
With every note written then sent, a reply is a gift in the present
Like the sound of a jingle, when our voices get to mingle

This is for you, my friend, it’s not much, just words
The truth, words are all I have to offer
But, if they could be something to touch and feel
I wish just once, to kiss your lips, long and real


Out Of Time

Blue hues come to mind, thinking of a place far away
Where coral reefs still explode with a colourful show
What a sight it would be, if I were actually there to see
All the species of fishes that swim in the seas

Frosty white peaks that dot the earths cracks
Reach high, touching sky, mountains from time
The Rockies, the Andes, the Alps, north and south
Virgin air so clean and fresh as if taking a first breath

Mighty rivers that zig zag, carving lines like veins
Flowing water, feeding trees, lifting forests up
Moss from the ground perfumes the mind
To feel how natures spirit, embraces divine

Lions, tigers and bears, oh my
What a world, what world would it be
Without animals, friend and beast alike
Remember to give thanks to these creatures among us

Stop to smell a rose, take in life’s gifted prose
Let every nerve in your body spark a light
Live, laugh, love, a cliche I know, but damn…
’cause We’re all running out of time