Charcoal Black

Days rolling on, nights scrolling till dawn
How the mind journeys, yawn after yawn
Fighting to stay awake, keeping demons at bay
The ones living inside, who rise when sleep drifts away
Heavy heart to weak to feel, the pain felt is real
Sadness consumes, the souls weakness revealed
Truth from a life despised , memories made of lies
Every thing is fine, is the line, most said with smiles
Tired are the thoughts, once exploding with the slightest spark
Can’t light a wick that is wet and withered to a charcoal black


Freedom From Choice

Words in my head rattle around mostly with frowns
Hurt fades when they disappear but pain finds a way to reappear
So many thoughts, so little time, they strike like darts
Black liquid gold with a dab of cream, spiked with rum in caffeine
The heart rate climbs, it speeds, the need for weed
Blood flows red, feel the surge, snakes to the head
Herb inhaled, mingles sweet with a beat that treats
Explosive are the thoughts, the haves and have nots
Whomever your love let the love come back
If God is God found everywhere, doesn’t that make Him the devil as well
Fear from below as much from above
Heaven and Hell, controls the middle
Left and Right bitch, between two of the same Shit!
Which one are you?

Truth is
Whichever you choose
Your soul belongs to
Freedom comes from choice
And with compassion, perhaps rejoice


Off Into Space

Truth is a peaceful feeling that brings joy and hurt to our souls

A lie is a temporary escape from the inevitable, truth

Imagine saying what your heart really feels

Free to express ones truth

No matter the cost

No matter the loss…

~ ~ ~

Off Into Space

Tired eyes come from passing time

Broken hands scarred toiling the grind

Years piled high, sinking the mind low

Few reap rewards, the masses lay in tow

The world is dying in part by mans hands

Truth, everything dies, it’s in “gods plans”

No matter the faith, one thing in common

Dust to dust travels the interplanetary starman

Off into space, the end floats to nothing

It’s the story of our lives telling something

Now, while we live on this, OUR planet

To die with respect you must live decent


Make Venus Come

Feelings stream, it overwhelms on high

Release a fevers rise, heading to the eyes

With every lick and subtle flick

Degrees in heat, shoots up quick

Drawing out the bud

Sucking in his mouth

Twirls the tongue to polish her pearl

Sensually bathed in sacred-waters swirl

Parting lips, the tip dips in quick

Spreading folds, swollen thick

A blast ignites, jet fuel fast

In a moment, the now, at last

Pop, the engine roars

Petal to the metal hammers Thor

Towards the heavens, a beam of light

A call to the throne of Odins might

What good are all the riches and power

If Mars can’t make Venus come and flower


All Night Long

Surrounded by people no more

Scent of perfume forlorn

Spirits disinfecting

Souls disappearing

Oh how far man has come

Over time counting to a sum

Oblivious, as the end of life looms

Overwhelmed by deaths toxic fumes

Struggling to find the words

Sadness crying and it hurts

Strikes a moment the world is hushed

Starts the first line of a poetic thrush


Yes, Yes, Yes

Whispered gently, ever so gently

With every touch felt from the vibe of these words. Echoes in time every syllable and rhyme. Trying to keep, rhythm flowing, tugging hair, nails deep, clawing flesh red and bleeding.


…tugging hair, nails deep, clawing flesh red and bleeding. Lips to lips, hands clutching hands, legs that entwine like the vines that sprout fruit to make wine. Drunk on the very thought, grooving on a buzz, lit afire by the desire to make love all night long


…make love all night long