Taken By The Tide

sand castle dreams, a little girls wish
music from a chamber that echoes through the meadow
cakes and sweets decked out on platters
puppies and kittens, tugging on a ball of wool

lessons in history and dance
strolls through gardens, a ladys prance
in courtship with her heart
the prince who charms her princess parts

where peace in the kingdom is celebrated with all
nobles and lords with foreigners and commoners rejoice
a life lived in harmony where all have a voice
to hear in word or song, truth and justice for all

darkness looms like clouds in a spiralling storm
the wind howls and blows with a mighty force
oceans take turns, churning water that rolls
wave after wave with a rising swale

a silence roars, the calm that comes before
sweeping dreams
just like that
taken by the tide


Faerie Tales Β  Β ii/vΒ 

The princess of dreams are made
They are shaped by unrealistic desire
Smooth soft pale white shades her pinkish flesh
Can you smell it, it’s burning red hot fire

A sweetness to the eyes
Courting side by side
Adored by all passerby’s

The princess of dreams are made
By the love of soul, spirit and heart
Fuck the shapes and sizes or colors
For your princess, can you be her prince?

A strength to her arm
Courting side by side
Protecting her from harm