I Planted Seeds Today

I planted seeds today
I know not, what may come
Pushed the dirt aside
Used a finger poking wide
Dropped them in and covered
Sat, then wondered

Will it grow to flower
Vines that twist and tower
Sprouting delicate petals
Off stems of thorns and nettles
Setting off a fragrance
In suns sacred radiance

Will it grow beneath the soil
A kind of root one must toil
Potatoes or carrots for a stew
Possibly Mandrake-Root used in witches brew
Filling bellies of comfort food
Or fill the mind in a magical mood

Will it grow thick and green
Taking its time to be seen
Taller and taller until it becomes a tree
To share its gift for free
So I can suck and feed on fruit it made
Below branches and leaves in its cool shade

I planted seeds today
I know not, what may come
I’ll give it water to drink each day
And shoo any harmful critters away
I’ll give it love to grow
My word, my bond, I owe


I Promise


I’ll close my eyes for the very last time
Thinking of you and the loss of love that’s gone by

I promise to live my life full and complete
To laugh, to love, to even walk on grass, bare feet

To feel the world spinning, like a merry-go-round
Getting dizzy, however sad some days, I am found

I promise you this, before my final breath
The heart I’ve loved so deeply to death

I promise my love will always be true
Never to be shared with any other but you

I close my eyes for the very last time
As streams of light go whizzing by

With a glowing point deep into the abyss of space
It calls to me in a silent embrace

All around me the peaceful freedom of a love on fire
The moment of time has finally come filling my heart’s desire

I tried to keep all those promises made with my final breath
Igniting my journey, sparked by the last beat of a hearts wealth


My Hands

my hands before your eyes
they open up for you to see the nothing there
close them now, so you will feel

let my hands, caress your flesh
glide along soft as air
fingers whisper, the tingle tickles

let my hands, touch your soul
filling it with love encased in gold
your eyes will open, from its glow

let my hands, hold your heart
firm and true through and through
till end of ages, me and you

let my hands, hold your back
fear not if ever you fall
I’ll catch you, I swear to you

let my hands, join your journey
let me be like a shadow
never really, ever apart

let my hands, hold you whole
when sadness forms a tear
they will, wipe them clear

let my hands, protect
the home and life we would share
from this day to that, evermore

my hands, they open up for you to feel
everything there before your eyes
open them now, so you will see