It’s A Mystery ~ the end ~ CDXCV / D

To know life outside of doors, hear sounds that come as wars
Voices talking, who knows what, howling men, drunk and shouting fuck!
Tragic news strikes again and again, these times come suffering in pain
When the value of a symbol is worth more than the worlds starving people

It’s a mystery to me how this could be if God was real

At night when sight leads eyes up, a calm seeing a star filled sky erupt
Silhouette of trees stand still in the night air, eerie branches spread wild with no care
Births and sprouts of a new born life, the first breath of spring cuts like a knife
When two hearts connect, creating a bond to love and respect

It’s a mystery to me how this could be if God was not real


Herbal Poetry ~ The End ~ CDXCIV / D

Not a word, not a single syllable would ignite a thought,
without the aid of natures gift
From the rocky shores of Ucluelet, staring at whales,
as they swim past this tiny hamlet
The wind kissing a face red, oh how hard a slap,
that awakens the senses from bed
How the moss grows, how it blankets the ground,
how it sparkles when the sun shows
Feeding off the ocean, creatures thrive,
praising Mother Natures devotion

Not a word, not a single syllable would ignite a thought,
without the aid of natures drug
Her beauty overwhelms, all life that it surrounds,
high off a blunt herbal poetry compels
An explosion of words erupt in the head,
every drag held; oh look, black birds overhead
Soaring on by, across the sky,
how wonderful it would be to fly
Eyes closed shut, allowing the buzz to catch a ride,
the imagination runs amuck

Not a word, not a single syllable would ignite a thought,
without the aid of natures love
Eyes meet for the very first time, love at first sight,
what are the possibilities to find
Time stands still in a freeze, struck by cupids dart,
the one that makes weak the knees
Melt in the mouth sweetie, eyes that smile dreamy,
fall in love with a west coast honey
How simple words come, when nature overcomes,
pity how these feelings come like a hit and run


Dreams From Thin Air ~ the end ~ CDXCIII / D

A time that was, careless and free
Pain was an adventure in discovery
Climbing trees, darting cars
Stitches mend, leaving scars

Spinning grooves, getting high
Dreaming of Jeanie in a bikini
“Yes Master, as you wish”
Man, that Tony, he had bliss!

Make-believe on a TV screen
Somehow we believed it’s real
Having dreams of a faraway place
Exploring galaxies, Lost in Space

Back to the beginning of Suns
The vibe of a poets song sung
Embrace me now I beg of thee
Rip me out from this misery

Venture out into the world that’s real
Not in a box whose message is pay to feel
Trapped in a tube, looping underground trails
Where silence wails from metal grinding rails

Fantasy wins over reality when fear leads
Like a zombie on a subway, under streets
Where no one knows your name or cares
Just getting by on dreams from thin air


Where Love Finds You

A thousand thoughts exploding in my head
Each one fed a hit of weed to kill the pain
That it would, open up a verse, pour like rain
Every drop splatters, the sound of a poem said

Feel the rhythm, feel
the line, take each one in stride
Let these words not set a pace that would set back
But let it come as a gift, that time has come at last
To end the journey of this poets strife

Follow a path that leads to something new
Silence begets a rebirth, when life takes a turn
Step over step, courage gives the strength to yearn
In the real, here and now, where love finds you


Frozen In A Pause

Wash my face with rain, let the cool ease the eyes
Embrace the gift of life, behold, a never ending bliss

Bathe in suns shine, as it pours over warmth
Soaked in the brilliance of its strength

Drift on high, carried by the winds
East, West, North, South, glide with wings

Dip and dive, curve, swerve in a craze
Head for the ocean to ride the waves

Float onto a shore in a land far away
A golden state, where beauty led astray

Came a vision, a woman that left me in a stun
Silky hair, glowing skin, her eyes outshines the sun

Reach to speak, say hello, silence overcomes
As a dreamers dream is frozen in a pause

Trapped within a fantasy rhyme
In just another poem, lost in time


If I Were An Artist II

His gift was a song for him to give
Mine is a poem and it goes like this…

If I Were an Artist

I would paint a sky so blue, it would fade to the horizon, where the tops of glacial peaks crown the trees that leads to the sea.

I would try to write a song that would say, I love you in many ways and pause, long enough to steal a kiss, of those lips, that would make hearts skip

I would dip strawberries in chocolate, serve wine in a goblet, carve a dish with meats and fish, shuck oysters that would fuel the desire to fuck

I would die to become an angel, to watch over the children abused and taken by the cruel side of the earth, where life is not honoured divine

I would, if I were an artist, reach for stars to connect every being in this universe, with the love it needs to survive beyond the here and now


sex ~ drugs ~ rock and roll

maryjane maryjane, my sweet maryjane
rolled in fine lace round sweet sativa-strain
lighting one end, drag on the other
taking a trip into space, or is it in outer
focus your vision, am about to express
the need for quail, chicks with finesse
driving men mad, with lips painted bright
stars floating by, deep into the night
bobbing and weaving, lickity-sucky
driving, daddy, totally-batty
there in the back, where its dark and seedy
smoke house blues, private party
feelin the groove, its the cats meow
frothy lips, dribbling now
living this life, out on an edge
playing it cool, high on a ledge
taking a chance, what life’s all about
Its rock and roll, its twist n shout
smoke a little, dance a lot
read a poem, make love, hot, hot, hot