Goodbye My Lover

A new discovery for me but does not mean this passionate poetess is a novice. Her poetry is stunning in every way.
I’m sure Serena is well known but in case you haven’t read her artistry, please do. Go directly to her blog and get ready to be moved.

I close my eyes And down from the moon You fall Kisses upon Interlaced fingers We count our reasons to love Among the stars And cradled so tightly Against your chest I breathe in every Beat of you …

Source: Goodbye My Lover


Another poem that touched me. Its brilliance is in the heartfelt emotions expressed, sort of a tug and pull. This poem plucked at my heartstrings. I just had to share.

Friends, please go directly to Patricia’s blog. Read, feel. And if you are not following, please do. You will enjoy her art.

Broken Vase

Uncomplicated love, you

On our backs
Looking up to the sky
Eyes of wonder
Staring back at us is life

So unprepared we are
For all to come our way
Our tiny hearts beating in time
Today I’ll hold your hand

And you promise to love me always
Even if we’re apart
Even if you hate me
And even if you make me cry

I’ll be by your side
Laughing through it the way we do
And even if I can’t reach you
Remember our healing touch

Oh, rich wells and hidden springs
That are our voices as we sing
To bring the other back to life
Resurrecting by which I’ll come

The purest of hearts
Our hearts
The purest of souls
Our souls

And with such innocence
A hold so real
A smile so real
Of which only we feel

So now I have to go

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Muse, Angel, Vixen, Wisp o solo un’altra fantasia.

I just had to have this poem grace the pages on my blog.

When romance is expressed in any language, it should be done with the heart. When the heart speaks of a love, it must be done with passion.


Era lei, frutto della passione o nettare del cielo?

Oro smaltato, appena sfornati da raggi del sole

Sudore grondante fuori un ben modellati.

Corpo agile di un surfista oceano &.

Beach pettinatura Ballerina di danza

Nato a vasto deserto del Nord

Un Wisp arioso dove sua mente

Desiderato di viaggiare in effetti una volta
Ora ci si sente come solo ieri

Finora, purtroppo si fermò

Infatti sono timorosi che potrebbe deludere

Lei, più tanto giovane
Così pensava in errore

Ora fantasticare più spesso di lei
Non temendo la sua giovinezza

Una fame di parole per condividere
Lei ora ha risvegliato per sempre

Profondità all’interno del suo corpo e anima

Ben sapendo il suo cuore

Non solo un boccone di miele
O inestimabile preziosa acqua chiara

Scoperto nel deserto arido

Sublingual rara, melting all’interno

Soddisfare tutti i bisogni e desideri
Lei sa di vita incarnato

Accarezzarla come toccare gli angeli


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