A Prophet Of Sorts

It’s a part of the scene in this social media
To represent our own social encyclopedia
Remember those books, stacked in a line
Collecting dust instead of feeding the mind
Evolved through time, we now float in a cloud
Wifi connected, a world, visual and sound
The arts from A to Z
Swooned by Adele and Jay-Z
TED talks and documentaries
Glued to fucking, reality TV!
The news once was about the truth
Now it’s all an opinion, long in the tooth
Driving insane, mentally drained
Politicians, rattling chains
Binding the masses with lies and shame
Who would be the one, to save the game
A prophet of sorts to raise up a movement
Like Emma Gonzalez, for all the dead students


Soggy BouquetΒ 

Stood in the pouring rain
Waiting for the pain to wash away
With every drop it sizzles the heat
Like an iron grate, over coals, red, aflame

His head begins to roll
Rotating scrolls with words
A message lit up one day
To meet, for a date with destiny

One turned to two, it became three
With each, that passes by, the next
Is not, very far, ahead
The speed it comes up, is unforgiving

As soon as it arrives, it begins to leave
Like the breeze that comes and goes
Carry’s with it, the smells of memories
Made by a life, sowed with seeds of love

Years of youth, worn with smiles
The longing continues as time becomes grey
A journey that created a legacy
Between the souls leaving a history

As sure as there is birth, comes death
At times, it calls ahead
Aches and pains that never go away
Living in misery, absorbing its rays

Making the most of the time to come
Standing by, a humble nurse maid
Holding on, to a love that grew
From that day, they met, on a bench

Death always wins
But its most painful sin
Is not taking a life
It’s leaving one behind


Spirit Bear

Nursery rhymes echo in her mind
Silence owns her vacant heart
The missing that hurts, tearing apart
When loss becomes her daily grind

Strength enough to carry on
Just enough, doesn’t last long
His empty bed, pains in song
Stained by tears, her baby is gone

Every night, she recites poetry
Words that flow in her sorrow
That always ends with, till tomorrow
“I miss you, love, your mommy”

She slumps, to a sleepless slumber
As darkness surrounds her night
Like magic, appears a light
In a stunning wonder

Her heart sways to a hallowed tune
Sung by an angel that falls from heaven
Even birds hush their singing so they may listen
Lost in the dark a voice comes to soothe

Remember me for all eternity
As I will you, my mother dear
Shed no more sadness in a tear
Embraced I am in paradise with the Holy Trinity

Live your days as meant to be
Gifted by the divine right to live
Brothers and sisters to give
A spirit bear for they will have in me


This poem is dedicated to a dear friend.

Red November

When the green leaves in trees turn red,
autumns cool burn paints visions in my head
strokes of colours that ignites a fire
as mystic a place as the hobbits shire

Starbucks hands out drinks in red cups,
’tis the season of cinnamon and spice, coffee for 5 bucks?
a moment at ease, with a book or wifi
all, makes it worth, the trip with a sigh

Windows laid out with fake snow and red fashion wear
lureing shoppers in from the cold night air
wishing for this, wishing for that
now isn’t that a cool looking hat!

Reminders, when seeing red poppies on lapels
the sacrifices made to sound, freedoms, bells
a rememberance in a time of tyranny
the outcome was liberty

The time of year when a red november
leads to the winter month of december
with hope, faith and charity
to love eachother for eternity


hello friends.
ive received some love over the past week. more than usual. some comment which is great and i hope i didnt miss replying to anyone. many likes, really surprised by it truthfully. i guess this is my humble way of saying thank you. it really means a lot.
love and peace to all


how many days that have passed
how many tears that have stained
so many days and nights
so many hugs squeezed tight
now forgotten, left sitting
now collecting dust, left rotten
go it may with more light than dark
go it may with more smiles than not
vow we did never to disappear
vow we did to love dear
no one will ever take your place
no one will ever fill with grace
allow my heart to pledge again
allow every tomorrow to come with hope
grow from all the growing pains
grow from letting go even though it pains