Always, Isn’t Forever

Always, on my mind.
You trickle in, like, beams of light through windows morning smile
Those little particles that float in the air they dance about with a certain glee
Child like faerie dust found in a fantasy storybook rhyme
The start of hopeful days where anything should be possible, yes, anything
To want, to need, all that life has to offer, to take, to have, would be an honor
In my mind throughout the day to the moment my head rests to sleep
You are always on my mind
I love you, always.
Crave to hear your voice the sweetest sound ever heard
My desire, to see the glitter that shines from my Angels eyes
You drive me crazy the way you play but you keep me sane
I yearn to reach, to want, to touch, to feel the softness of your skin
My lips, they shape to match the curves of your own
I thirst for the potion that pours from your heart casting a spell on me
I love you always and forever
Always, isn’t forever.
The end will come its a matter of time, this be sure to know
With every start there must be a finish, some losers, some winners
Along the way two souls cross and collide with such a force stars shine
I love you, I do, funny how it just comes about, out of the blue, it brought me you
I’ll take you for a little or a lot the amount doesn’t matter at this time in life
To feel, to want, to keep you close to know you love me just as much
Always, isn’t forever, right now it is


this is a repost from March 27 2015. A year ago, this poem has received the most likes of all. just wanted to thank you for the love and likes. means a lot. 🙏❤️

in case you see me following you again, its because some of my notifications with you was turned off. quite a few sadly. not sure why, just a heads up.